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19. So sorry for your loss. I consider TFG to be among the greatest mass murderers in history.
Thu Mar 30, 2023, 07:15 PM
Mar 2023

As deserved as this indictment is, whatever comes of it alone will barely begin to punish him adequately for the death and destruction he has caused to our country and the world. But it is a beginning, and hopefully more indictments will follow. And perhaps somewhere along the way, the stress will kill him.

Sorry for your loss Botany Mar 2023 #1
Thank you and you are absolutely correct n/t Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #2
President Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci left the personal, the protocols, and the materials in place... Botany Mar 2023 #10
All true n/t Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #12
Actually it was George Bush's idea GuppyGal Mar 2023 #13
What was George Bush's idea? ShazzieB Mar 2023 #29
Bush put the whole pandemic response task force thing together if the first place GuppyGal Mar 2023 #35
Yeah, no. W_HAMILTON Mar 2023 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Mar 2023 #52
Thank you!!! Raster Mar 2023 #60
That's right it was in response to Ebola and I'm referring to the info in this article GuppyGal Mar 2023 #63
"Bush put the whole pandemic response task force thing together if the first place" Botany Mar 2023 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author Raster Mar 2023 #61
Is that a threat? Not sure why I'm being attacked. I think you may be mistaken on this one... GuppyGal Mar 2023 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Mar 2023 #51
Yes Obama and Fauci left the protocols in place....from whom? Who put them in place? GuppyGal Mar 2023 #65
Xi has to shoulder even more blame than trump, but point taken!! Lucky Luciano Mar 2023 #18
Beyond Trump, DENVERPOPS Mar 2023 #25
McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise, and the NYC FBI's office were well aware of Trump's .... Botany Mar 2023 #27
Absolutely............and many many more DENVERPOPS Mar 2023 #31
They were and still are deep into the fabric of .... Botany Mar 2023 #34
That infiltration is a serious consideration. Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2023 #49
Yes. We can never forget their complicity ecstatic Mar 2023 #41
Today is one step towards justice for you and your sister. Irish_Dem Mar 2023 #3
Thank you so much Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #5
It's Karma FakeNoose Mar 2023 #4
Thanks, and that's why I wanted to give condolences in my message Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #8
Eye for an eye Kennah Mar 2023 #6
Truly sorry for your loss. Killed my brother, too. n/t LuckyCharms Mar 2023 #7
I'm so sorry Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #9
. LuckyCharms Mar 2023 #11
Killed my best friend from highschool and college, indirectly. ananda Mar 2023 #14
That's horrible. My condolences. Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #15
My Father too. mercuryblues Mar 2023 #16
I'm so sorry Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #17
So sorry for your loss. I consider TFG to be among the greatest mass murderers in history. royable Mar 2023 #19
Right On marieo1 Mar 2023 #20
Just_Vote_Dem ............... Upthevibe Mar 2023 #21
My uncle... progressoid Mar 2023 #22
May your sister Rest in Peace and May her Memory be a Blessing. n/t iluvtennis Mar 2023 #23
So sorry about your sister. That orange pustule just didn't care. LoisB Mar 2023 #24
I'm so sorry for your loss. area51 Mar 2023 #26
My sympathies Marthe48 Mar 2023 #28
Condolences gademocrat7 Mar 2023 #30
My deep condolences flamingdem Mar 2023 #32
I know...I had a bad case of Covid and ended up destroying my already weak aortic valve...I hate Demsrule86 Mar 2023 #33
Took time tonight to talk to my lost dad who unwittingly Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2023 #36
I'm so sorry. Let's believe, even for just tonight, his spirit is soaring with this earthly news! MLAA Mar 2023 #37
And no one will get punished. Initech Mar 2023 #38
My condolences and moniss Mar 2023 #39
I am so sorry. ecstatic Mar 2023 #40
I am very sorry Meowmee Mar 2023 #42
I am sorry. murielm99 Mar 2023 #43
So sorry for your loss johnnyfins Mar 2023 #44
My aunt, a sweet grandmother, died of covid-19 because Slobfather Ilsa Mar 2023 #46
I am so sorry... I have zero sympathy for the serial killer. It's sad to hear so many making onecaliberal Mar 2023 #47
Thanks to everyone who read and everyone who replied Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2023 #48
My 41 yr old cousin is on the heart transplant list LittleGirl Mar 2023 #50
I'm so sorry for you and all who suffered the loss of people they loved due to his stupidity, and... electric_blue68 Mar 2023 #54
Ron DeGenocidis killed a lot of FL people with Covid too. Jarqui Mar 2023 #55
I blame his administration for killing my mom. joshcryer Mar 2023 #56
Yes, I agree with you cksmithy Mar 2023 #57
My step mother didn't die of Covid but she died alone. nolabear Mar 2023 #58
I'm sorry for the loss of your sister. My fully vaccinated/boosted dad died of Covid 5 months ago liberal_mama Mar 2023 #59
I'm sorry you lost your sister, no_hypocrisy Mar 2023 #62
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