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11. tough question and not new to american politics at all
Thu Nov 8, 2012, 02:00 PM
Nov 2012

Our forefathers had great disagreements over what role the federal govt should play and 225 years later ,we still are having the same debate.

This is what I know. Its nearly impossible to change a person's belief in almost anything, including politics. Beliefs can not be reasoned with, no facts can change it, no amount of arguing can overcome it. For starters we must accept that there are minds which rarely be changed and not waste alot of time with those who have no ability to question their own beliefs.

Now, there are some that have some skepticism concerning their beliefs, perhaps just enough that they can be turned...those are the ones to have the discussions with.

Self-centered Fear maxsolomon Nov 2012 #1
Great lyrics but I do blame them tblue Nov 2012 #5
Because they are selfish assholes. liberal N proud Nov 2012 #2
their minds can not connect the dots Angry Dragon Nov 2012 #3
'Is it worse in America...'? Yeah, at least compared to some countries. Several years ago I read codjh9 Nov 2012 #4
For 40 years, they've been the audience for a politics of 'resentment' that coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #6
yeah, i believe for over thirty years of hearing the randian corporate cheerleaders newspeak Nov 2012 #14
The RW aren't all really patriots just because they cloak themselves in the flag leveymg Nov 2012 #7
They're selfish, greedy, cruel, and stupid. Zoeisright Nov 2012 #8
Not entirely fair to say that, beachbumbob Nov 2012 #13
To be Conservative is to be paranoid. RC Nov 2012 #18
Our modern life is out of sync with our natural instincts NoOneMan Nov 2012 #9
There's a simple answer. From Margaret Thatcher, hifiguy Nov 2012 #10
tough question and not new to american politics at all beachbumbob Nov 2012 #11
It's called "I've got mine so fuck you" syndrome. Initech Nov 2012 #12
They think they deserve everything they see on TV and have to blame someone because they don't. siligut Nov 2012 #15
I think many are ignorant Frances Nov 2012 #16
They want their piece of the pie ... and yours too. lpbk2713 Nov 2012 #17
Self-centered greed may be the root of their problem. nt ladjf Nov 2012 #19
Their own upbringing combined with FOX and Rush Tsiyu Nov 2012 #20
They abhor diversity PD Turk Nov 2012 #21
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