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49. Which trees in N Florida? N Fla is like San Antonio.
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 03:55 PM
Dec 2022

I will probably loose my loquats this year. (Maybe not)
Jacksonville is milder than San Antonio though. Tallahassee can get like Austin.
I don't have citrus.

Too early for peaches etc..That's why I ask.
There are some oddball varieties recommended for South Florida and the Brownsville area. They might bud now. Wouldn't be recommended for N Florida though.

How's the weather where you are? [View all] milestogo Dec 2022 OP
0 (yes, zero) F. in Nashville! Wicked cold! Tanuki Dec 2022 #1
Charleston, SC OneBlueDotS-Carolina Dec 2022 #2
-2 but the wind chill is -40! Hope22 Dec 2022 #3
Norwich, CT 55F now, high winds, dropping to 10F tonight. NutmegYankee Dec 2022 #4
Cold and wet, basically gross bottomofthehill Dec 2022 #5
20 now, day's high - will be 6 by tomorrow AM NewHendoLib Dec 2022 #6
A balmy - 1f with wc more negative. 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2022 #7
Its -11 degrees in southern WI milestogo Dec 2022 #8
51 degrees. NH. Yup, it's raining. Go figure. Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #9
Winter is coming to N. Florida tonight for the first time in years. Chainfire Dec 2022 #10
Which trees in N Florida? N Fla is like San Antonio. LeftInTX Dec 2022 #49
I am jam up against the Georgia line nearly halfway between Jacksonville and Pensacola. Chainfire Dec 2022 #55
Good luck with the citrus! LeftInTX Dec 2022 #56
9 degrees with a "real feel" of -10 in howling winds in Detroit, but..... marmar Dec 2022 #11
Snow emergency. LisaL Dec 2022 #12
Here in N Fla it's in the low 50s at 9:10 am. Sky is clearing and will be sunny for the rest of the allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #13
Watching that movie makes me cold. milestogo Dec 2022 #14
Same here. Love the film's relentless, syrupy music. Am just a hopeless romantic. lol n/t allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #18
That movie had been on my bucket list for years Xavier Breath Dec 2022 #33
Look out for frozen iguanas falling from the trees! 🌴🦎🌴🦎 Tanuki Dec 2022 #19
Saw an iguana warning last week for S Fla. They also regularly short-circuit utilities. They're allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #22
They aren't "adapting". Florida doesn't have extended cold snaps anymore. Cetacea Dec 2022 #48
I am going to mangle the spelling but that house was called Fareekeno. Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #34
It was actually wax LeftInTX Dec 2022 #51
Currently -9F with Wind Chill at -37F. NT Happy Hoosier Dec 2022 #15
12 (-3 w/ wind chill) but sunny and bright. High today 28. Solly Mack Dec 2022 #16
Good luck, people! 50ish later NYC, but 20's on Sat electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #17
-9 with a wind chill of -38 in Eastern WI Luciferous Dec 2022 #20
-6 this am, but just a little snow. mopinko Dec 2022 #21
Cold and rainy in NYC Mz Pip Dec 2022 #23
Cold AF here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky... SKKY Dec 2022 #24
41 with rain whistler162 Dec 2022 #25
Just dropped 13 degrees whistler162 Dec 2022 #38
-2 and sunny in NE Kansas tapper Dec 2022 #26
-9 in Minneapolis iemanja Dec 2022 #27
But it's warming up! 2naSalit Dec 2022 #28
47 right now in NYC but temperature dropping like a stone Golden Raisin Dec 2022 #29
Coastal Maine, heavy rain and wind. 40s GPV Dec 2022 #30
51 and rainy on the Oregon central coast CanonRay Dec 2022 #31
Windchill of -12 at the moment in Morgantown, WV. róisín_dubh Dec 2022 #32
Now the system that touched us is heading east. Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #35
Seattle has 1/8" of ice on every surface. maxsolomon Dec 2022 #36
Portland is much the same MissB Dec 2022 #39
Beautiful partially sunny day nevergiveup Dec 2022 #37
So fascinating to see where everybody lives. DU is a widespread community. Nice. n/t allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #40
55 degrees in North Hollywood, CA at the moment. beaglelover Dec 2022 #41
Noon and 18 degrees here in Willis TX on Lake Conroe. bluesbassman Dec 2022 #42
right now high 40's low 50's littlewolf Dec 2022 #43
Colder than a brass monkey in Oregon gratuitous Dec 2022 #44
62 on the way to 69. Iggo Dec 2022 #45
I think it got down to 15 last night. San Antonio LeftInTX Dec 2022 #46
I Picked -5 to -20 ProfessorGAC Dec 2022 #47
Yeah we're at a high of -4 right now. And there's wind. milestogo Dec 2022 #57
Gonna hit 80 degrees this weekend here in LA tinrobot Dec 2022 #50
Yuck.. You know it's gonna come to Texas LeftInTX Dec 2022 #52
Unseasonably warm and dry. Elessar Zappa Dec 2022 #53
29 feels like 16 going to 9 or 10 overnight mnhtnbb Dec 2022 #54
sunny and 70. IcyPeas Dec 2022 #58
5 degrees Fahrenheit right now here in sunny Hamilton, Ontario. Jedi Guy Dec 2022 #59
Pittsburgh -4 with a wind chill reading of -30 debm55 Dec 2022 #60
Detroit--windy and 4 degrees. bif Dec 2022 #61
Brass monkeys in central Ohio Maeve Dec 2022 #62
Forecast for 84 deg on Xmas day. San Diego. maveric Dec 2022 #63
Northern Arizona: 58 degrees. We have no water but at least we're warm(ish) ... n/t wackadoo wabbit Dec 2022 #64
75 before noon ornotna Dec 2022 #65
Virginia - now down to 8 degrees Butterflies Dec 2022 #66
12 F in Philly right now. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2022 #67
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