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old as dirt

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Thu Mar 23, 2023, 02:53 AM Mar 2023

Would anybody here be interested in a non-fundamentalist atheist group? [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by EarlG (a host of the General Discussion forum).

I've noticed that religious folks have several groups here, but that us atheists have only one group, and non-fundamentalist atheists don't have any groups at all.

As I see it, non-atheists would also be welcome in this group, so long as they are respectful of us non-fundamentalist atheists.

I imagine a serious group based on respect and science, not on silly internet memes.


Would you be interested in such a group?

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5 (28%)
13 (72%)
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Post removed Post removed Mar 2023 #1
I'm a life-long atheist. old as dirt Mar 2023 #2
Explain "non-fundamentalist atheist" Silent3 Mar 2023 #3
Sounds good to me. old as dirt Mar 2023 #8
Actually, fundamentalist atheists accuse us militant atheists of burning down churches. old as dirt Mar 2023 #9
Yes. It would seem the poster needs to define the term in the OP hlthe2b Mar 2023 #69
The point of being an atheist is not caring about religion, not having to think about it betsuni Mar 2023 #4
I've been shy all my life. old as dirt Mar 2023 #5
You don't get the joke? betsuni Mar 2023 #6
No, I don't understand the joke. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #7
Let me ask you this. old as dirt Mar 2023 #10
I have no idea what you're talking about. betsuni Mar 2023 #11
Hey, I'm a mathematical logician by profession. old as dirt Mar 2023 #14
Here, it's humor: betsuni Mar 2023 #17
I'm a mathematical logician by profession. ItsjustMe Mar 2023 #19
Happily retired. old as dirt Mar 2023 #28
So again, why would a shy atheist have any interest in forming a group to betsuni Mar 2023 #25
I'm guessing you wouldn't. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #27
"fundamentalist atheists" Sky Jewels Mar 2023 #12
The group wouldn't be for fundamentalists, anyway. old as dirt Mar 2023 #15
"Fundamentalist athiest"? Mike Niendorff Mar 2023 #13
Cool. Got you down as a "no". old as dirt Mar 2023 #16
I'm a Secular Humanist... multigraincracker Mar 2023 #18
Secular humanism multigraincracker Mar 2023 #20
Sounds good. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #29
We atheists come in one flavor. Duppers Mar 2023 #21
God-damned Right!! The Real Good News - No One Is A God-damned Thing MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #23
Hey fellow Louisiana atheist Dem! I tried to send you a PM but said I don't have enough posts yet :P ParishPolitique Mar 2023 #42
Hey Y'all!! I'll Check My Settings To See If I'm Able to Adjust That... MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #47
Can you send me a DU mail message? :) ParishPolitique Mar 2023 #65
As a claudette Mar 2023 #22
What was it that Bertrand Russell said? old as dirt Mar 2023 #31
I don't know what a non-fundamentalist atheist is, but Croney Mar 2023 #24
DU already has one, it is called... NeoGreen Mar 2023 #26
LOL MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #49
I shall use my first post here at the DU to say - as an atheist - This thread sucks!!! ParishPolitique Mar 2023 #30
Hey! old as dirt Mar 2023 #32
Thank you. And I'll add that while there is no such thing as a fundamentalist atheist .. ParishPolitique Mar 2023 #40
No JHB Mar 2023 #33
The hatred that they push can have real world effects. old as dirt Mar 2023 #34
So the purpose of your group will be to urge other Atheists to be quiet about their beliefs? yardwork Mar 2023 #45
Nah, it's about respect. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #56
Respect begins at home. yardwork Mar 2023 #60
What could there possibly be to discuss? Generic Brad Mar 2023 #35
Calling any atheist a "fundamentalist" is bigotry LostOne4Ever Mar 2023 #36
I've had atheists tell me that I should be kicked out of the country. old as dirt Mar 2023 #38
That had nothing to do with calling any atheist a fundamentalist LostOne4Ever Mar 2023 #41
My first experience with atheists at DU... old as dirt Mar 2023 #43
Anyone who would do that would be INSTANTLY nuked LostOne4Ever Mar 2023 #46
Those sound like personal attacks. Did you alert on the posts? yardwork Mar 2023 #50
Oh, it was alerted on, but not hidden. old as dirt Mar 2023 #53
Well, I'd forward those posts to EarlG if they concern you. yardwork Mar 2023 #54
The stated purpose would be a safe space for respectful atheism. old as dirt Mar 2023 #62
That's the definition of the existing group. yardwork Mar 2023 #64
Atheists are not allowed there. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #68
A post calling you the N-word was not hidden? EarlG Mar 2023 #70
Ok, but it may take me a while to find it. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #71
Oh, I sooooo doubt this happened -- link? obamanut2012 Mar 2023 #51
How about a link to your claim? MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2023 #61
no stalking, please (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #63
So, no link? MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2023 #66
Lol! You're stalking a whole group with this thread! yardwork Mar 2023 #67
God knows... if..fish..had..wings Mar 2023 #37
You should move this to the Lounge GoneOffShore Mar 2023 #39
I find the theology of cattle rustling humorous. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #44
OP is calling atheists hateful in this thread obamanut2012 Mar 2023 #48
That's my take, as well. yardwork Mar 2023 #52
good lord, there are athiest denominations for real now? I think South Park did an episode on this dsp3000 Mar 2023 #55
No, there are not -- the OP is attacking DU atheists obamanut2012 Mar 2023 #58
I think I may have seen a clip from that a while back. (nt) old as dirt Mar 2023 #59
"Seekers on Unique Paths" Jokerman Mar 2023 #57
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