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11. I'd like to reign in all violence
Sun Feb 12, 2023, 05:44 PM
Feb 2023

Your proposal means maximum political effort and losses to Republicans for minimal gain. Minimal, if any.

And what will I tell them that I wouldn't tell the parents of adults murdered with guns? Emotional simplistic answers to complex problems are a recipe for failure!

You solution does nothing except distract.

The low-hanging fruit on this issue would be something like universal background checks.

I always found the gun-crazies' objection to the term 'assault rifle' disingenuous Aristus Feb 2023 #1
America Will Never Fix It's Gun Problem SoCalDavidS Feb 2023 #2
For the past 20 years, my biggest beef with issues like this... ananda Feb 2023 #3
The vast number of murders are caused by people using handguns MichMan Feb 2023 #4
We will either have to accept gun violence as normal as heart disease or cancer, or Chainfire Feb 2023 #5
For the most lethal weapon available... krispos42 Feb 2023 #6
Tell that to the families of school children murdered by the weapons. Chainfire Feb 2023 #9
I'd like to reign in all violence krispos42 Feb 2023 #11
We get outraged by mass shootings of several people, with post after post on DU MichMan Feb 2023 #12
So you solution is what? Chainfire Feb 2023 #13
Anyone caught with a gun while committing any crime, gets a mandatory 5 years in prison MichMan Feb 2023 #15
The well-regulated militia will one day make our country uninhabitable.....it's just a matter of ti 303squadron Feb 2023 #7
Until we win the debate and pass successful measures, what is your alternative? tritsofme Feb 2023 #8
There's no debate going on. Everyone has already made up their mind and no one is going to change. HeartachesNhangovers Feb 2023 #10
The 'arguably somewhat regulated malitia' already has a seat at the table- Prairie_Seagull Feb 2023 #14
Military assault rifles are fully automatic and unavailable to the average citizen Bonx Feb 2023 #16
We only point out hyperbolic misuse of terminology when its the other side doing it. nt LexVegas Feb 2023 #17
So, they are already banned. MichMan Feb 2023 #18
This is what needs to be done. old as dirt Feb 2023 #19
Banning rifles like AR-15s and semi-auto AKs will have a limited effect on gun violence SYFROYH Feb 2023 #20
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