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32. National Popular Vote
Tue Jan 24, 2023, 12:15 PM
Jan 2023

To abolish the Electoral College would need a constitutional amendment, and could be stopped by states with less than 6% of the U.S. population.

Instead, State legislators in states with 75 more electoral votes are needed to enact the National Popular Vote bill.

There have been hundreds of unsuccessful proposed amendments to modify or abolish the Electoral College - more than any other subject of Constitutional reform.

In 1969, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 338-70 to require winning the national popular vote to become President.
3 Southern segregationist Senators led a filibuster to kill it.

The National Popular Vote bill simply again changes state statutes, using the same constitutional power for how existing state winner-take-all laws came into existence in 48 states in the first place.
Maine (in 1969) and Nebraska (in 1992) chose not to have winner-take-all laws.
The bill will guarantee the majority of Electoral College votes and the presidency to the candidate who wins the most popular votes in the country.
The bill changes state statewide winner-take-all laws (not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but later enacted by 48 states), without changing anything in the Constitution, using the built-in method that the Constitution provides for states to make changes.

States are agreeing to award their 270+ Electoral College votes to the winner of the most national popular votes, by simply again changing their state’s law.

All votes would be valued equally as 1 vote in presidential elections, no matter where voters live.

There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents states from making the decision now that winning the national popular vote is required to win the Electoral College and the presidency.

It is perfectly within a state’s authority to decide that national popularity is the overriding substantive criterion by which a president should be chosen.

The 2020 Supreme Court unanimously reaffirmed the power of states over their electoral votes.

The decision held that the power of the legislature under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution is “far reaching” and it conveys the “the broadest power of determination over who becomes an elector.” This is consistent with 130 years of Supreme Court jurisprudence.


Been saying this for over 30 years. KS Toronado Jan 2023 #1
It outlived its usefulness long ago. But Constitutional Amendments Buns_of_Fire Jan 2023 #2
It's the only thing that gives republicans Woodswalker Jan 2023 #3
Both Option 1 and Option 2. Mike Niendorff Jan 2023 #4
Second that motion. planetc Jan 2023 #35
Agreed. Either way, it needs to go. nt crickets Jan 2023 #41
Am I figuring this right Maine Abu El Banat Jan 2023 #5
Kennedy probably wouldn't have retired Polybius Jan 2023 #25
Yes. It's outlived its usefulness. AngryOldDem Jan 2023 #6
Yes. I actually see a little bit of abstract logic in it, but it is too wildly skewed Tom Rinaldo Jan 2023 #7
Perhaps if the EC more closely resembled where people live Bettie Jan 2023 #9
Yup, something along those lines. Or if each state minimally got two "Senatorial" EC votes, but Tom Rinaldo Jan 2023 #12
Yes, it is Bettie Jan 2023 #13
Biggest Issue For Me... ProfessorGAC Jan 2023 #44
I support it, but it will never happen Bettie Jan 2023 #8
+1, they're doubling down on voter suppression cause how good it works uponit7771 Jan 2023 #14
They aren't even hiding their intentions anymore Bettie Jan 2023 #17
I haven't seen it but don't put it past there treasonous asses!!! uponit7771 Jan 2023 #21
The ERA came so close Polybius Jan 2023 #27
Yes, but misogyny is really powerful Bettie Jan 2023 #28
A good portion of the misogyny is practiced by women themselves. Ligyron Jan 2023 #36
A good portion of the misogyny is practiced by women themselves. Ligyron Jan 2023 #37
Yeah, it is frustrating Bettie Jan 2023 #39
Absolutely. And something needs to be done about 2 senators representing a state with Vinca Jan 2023 #10
That part might be even harder to fix Polybius Jan 2023 #26
Unless the Democratic majority keeps getting larger and larger. milestogo Jan 2023 #30
It'll never go that large Polybius Jan 2023 #31
I'd expand Congress Sympthsical Jan 2023 #11
This sounds easier uponit7771 Jan 2023 #15
If only we could remove the Repuke Party, then the Electoral College would be fine FakeNoose Jan 2023 #16
I'm not a fan of the smallest states have WAY more influence than the largest. It's not right. themaguffin Jan 2023 #18
It's not like that in the House - the large states get way more representation, as they should FakeNoose Jan 2023 #19
Of course & I get the Senate structure, but at a certain point it's absurd & we have long passed it themaguffin Jan 2023 #20
Interstate Compact is a MUCH easier reach than Amendment JCMach1 Jan 2023 #22
But it reeks of getting struck down Polybius Jan 2023 #23
I also want the Senate burned to the ground. maxsolomon Jan 2023 #24
There's no way for them to gerrymander Senate seats. Ligyron Jan 2023 #38
Since there is no way to get rid of it...what does it matter...and Interstate compact won't Demsrule86 Jan 2023 #29
National Popular Vote mvymvy Jan 2023 #32
How can giving us edhopper Jan 2023 #33
Kick! Polybius Jan 2023 #34
I want it to be a dual-representative method. MurrayDelph Jan 2023 #40
How would the number of R voters exceed the number of registered voters? former9thward Jan 2023 #42
If one of those election-denying Republicans had won their Secretary of State election MurrayDelph Jan 2023 #43
Elections don't work that way. former9thward Jan 2023 #45
A year ago we were told if voter suppression reform wasn't passed, we'd never win elections again Polybius Jan 2023 #47
red states will never let it happen BlueWaveNeverEnd Jan 2023 #46
Yep Polybius Feb 2023 #48
While we're wishing for impossible things, I'd like the Second Amendment repealed... LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jan 2024 #49
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