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3. Now watch the pivot
Tue Feb 28, 2023, 12:16 PM
Feb 2023

"Oh, we never believed that stolen election nonsense anyway. Everybody knew the former guy was just blowing off steam by saying it. Why are you so hung up on this? You have Trump derangement syndrome, you triggered snowflake! Haw, haw, haw!"

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: [View all] tblue37 Feb 2023 OP
K&R! SheltieLover Feb 2023 #1
lol inthewind21 Feb 2023 #2
Now watch the pivot gratuitous Feb 2023 #3
The MAGAts don't follow Jeff Tiedrich, though. Ocelot II Feb 2023 #4
Exactly! ECL213 Feb 2023 #9
"Never give a sucker an even break, you can't cheat an honest man; and never OMGWTF Feb 2023 #21
And are they reporting any of this on Fux News? Methinks likely not. OMGWTF Feb 2023 #20
Love this. Duppers Feb 2023 #5
Jeff didn't use the F word once in that tweet. IjustDontlikeRepugs Feb 2023 #6
Don't worry, he's still averaging 2.8 fucks per tweet. Gary 50 Feb 2023 #8
LOVE it!!! calimary Feb 2023 #10
Jeff is definitely not a guy with no fucks left to give! ShazzieB Feb 2023 #14
My thoughts exactly Biglinda 52 Feb 2023 #15
I fucking hope not! Evolve Dammit Mar 2023 #23
they like it. republianmushroom Feb 2023 #7
Yeah they love sweet lies which conform to their views and threatened by reality. StClone Mar 2023 #25
stupids ZonkerHarris Feb 2023 #11
...K&R... spanone Feb 2023 #12
TY & JT! I'd say most are too Cha Feb 2023 #13
Twang Twang on your ying yangs, losers NBachers Feb 2023 #16
Read some of the replies. There are some NoMoreRepugs Feb 2023 #17
I would have added: "They lied to you because they think you are stupid!" Grins Feb 2023 #18
Fucker (oops, a typo) Carlson's legal defense team said that no reasonable person OMGWTF Feb 2023 #19
With all respect to Antonio, I could never ever liken the MAGAts to a fine Stradivarius... Blue Owl Mar 2023 #22
that's why the liars do it treestar Mar 2023 #24
I'm surprised Elon still lets him tweet Clash City Rocker Mar 2023 #26
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