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Wed Feb 8, 2023, 04:17 PM Feb 2023

White House names names re sunsetting Social Security and Medicare [View all]

Senator Rick Scott introduced a plan that would sunset Social Security and Medicare every five years unless Congress votes them back into existence.

Senator Ron Johnson thinks five years is too long to wait. He wants to put the funding for Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block every single year.

Senator Lindsey Graham suggested raising the age for Social Security and cutting benefits for seniors while making them pay more.

Senator Mike Lee stated it is his objective to “phase out Social Security, to pull it up by the roots, and get rid of it.”

In the House – many members, including those who chair committees – have proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security in exchange for preventing a default on our debts.

The Republican Study Committee released a budget that calls for privatizing Social Security and raising the eligibility ages for Social Security and Medicare.

If Republicans in Congress don’t want to cut Social Security and Medicare, they should propose a budget that reflects it. Until then, all they’ve got is their record.

(end snip)

White House tosses their quotes on video right back in their faces. GOP, don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining.

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This needs to go to the Greatest List. RandySF Feb 2023 #1
Thanks for posting the receipts! MN2theMax Feb 2023 #2
This list needs to be on the front page of every newspaper. Meadowoak Feb 2023 #3
And on every non-fascist tv and radio show. SharonClark Feb 2023 #5
Not sure there are any left. Meadowoak Feb 2023 #6
Democracy Now is the only one I know of. Liberal thought has been crushed for 40 years. Evolve Dammit Feb 2023 #21
Democracy Now is great. markodochartaigh Feb 2023 #33
+1, uponit7771 Feb 2023 #16
K&R betsuni Feb 2023 #4
Tip of the iceberg. GOP has been talking about cutting these programs for years and years. And wiggs Feb 2023 #7
And the Republicans did cut Social Security under Reagan. markodochartaigh Feb 2023 #35
Since then they also did a great job propagandizing the average joe worker SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #43
Exactly! I'm 65 now and grew up in deep red Texas. markodochartaigh Feb 2023 #47
That's the real reason Gore was not allowed the presidency. jaxexpat Feb 2023 #49
That certainly makes sense. Two of the largest pools of money markodochartaigh Feb 2023 #50
Everyone made fun of his "Lock Box" explanation for protecting SS SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #55
Ha ha, Joe has that POS Scott playing defense on his heels. GoodRaisin Feb 2023 #8
Yet he will continue to lie until it works. jaxexpat Feb 2023 #51
he's opened a Harry Truman can of Whup Ass... bahboo Feb 2023 #9
Rofl Joinfortmill Feb 2023 #10
Let the Florida seniors - who all vote - see this and understand what these ****'s are doing FakeNoose Feb 2023 #11
If his plan went into effect it would collapse assisted living and nursing facilities Hope22 Feb 2023 #12
More than that, if the Republicans were able to substantially markodochartaigh Feb 2023 #36
This too! N/ t Hope22 Feb 2023 #52
Mike Lee looked all righteously offended mcar Feb 2023 #13
Morning Joe showed the footage where Lee wanted to rip it out "by the roots." SS/ Medicare Evolve Dammit Feb 2023 #22
Awesome! mcar Feb 2023 #28
It was. Bagged his sorry ass with his own words in a video clip. What a f'in liar. McCarthy too. Evolve Dammit Feb 2023 #29
Jonathan Karl Needs to See This! Cha Feb 2023 #14
Twitter just gave me a Notice that Cha Feb 2023 #15
You weren't the only one SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #45
Why don't we sunset amendments to the Constitution while we're at it. paleotn Feb 2023 #17
him, medicaid fraudster Conjuay Feb 2023 #19
Agreed! paleotn Feb 2023 #20
Amen. MontanaMama Feb 2023 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #44
Didn't those GOP douchenozzles learn anything from 2008?? lastlib Feb 2023 #18
thats a feature, not a bug. Its how Millionaires get made. Meadowoak Feb 2023 #25
Senator Douchenozzle Proposes FrankTC Feb 2023 #26
Say it loud and often. lpbk2713 Feb 2023 #23
I love the smell of transparency in the morning. Mmm-mm. Hekate Feb 2023 #24
Let's say, gawd forbid, that they get their wish and M'care and SS are sent the way of the Dodo. littlemissmartypants Feb 2023 #30
like it republianmushroom Feb 2023 #31
Republicans' counterargument is just so preposterous gratuitous Feb 2023 #32
Republicans are not used to Democrats telling the truth about them on national television DemocraticPatriot Feb 2023 #34
Hey, Republicans in Congress and the Senate: calimary Feb 2023 #37
k&r n/t lordsummerisle Feb 2023 #38
This needs to go in every political ad until the end of time. Vinca Feb 2023 #39
It's Elementary, My Dear Watson: Republicans Are Suffering from Santa Envy Syndrome! panfluteman Feb 2023 #40
Go Dark Brandon! lark Feb 2023 #41
Social Security would become the new 'debt ceiling' every five years under these cretinous liars. spanone Feb 2023 #42
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Feb 2023 #46
I know, I know. Marcuse Feb 2023 #48
Rick Scott is a medicare fraudster and a pathological liar. How dare he call Biden a "liar," as Joe emulatorloo Feb 2023 #53
Republicans have been trying to get rid of Social Security since FDR... kentuck Feb 2023 #54
BREAKING: Republicans plan to introduce legislation... alterfurz Feb 2023 #56
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