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Mon Jan 2, 2023, 12:46 PM
Jan 2023

I see no evidence of a mind to break. I saw them mindlessly breaking into the Capitol while Congress was in session.

And Obama's witt and sense of humor about it drove them crazy judesedit Jan 2023 #1
And his athleticism--he could play ball, & do more than ride in a golf cart. CrispyQ Jan 2023 #8
Looks mighty fine in... 3catwoman3 Jan 2023 #21
Sang pretty good, too. louis-t Jan 2023 #23
Also had the chops to do a good stand-up act! Maru Kitteh Jan 2023 #57
Oh yes! Very fine! -nt CrispyQ Jan 2023 #25
I agree with all of that. I'm glad he's still out there showing those mal-adjusted weaklings up judesedit Jan 2023 #34
And he has a brilliant wife. vanlassie Jan 2023 #48
Unfortunately, I fear it's going to take a long time for them to get over it. Biophilic Jan 2023 #2
Some never will. halfulglas Jan 2023 #6
UNTIL??? GB_RN Jan 2023 #37
there's another major factor in their crackup, not factored in - the death of the moral and certainot Jan 2023 #73
This cilla4progress Jan 2023 #3
The M odern Republican Party Post 2007. TheBlackAdder Jan 2023 #46
How true. roamer65 Jan 2023 #4
K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Jan 2023 #5
yes, indeed. KarenS Jan 2023 #7
Sadly, I agree with your last statement. CrispyQ Jan 2023 #9
I know, and fawk em. 🤬 a kennedy Jan 2023 #10
It makes me happy that they have to go BACK to Obama to find shit to complain about. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2023 #11
Just by his very existence he drove them insane. Boomerproud Jan 2023 #12
President Johnson said it best. Historic NY Jan 2023 #13
And further, this is why they elected the lowest trashiest white man they could find to succeed him. Solomon Jan 2023 #52
I agree. In spite of being insulted and blocked at every turn, Obama was a class act and a decent Martin68 Jan 2023 #14
When school desegregation was finally forced on Southern towns, 70sEraVet Jan 2023 #15
Oh... Never thought of that aspect... electric_blue68 Jan 2023 #66
And the last six years have been the backlash Fiendish Thingy Jan 2023 #16
prior to Obama's election there were not many internal white extremist groups & their numbers low onetexan Jan 2023 #28
+1 2naSalit Jan 2023 #32
No, they wont give it up without a bloody fight. OldBaldy1701E Jan 2023 #70
I have always thought this to be true zuul Jan 2023 #17
+1 2naSalit Jan 2023 #33
You bet they would soldierant Jan 2023 #58
Post removed Post removed Jan 2023 #18
Hillary won the popular vote by millions, but the GOP/Russia with the help of so-called Greens... Hekate Jan 2023 #38
Exactly. n/t iluvtennis Jan 2023 #49
Hillary's approval rating right before running was 54%, Biden's was 53% before he won the primary, betsuni Jan 2023 #63
Unpopular Candidate bpj62 Jan 2023 #40
Absolutely. betsuni Jan 2023 #64
Oh, God, the memories this brought back! ShazzieB Jan 2023 #67
Same. betsuni Jan 2023 #68
Disagree DallasNE Jan 2023 #19
Lol! Excellent point! KPN Jan 2023 #30
If you think that broke their minds, wait until a black woman takes the reins and is successful. Samrob Jan 2023 #60
Yes moose65 Jan 2023 #20
like it republianmushroom Jan 2023 #22
broken llashram Jan 2023 #24
Think Rebl2 Jan 2023 #26
No it was more personal than that grantcart Jan 2023 #27
Absolutely! BlueJac Jan 2023 #29
That's a fact ... nt KPN Jan 2023 #31
Serves them right. (nt) Paladin Jan 2023 #35
100% correct malaise Jan 2023 #36
Doesn't surprise me in the least. If one thinks being born with white skin is an accomplishment, Aristus Jan 2023 #39
You aint seen nuthin' yet. Mr.Bill Jan 2023 #41
I do believe that. They thought they were gonna get him on something, Wingus Dingus Jan 2023 #42
and for vindication they replaced him with a worthless, greedy, slimey CatWoman Jan 2023 #43
We went from Class to Crass and back to Class. OMGWTF Jan 2023 #45
Add to that his Nobel Peace Prize, two Grammys, an Emmy, an Oscar, and a bestselling book. OMGWTF Jan 2023 #44
Agreed LymphocyteLover Jan 2023 #47
Just remember that these white supremacists think they are genetically superior iluvtennis Jan 2023 #50
And you were right about that Warpy Jan 2023 #51
Yes, he did.. and Treasonous Cha Jan 2023 #53
yup Skittles Jan 2023 #54
The classy way the Obamas handled all the wicked rightwing bullshit SouthernDem4ever Jan 2023 #55
Maybe Obama inspired their exit from reality housecat Jan 2023 #56
Never heard of him. But looked up - an actor? Guess it doesn't Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2023 #59
I've heard it called "Primal white rage" Hong Kong Cavalier Jan 2023 #61
Yes, partly, but Trump was inevitable even if Obama had been white. SYFROYH Jan 2023 #62
It sure wouldn't surprise me. While I'd wished he'd been more liberal on some issues, he's a ... electric_blue68 Jan 2023 #65
Yes, but they had some practice. It wasn't their first time at the rodeo JHB Jan 2023 #69
I know that's when the rush for weapons and ammo started at a rabid pitch. Friends and co-workers Evolve Dammit Jan 2023 #71
They decided documents don't matter IronLionZion Jan 2023 #72
Absolutely correct karin_sj Jan 2023 #74
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