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4. I don't know, but so far, at this point in time,
Fri Jan 13, 2023, 12:12 AM
Jan 2023

there is zero evidence of these docs being planted by anyone, so until there's solid evidence of such, then I'll keep an open mind.

They were almost certainly taken accidentally. Ocelot II Jan 2023 #1
TY & HCR nt Cha Jan 2023 #55
Come on! We don't do stupid conspiracy theories. nt LAS14 Jan 2023 #2
Aw come on! Dr. Strange Jan 2023 #5
You gave me a chuckle KS Toronado Jan 2023 #31
Wanna bet? LOL Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #7
I was in high school during Watergate. edbermac Jan 2023 #22
Obviously you haven't been reading this board lately ripcord Jan 2023 #26
Seriously. Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #56
No. It's beyond far fetched underpants Jan 2023 #3
And into the garage wryter2000 Jan 2023 #25
I don't know, but so far, at this point in time, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2023 #4
Nope... Not enough wherewithal to find old docs and Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2023 #6
I'll wait till the investigation to be completed as I have no idea at this time. Kaleva Jan 2023 #8
No, but the silver lining will be the contrast in following the law. rubbersole Jan 2023 #9
Here's the only thing I know for sure: FakeNoose Jan 2023 #10
Sure, why not. BWdem4life Jan 2023 #11
You should provide an 'undecided' option EYESORE 9001 Jan 2023 #12
Agree! mountain grammy Jan 2023 #13
No, but then again, GoCubsGo Jan 2023 #14
The mover did it. usonian Jan 2023 #15
. Carlitos Brigante Jan 2023 #51
Based on my understanding of 'normal procedure' for... Septua Jan 2023 #15
Control of most classified documents is not that rigid. Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #57
No, that's tinfoil hat thinking Raine Jan 2023 #17
Not likely, but Biden doesn't trust the Secret Service relayerbob Jan 2023 #18
I don't think the ones at the office were planted dflprincess Jan 2023 #24
It's a possibility, but so are aliens. TreasonousBastard Jan 2023 #19
I Think SheilaF Jan 2023 #20
Where did you find all those details? Septua Jan 2023 #21
You forget to add this? KS Toronado Jan 2023 #32
No. Dum Aloo Jan 2023 #23
100 % plant Patton French Jan 2023 #27
+1 Meadowoak Jan 2023 #30
Are we STILL putting things past tfg?? People in this thread act as if Scrivener7 Jan 2023 #28
Q says they were planted iemanja Jan 2023 #29
Q only said TFG's documents were planted. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2023 #34
The argument is the same iemanja Jan 2023 #42
Hank Johnson (D-Ga) suggests classified documents may have been planted at Biden residence brachism Jan 2023 #33
Do you believe Trump orchestrated an insurrection? Emile Jan 2023 #35
The poll results are an embarrassment. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #36
+1,000 Emile Jan 2023 #37
Why are they an embarrassment? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2023 #39
+1 Takket Jan 2023 #50
It's not been established one way or the other at this point Johonny Jan 2023 #38
My moron wingnut exterminator sez HAB911 Jan 2023 #40
Only if there was a staffer that was secretly a Trumper. JanMichael Jan 2023 #41
As more locations are discovered it gets harder to believe News Junkie Jan 2023 #43
No, because that's kind of a silly thing to believe. Jedi Guy Jan 2023 #44
Apropos of nothing or maybe everything BannonsLiver Jan 2023 #45
Is Eric Ding Q? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2023 #46
No he's a Covid alarmist/profiteer. BannonsLiver Jan 2023 #47
Let me see if I understand the conspiracy theory... brooklynite Jan 2023 #48
Yes! ElementaryPenguin Jan 2023 #49
Have to consider it's possible. Also, we KNOW RW enemies Hortensis Jan 2023 #52
I have no reason to BELIEVE that, tosh Jan 2023 #53
Doubt it. moondust Jan 2023 #54
Is Biden, or anyone close to him, suggesting they were planted? Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #58
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