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56. Good luck with the citrus!
Fri Dec 23, 2022, 05:23 PM
Dec 2022

Citrus was lost here in 1989, then again in 2021. (Single digits) It regrew from the sour orange rootstock

We have lots of "sour orange" trees around town.

Protect the budgraft and area above it, so the area above the graft will regrow. We got down to 15 last night.

Peaches are hard to grow here. Not cold enough.

How's the weather where you are? [View all] milestogo Dec 2022 OP
0 (yes, zero) F. in Nashville! Wicked cold! Tanuki Dec 2022 #1
Charleston, SC OneBlueDotS-Carolina Dec 2022 #2
-2 but the wind chill is -40! Hope22 Dec 2022 #3
Norwich, CT 55F now, high winds, dropping to 10F tonight. NutmegYankee Dec 2022 #4
Cold and wet, basically gross bottomofthehill Dec 2022 #5
20 now, day's high - will be 6 by tomorrow AM NewHendoLib Dec 2022 #6
A balmy - 1f with wc more negative. 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2022 #7
Its -11 degrees in southern WI milestogo Dec 2022 #8
51 degrees. NH. Yup, it's raining. Go figure. Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #9
Winter is coming to N. Florida tonight for the first time in years. Chainfire Dec 2022 #10
Which trees in N Florida? N Fla is like San Antonio. LeftInTX Dec 2022 #49
I am jam up against the Georgia line nearly halfway between Jacksonville and Pensacola. Chainfire Dec 2022 #55
Good luck with the citrus! LeftInTX Dec 2022 #56
9 degrees with a "real feel" of -10 in howling winds in Detroit, but..... marmar Dec 2022 #11
Snow emergency. LisaL Dec 2022 #12
Here in N Fla it's in the low 50s at 9:10 am. Sky is clearing and will be sunny for the rest of the allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #13
Watching that movie makes me cold. milestogo Dec 2022 #14
Same here. Love the film's relentless, syrupy music. Am just a hopeless romantic. lol n/t allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #18
That movie had been on my bucket list for years Xavier Breath Dec 2022 #33
Look out for frozen iguanas falling from the trees! 🌴🦎🌴🦎 Tanuki Dec 2022 #19
Saw an iguana warning last week for S Fla. They also regularly short-circuit utilities. They're allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #22
They aren't "adapting". Florida doesn't have extended cold snaps anymore. Cetacea Dec 2022 #48
I am going to mangle the spelling but that house was called Fareekeno. Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #34
It was actually wax LeftInTX Dec 2022 #51
Currently -9F with Wind Chill at -37F. NT Happy Hoosier Dec 2022 #15
12 (-3 w/ wind chill) but sunny and bright. High today 28. Solly Mack Dec 2022 #16
Good luck, people! 50ish later NYC, but 20's on Sat electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #17
-9 with a wind chill of -38 in Eastern WI Luciferous Dec 2022 #20
-6 this am, but just a little snow. mopinko Dec 2022 #21
Cold and rainy in NYC Mz Pip Dec 2022 #23
Cold AF here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky... SKKY Dec 2022 #24
41 with rain whistler162 Dec 2022 #25
Just dropped 13 degrees whistler162 Dec 2022 #38
-2 and sunny in NE Kansas tapper Dec 2022 #26
-9 in Minneapolis iemanja Dec 2022 #27
But it's warming up! 2naSalit Dec 2022 #28
47 right now in NYC but temperature dropping like a stone Golden Raisin Dec 2022 #29
Coastal Maine, heavy rain and wind. 40s GPV Dec 2022 #30
51 and rainy on the Oregon central coast CanonRay Dec 2022 #31
Windchill of -12 at the moment in Morgantown, WV. róisín_dubh Dec 2022 #32
Now the system that touched us is heading east. Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #35
Seattle has 1/8" of ice on every surface. maxsolomon Dec 2022 #36
Portland is much the same MissB Dec 2022 #39
Beautiful partially sunny day nevergiveup Dec 2022 #37
So fascinating to see where everybody lives. DU is a widespread community. Nice. n/t allegorical oracle Dec 2022 #40
55 degrees in North Hollywood, CA at the moment. beaglelover Dec 2022 #41
Noon and 18 degrees here in Willis TX on Lake Conroe. bluesbassman Dec 2022 #42
right now high 40's low 50's littlewolf Dec 2022 #43
Colder than a brass monkey in Oregon gratuitous Dec 2022 #44
62 on the way to 69. Iggo Dec 2022 #45
I think it got down to 15 last night. San Antonio LeftInTX Dec 2022 #46
I Picked -5 to -20 ProfessorGAC Dec 2022 #47
Yeah we're at a high of -4 right now. And there's wind. milestogo Dec 2022 #57
Gonna hit 80 degrees this weekend here in LA tinrobot Dec 2022 #50
Yuck.. You know it's gonna come to Texas LeftInTX Dec 2022 #52
Unseasonably warm and dry. Elessar Zappa Dec 2022 #53
29 feels like 16 going to 9 or 10 overnight mnhtnbb Dec 2022 #54
sunny and 70. IcyPeas Dec 2022 #58
5 degrees Fahrenheit right now here in sunny Hamilton, Ontario. Jedi Guy Dec 2022 #59
Pittsburgh -4 with a wind chill reading of -30 debm55 Dec 2022 #60
Detroit--windy and 4 degrees. bif Dec 2022 #61
Brass monkeys in central Ohio Maeve Dec 2022 #62
Forecast for 84 deg on Xmas day. San Diego. maveric Dec 2022 #63
Northern Arizona: 58 degrees. We have no water but at least we're warm(ish) ... n/t wackadoo wabbit Dec 2022 #64
75 before noon ornotna Dec 2022 #65
Virginia - now down to 8 degrees Butterflies Dec 2022 #66
12 F in Philly right now. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2022 #67
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