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6. My Favorite Part... LOL
Thu Mar 30, 2023, 09:19 AM
Mar 2023
This provision is valid until:

...21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, king of England,”
according to the document.

Hopefully that move have saved some of the entertainment shows I enjoy as well....... Lovie777 Mar 2023 #1
The board had nothing to do with any of that. Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #5
I think GatorDem82 Mar 2023 #12
As it should be. Just do the job competently and quietly. hunter Mar 2023 #16
one might even say that Disney was fully "awake" to the threat from Ron "album tabernus" DeSantis lapfog_1 Mar 2023 #2
Ron "botas blancas" DeSantis Farmer-Rick Mar 2023 #30
He's clearly ready Quanto Magnus Mar 2023 #42
Ty.. I want to save this little moRon's ugly pic. Cha Mar 2023 #47
I still don't understand SouthernDem4ever Mar 2023 #3
Because it's a contract between the board and Disney. Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #7
Disney signed an agreement with the previous board Marius25 Mar 2023 #17
This is all assuming that Florida Legislature gives a crap about legal contracts SouthernDem4ever Mar 2023 #25
Yeah, a law nullifying Disney's contract could pass in Florida's legislature Farmer-Rick Mar 2023 #33
I believe that provision is for Old Crank Mar 2023 #34
From what I've read, it's such a powerful provision that it prevents the board Marius25 Mar 2023 #35
And this is why you don't fuck with the mouse lol. Volaris Mar 2023 #44
Mouse - 1, Death Sentence - 0 lark Mar 2023 #4
My Favorite Part... LOL MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #6
There has to be a really great reason that's in there and Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #9
Rule against perpetuity. Alexander Of Assyria Mar 2023 #10
Looks like they have already considered that. Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #13
The King and ancestors clause...not sure a Judge would give that a pass as complying. Alexander Of Assyria Mar 2023 #15
I think this last sentence is the work around Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #19
King Charles III has some very young descendants Mariana Mar 2023 #22
States Have Varying Laws With Respect To "Rules Against Perpetuity"... This Sidesteps Those... MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #14
After all it is the 'Magic Kingdom' with Princess and Princes. Historic NY Mar 2023 #28
To avoid a tripwire anti-perpetuity law swimboy Mar 2023 #18
I should have read the article. I didn't realize it was Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #11
DeSantis Is A Delusional Y'all Qaeda Nat-C Republican Fascist Criminal MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #20
Loved that myself! Pacifist Patriot Mar 2023 #43
Disney should make him their next villain NickB79 Mar 2023 #8
I like it...next Disney cartoon blockbuster... Revenge of the Sunshine Fascist Alexander Of Assyria Mar 2023 #23
That would be hilarious! Ligyron Mar 2023 #24
one change to your post onethatcares Mar 2023 #32
Puss in white boots JanLip Mar 2023 #39
Checkmate, DeBoots. area51 Mar 2023 #21
Watch the potholes build up - enough to fill The Albert Hall lame54 Mar 2023 #26
LOL. I haven't heard of the Rule Against Perpetuities since law school RedSpartan Mar 2023 #27
Guniness Brewery has a 9000 yrs lease for 45 pounds a yr. Historic NY Mar 2023 #29
Damn! ArkansasDemocrat1 Mar 2023 #38
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2023 #31
Spectacle... Caliman73 Mar 2023 #36
If you come for the mouse Zorro Mar 2023 #37
Yep, the mouse don't play. Mickey is all about Find Out lol... Volaris Mar 2023 #46
His run for the Presidency backfired spectacularly also. Everyone just hasn't realized it yet. FSogol Mar 2023 #40
Speechless due to laughter... Hekate Mar 2023 #41
Me too DoBotherMe Mar 2023 #48
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Mar 2023 #45
he is constantly out-maneuvered Skittles Mar 2023 #49
Ron was outsmarted by a mouse. The Jungle 1 Mar 2023 #50
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