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Hopefully that move have saved some of the entertainment shows I enjoy as well....... Lovie777 Mar 2023 #1
The board had nothing to do with any of that. Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #5
I think GatorDem82 Mar 2023 #12
As it should be. Just do the job competently and quietly. hunter Mar 2023 #16
one might even say that Disney was fully "awake" to the threat from Ron "album tabernus" DeSantis lapfog_1 Mar 2023 #2
Ron "botas blancas" DeSantis Farmer-Rick Mar 2023 #30
He's clearly ready Quanto Magnus Mar 2023 #42
Ty.. I want to save this little moRon's ugly pic. Cha Mar 2023 #47
I still don't understand SouthernDem4ever Mar 2023 #3
Because it's a contract between the board and Disney. Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #7
Disney signed an agreement with the previous board Marius25 Mar 2023 #17
This is all assuming that Florida Legislature gives a crap about legal contracts SouthernDem4ever Mar 2023 #25
Yeah, a law nullifying Disney's contract could pass in Florida's legislature Farmer-Rick Mar 2023 #33
I believe that provision is for Old Crank Mar 2023 #34
From what I've read, it's such a powerful provision that it prevents the board Marius25 Mar 2023 #35
And this is why you don't fuck with the mouse lol. Volaris Mar 2023 #44
Mouse - 1, Death Sentence - 0 lark Mar 2023 #4
My Favorite Part... LOL MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #6
There has to be a really great reason that's in there and Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #9
Rule against perpetuity. Alexander Of Assyria Mar 2023 #10
Looks like they have already considered that. Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #13
The King and ancestors clause...not sure a Judge would give that a pass as complying. Alexander Of Assyria Mar 2023 #15
I think this last sentence is the work around Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #19
King Charles III has some very young descendants Mariana Mar 2023 #22
States Have Varying Laws With Respect To "Rules Against Perpetuity"... This Sidesteps Those... MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #14
After all it is the 'Magic Kingdom' with Princess and Princes. Historic NY Mar 2023 #28
To avoid a tripwire anti-perpetuity law swimboy Mar 2023 #18
I should have read the article. I didn't realize it was Phoenix61 Mar 2023 #11
DeSantis Is A Delusional Y'all Qaeda Nat-C Republican Fascist Criminal MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #20
Loved that myself! Pacifist Patriot Mar 2023 #43
Disney should make him their next villain NickB79 Mar 2023 #8
I like it...next Disney cartoon blockbuster... Revenge of the Sunshine Fascist Alexander Of Assyria Mar 2023 #23
That would be hilarious! Ligyron Mar 2023 #24
one change to your post onethatcares Mar 2023 #32
Puss in white boots JanLip Mar 2023 #39
Checkmate, DeBoots. area51 Mar 2023 #21
Watch the potholes build up - enough to fill The Albert Hall lame54 Mar 2023 #26
LOL. I haven't heard of the Rule Against Perpetuities since law school RedSpartan Mar 2023 #27
Guniness Brewery has a 9000 yrs lease for 45 pounds a yr. Historic NY Mar 2023 #29
Damn! ArkansasDemocrat1 Mar 2023 #38
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2023 #31
Spectacle... Caliman73 Mar 2023 #36
If you come for the mouse Zorro Mar 2023 #37
Yep, the mouse don't play. Mickey is all about Find Out lol... Volaris Mar 2023 #46
His run for the Presidency backfired spectacularly also. Everyone just hasn't realized it yet. FSogol Mar 2023 #40
Speechless due to laughter... Hekate Mar 2023 #41
Me too DoBotherMe Mar 2023 #48
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Mar 2023 #45
he is constantly out-maneuvered Skittles Mar 2023 #49
Ron was outsmarted by a mouse. The Jungle 1 Mar 2023 #50
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