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45. Apropos of nothing or maybe everything
Sat Jan 14, 2023, 04:17 PM
Jan 2023

One of the people who voted yes 🤦🙄😬 has actively promoted the nuttery of Eric Ding on this forum. Rather illuminating, tbh.

They were almost certainly taken accidentally. Ocelot II Jan 2023 #1
TY & HCR nt Cha Jan 2023 #55
Come on! We don't do stupid conspiracy theories. nt LAS14 Jan 2023 #2
Aw come on! Dr. Strange Jan 2023 #5
You gave me a chuckle KS Toronado Jan 2023 #31
Wanna bet? LOL Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #7
I was in high school during Watergate. edbermac Jan 2023 #22
Obviously you haven't been reading this board lately ripcord Jan 2023 #26
Seriously. Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #56
No. It's beyond far fetched underpants Jan 2023 #3
And into the garage wryter2000 Jan 2023 #25
I don't know, but so far, at this point in time, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2023 #4
Nope... Not enough wherewithal to find old docs and Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2023 #6
I'll wait till the investigation to be completed as I have no idea at this time. Kaleva Jan 2023 #8
No, but the silver lining will be the contrast in following the law. rubbersole Jan 2023 #9
Here's the only thing I know for sure: FakeNoose Jan 2023 #10
Sure, why not. BWdem4life Jan 2023 #11
You should provide an 'undecided' option EYESORE 9001 Jan 2023 #12
Agree! mountain grammy Jan 2023 #13
No, but then again, GoCubsGo Jan 2023 #14
The mover did it. usonian Jan 2023 #15
. Carlitos Brigante Jan 2023 #51
Based on my understanding of 'normal procedure' for... Septua Jan 2023 #15
Control of most classified documents is not that rigid. Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #57
No, that's tinfoil hat thinking Raine Jan 2023 #17
Not likely, but Biden doesn't trust the Secret Service relayerbob Jan 2023 #18
I don't think the ones at the office were planted dflprincess Jan 2023 #24
It's a possibility, but so are aliens. TreasonousBastard Jan 2023 #19
I Think SheilaF Jan 2023 #20
Where did you find all those details? Septua Jan 2023 #21
You forget to add this? KS Toronado Jan 2023 #32
No. Dum Aloo Jan 2023 #23
100 % plant Patton French Jan 2023 #27
+1 Meadowoak Jan 2023 #30
Are we STILL putting things past tfg?? People in this thread act as if Scrivener7 Jan 2023 #28
Q says they were planted iemanja Jan 2023 #29
Q only said TFG's documents were planted. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2023 #34
The argument is the same iemanja Jan 2023 #42
Hank Johnson (D-Ga) suggests classified documents may have been planted at Biden residence brachism Jan 2023 #33
Do you believe Trump orchestrated an insurrection? Emile Jan 2023 #35
The poll results are an embarrassment. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #36
+1,000 Emile Jan 2023 #37
Why are they an embarrassment? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2023 #39
+1 Takket Jan 2023 #50
It's not been established one way or the other at this point Johonny Jan 2023 #38
My moron wingnut exterminator sez HAB911 Jan 2023 #40
Only if there was a staffer that was secretly a Trumper. JanMichael Jan 2023 #41
As more locations are discovered it gets harder to believe News Junkie Jan 2023 #43
No, because that's kind of a silly thing to believe. Jedi Guy Jan 2023 #44
Apropos of nothing or maybe everything BannonsLiver Jan 2023 #45
Is Eric Ding Q? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2023 #46
No he's a Covid alarmist/profiteer. BannonsLiver Jan 2023 #47
Let me see if I understand the conspiracy theory... brooklynite Jan 2023 #48
Yes! ElementaryPenguin Jan 2023 #49
Have to consider it's possible. Also, we KNOW RW enemies Hortensis Jan 2023 #52
I have no reason to BELIEVE that, tosh Jan 2023 #53
Doubt it. moondust Jan 2023 #54
Is Biden, or anyone close to him, suggesting they were planted? Ms. Toad Jan 2023 #58
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