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Been saying this for over 30 years. KS Toronado Jan 2023 #1
It outlived its usefulness long ago. But Constitutional Amendments Buns_of_Fire Jan 2023 #2
It's the only thing that gives republicans Woodswalker Jan 2023 #3
Both Option 1 and Option 2. Mike Niendorff Jan 2023 #4
Second that motion. planetc Jan 2023 #35
Agreed. Either way, it needs to go. nt crickets Jan 2023 #41
Am I figuring this right Maine Abu El Banat Jan 2023 #5
Kennedy probably wouldn't have retired Polybius Jan 2023 #25
Yes. It's outlived its usefulness. AngryOldDem Jan 2023 #6
Yes. I actually see a little bit of abstract logic in it, but it is too wildly skewed Tom Rinaldo Jan 2023 #7
Perhaps if the EC more closely resembled where people live Bettie Jan 2023 #9
Yup, something along those lines. Or if each state minimally got two "Senatorial" EC votes, but Tom Rinaldo Jan 2023 #12
Yes, it is Bettie Jan 2023 #13
Biggest Issue For Me... ProfessorGAC Jan 2023 #44
I support it, but it will never happen Bettie Jan 2023 #8
+1, they're doubling down on voter suppression cause how good it works uponit7771 Jan 2023 #14
They aren't even hiding their intentions anymore Bettie Jan 2023 #17
I haven't seen it but don't put it past there treasonous asses!!! uponit7771 Jan 2023 #21
The ERA came so close Polybius Jan 2023 #27
Yes, but misogyny is really powerful Bettie Jan 2023 #28
A good portion of the misogyny is practiced by women themselves. Ligyron Jan 2023 #36
A good portion of the misogyny is practiced by women themselves. Ligyron Jan 2023 #37
Yeah, it is frustrating Bettie Jan 2023 #39
Absolutely. And something needs to be done about 2 senators representing a state with Vinca Jan 2023 #10
That part might be even harder to fix Polybius Jan 2023 #26
Unless the Democratic majority keeps getting larger and larger. milestogo Jan 2023 #30
It'll never go that large Polybius Jan 2023 #31
I'd expand Congress Sympthsical Jan 2023 #11
This sounds easier uponit7771 Jan 2023 #15
If only we could remove the Repuke Party, then the Electoral College would be fine FakeNoose Jan 2023 #16
I'm not a fan of the smallest states have WAY more influence than the largest. It's not right. themaguffin Jan 2023 #18
It's not like that in the House - the large states get way more representation, as they should FakeNoose Jan 2023 #19
Of course & I get the Senate structure, but at a certain point it's absurd & we have long passed it themaguffin Jan 2023 #20
Interstate Compact is a MUCH easier reach than Amendment JCMach1 Jan 2023 #22
But it reeks of getting struck down Polybius Jan 2023 #23
I also want the Senate burned to the ground. maxsolomon Jan 2023 #24
There's no way for them to gerrymander Senate seats. Ligyron Jan 2023 #38
Since there is no way to get rid of it...what does it matter...and Interstate compact won't Demsrule86 Jan 2023 #29
National Popular Vote mvymvy Jan 2023 #32
How can giving us edhopper Jan 2023 #33
Kick! Polybius Jan 2023 #34
I want it to be a dual-representative method. MurrayDelph Jan 2023 #40
How would the number of R voters exceed the number of registered voters? former9thward Jan 2023 #42
If one of those election-denying Republicans had won their Secretary of State election MurrayDelph Jan 2023 #43
Elections don't work that way. former9thward Jan 2023 #45
A year ago we were told if voter suppression reform wasn't passed, we'd never win elections again Polybius Jan 2023 #47
red states will never let it happen BlueWaveNeverEnd Jan 2023 #46
Yep Polybius Feb 2023 #48
While we're wishing for impossible things, I'd like the Second Amendment repealed... LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jan 2024 #49
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