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Fri Jan 20, 2023, 10:11 PM Jan 2023

Putin's Secret Attack Plan Would Be Ukrainian Nightmare [View all]

Lots of info here, mostly from Ukrainian Intel service... counters some of the "happy news" that's been filling the feeds lately.


KYIV—Ukraine is braced for a major new offensive that could begin within weeks. One of President Zelensky’s key insiders told The Daily Beast that they expect a looming Russian move to encircle the country with a simultaneous attack on three fronts.

“They are coming from all directions, with three lines of fighting: criminals, private contractors, and regular forces. Their goals are to get rid of their criminals, to test and train their contractors,” Umerov said.

"We are watching Russia build lots of forces in the Zaporizhzhia region. It looks like they are planning a pincer attack from Kharkiv [in the east] and Zaporizhzhia [in the south] directions, they will attempt to capture all of Ukraine’s major defense forces,” Zhdanov told The Daily Beast. “We are also watching Russian military constantly moving 10-12,000 men in Belarus [to the north]. They are also reinforcing in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.”

Makes sense now... this is why Zelenskyy is so frantic right now trying to get heavy weapons... It looks like they're expecting Russia to attempt a coup de grâce to end the war.

This tactic goes back to WW2, surround the opposing force, cut them off, squeeze them geographically and "reduce" the contained force primarily with concentrated artillery and air attack. The Germans did it to the Russians and a couple years later the Russians did it to the Germans. THIS is how armies of a million soldiers+ were snuffed out.
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I don't see sources confirming Umerov as being a key insider Kaleva Jan 2023 #1
So you don't believe any of his claims? WarGamer Jan 2023 #2
May God help Zelensky and his people. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #3
Many of us saw this coming. WarGamer Jan 2023 #5
Maybe this is why no one wants to give Zelensky tanks? Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #6
I see so many historical comparisons. WarGamer Jan 2023 #8
You and I know enough WWII military history to know what this sounds like. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #11
Sad. Just dreadful. WarGamer Jan 2023 #12
Why do you think NATO won't help Ukraine win this? Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #13
Two possibilities WarGamer Jan 2023 #14
The experts I have been listening to seem to think Putin is just threatening nukes. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #16
Every time I see thermobaric I read it as thermobarbaric. JanMichael Jan 2023 #46
+ 1 nt pazzyanne Jan 2023 #20
I doubt it InstantGratification Jan 2023 #30
It's not about artillery. It is about whether or not NATO will support Ukraine. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #34
Is the guy sn insider or not? He looks to be a low level member of Parliament Kaleva Jan 2023 #43
NBC story re: massive build up in Belarus. WarGamer Jan 2023 #4
If "preemptive strikes" were good enough for Israel in the 60s, they should be good for NATO now. nt Samrob Jan 2023 #7
I'm sure NATO is thinking... thermonuclear global war or "targeted strikes" WarGamer Jan 2023 #9
They are over thinking. Target their nukes and have at it. Either that or democracy dies Samrob Jan 2023 #24
From the same group that planned the initial 3 Day invasion of Ukraine. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #10
It is what Stalin did very successfully in WWII against the Germans. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #15
Stalin had the US supplying him weaponry and the Soviets were on home turf. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #17
Russia has occupied parts of Ukraine, so it is home turf to some extent. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #19
+1. Putin knows the West's love for Ukraine has a shelf life and is not unlimited dalton99a Jan 2023 #22
Putin is banking on this. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #23
That is a terrible bet, as the US and NATO resolve will not break. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #27
I hope you are right. How Ukraine uses weapons is not the issue. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #33
Putin orangecrush Jan 2023 #29
To the contrary, Russia has used up much of their conventional military capacity and they Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #26
As I said above. Tactics are not the major issue. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #35
Absolutely untrue. The US and our NATO allies have been and will continued give Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #39
The US and NATO have dragged their feet just giving Ukraine enough weapons to keep fighting. Lonestarblue Jan 2023 #18
Not remotely factual. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #40
I haven't seen any evidence that russia could pull it off joe_stampingbull Jan 2023 #21
Same. I'm skeptical that they have the personnel, arms or organization to do this LymphocyteLover Jan 2023 #25
Without wishing to tempt fate, nor have I. Emrys Jan 2023 #32
+1 excellent points. The GOP support of Russia bronxiteforever Jan 2023 #45
In the end, realpolitik means any prospective Putin allies have to ask themselves Emrys Jan 2023 #50
All Putin needs to do here is trick Ukraine away from Crimea. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author orangecrush Jan 2023 #28
YAWN orangecrush Jan 2023 #31
If Putin wins the war in Ukraine, it is the final chapter in the Cold War. Putin wins. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #37
Putin is losing the final stages of the Cold War--and quite badly. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #41
I hope NATO feels the same way. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #42
Clearly, they do. All the countries of Europe understand the threat--and especially those that Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #56
It's worth considering for a minute what "taking control" of Eastern Europe Emrys Jan 2023 #47
Putin wants to be a global superpower, but first must get regional control. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #49
Putin is barely in control of the Russian Federation! Emrys Jan 2023 #52
Did Germany relent and give Zelensky the tanks overnight while I was sleeping? Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #53
OK, sidestep my other comments because they don't fit in with your gloomy world view. Emrys Jan 2023 #55
Sweden is sending some stuff... Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2023 #58
The US and NATO are giving and have been giving Ukraine what they need ahead of the moment Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #57
I hope Putin thinks we have stopped arming Ukraine Captain Zero Jan 2023 #38
Europe is going to be forced to decide if they will allow Russia to take one of their countries. Renew Deal Jan 2023 #44
If it's the subject of a news article how big of a secret could it be? marmar Jan 2023 #48
WarGamer I think I figured out one possible scenario. Irish_Dem Jan 2023 #51
wish there was some way to talk to the prisoner regiment Takket Jan 2023 #54
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