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Fri Mar 31, 2023, 01:46 PM Mar 2023

Let's take a step back and really get a good look at the rabbit hole the GOP have thrown themselves down [View all]

The Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential election is a twice-impeached one-term loser who is now under criminal indictment for a scandal involving the coverup of hush money payments to a porn star that he cheated on his wife with.

That same front-runner also stands a good chance of facing other criminal charges -- for stealing top secret government documents, trying to coerce state officials into fixing the results of an election, and instigating a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

And not only is the entire Republican party NOT denouncing this person, they're rushing out to defend him, and attacking the criminal justice system.

Imagine going back in time 10, 15, 20 years and telling Republicans that this would be the state of their party in 2023. They'd think you were insane.

Yet here we are.

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And their 2nd candidate just got an ass-kicking by a cartoon mouse. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2023 #1
Yeah.. Cha Mar 2023 #3
. wnylib Mar 2023 #46
I loved that the Mouse castrated DeSantis' board. Guess they had much better lawyers on thier side. SharonAnn Mar 2023 #51
Yes, the Mouse took down the Cha Mar 2023 #54
... mcar Mar 2023 #55
You f@#k with the mouse... bluesbassman Mar 2023 #71
You're absolutely right, my dear EarlG. And They Did This To Themselves. CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2023 #2
But watch how certain media pundits decree gratuitous Mar 2023 #6
Yes, or to stop the "division" in the country, what a crock n/t hibbing Mar 2023 #28
And they haven't learned a lesson from all this. They are still digging themselves in deeper. Midnight Writer Mar 2023 #7
Exactly. NewHendoLib Mar 2023 #4
It's Remarkable, Isn't It? Beetwasher. Mar 2023 #5
Toilet swirl works for me. PufPuf23 Mar 2023 #68
As long as it clears the bowl. COL Mustard Apr 2023 #83
Yes, here we are with the RW being Cha Mar 2023 #8
The only honest they've done is refuse to claim he is innocent. Ligyron Mar 2023 #9
"We're just going to cancel elections and declare whoever we want the winner from now on..." MayReasonRule Mar 2023 #30
Let's revisit secession. Artcatt Mar 2023 #37
Yeah, no, let's not do that mcar Mar 2023 #57
Well, you could come help me in my red state UpInArms Apr 2023 #84
We all need to help each other, don't we? mcar Apr 2023 #86
Agreed! MayReasonRule Apr 2023 #89
I"m In Louisiana. I Agree. You're Dead On Point! MayReasonRule Apr 2023 #88
As outnumbered as we are here, I see signs of hope mcar Apr 2023 #91
Hell NO!!! I'm in a "Red Traitor State". The State is NOT Majority Republican Fascists!! MayReasonRule Apr 2023 #87
Our party in Texas has their work cut out for them and it is this: CTyankee Apr 2023 #90
The Facts In Evidence Suggest That Is The Case. MayReasonRule Apr 2023 #92
I believe that the future is "brain drain" from these states, which is demonstrably the case. CTyankee Apr 2023 #95
I Agree With You. MayReasonRule Apr 2023 #96
This actually happened in my family as I have recounted here before: my granddaughter was born CTyankee Apr 2023 #97
Good For Them!! Fascist Murderers Rule Louisiana And All Adjoining States! MayReasonRule Apr 2023 #100
Have patience. Brain drain is happening. If you are in a red state and young enough to still be CTyankee Apr 2023 #102
I would go back 43 years RocRizzo55 Mar 2023 #10
Nixon did similar with the Viet Nam War to mess with 68 POTUS election. PufPuf23 Apr 2023 #104
and supporting Russia. talking-liberally Mar 2023 #11
And there it is orangecrush Mar 2023 #12
Recommended. H2O Man Mar 2023 #13
+++ emulatorloo Mar 2023 #22
I beg to differ IbogaProject Mar 2023 #14
I agree, and there's lots more. yardwork Mar 2023 #27
All good points EarlG Mar 2023 #29
Ok IbogaProject Mar 2023 #61
+ a million stage left Mar 2023 #73
And they want to sell T-shirts with his mug shot on them... kentuck Mar 2023 #15
I am really a bit surprised how many Republicans are still firmly supporting Trump. honest.abe Mar 2023 #16
It's that they don't want to admit they got conned. griffi94 Mar 2023 #45
They've been convinced Dems were out to get Trump summer_in_TX Mar 2023 #72
What I have heard from republicans Tree Lady Apr 2023 #93
Rabbit hole????? Traildogbob Mar 2023 #17
Having grown up in Mi'ssippi, I categorically say that it's NO surprise they are where they are now peppertree Mar 2023 #18
Go back to 1972 or 1982 and Trumpian criminality as a GOP norm doesn't seem so implausible. Just A Box Of Rain Mar 2023 #19
So right, 100%. True Blue American Apr 2023 #76
Read my post (#10) nt RocRizzo55 Apr 2023 #78
Your first cilla4progress Mar 2023 #20
K & R SunSeeker Mar 2023 #21
kick Dawson Leery Mar 2023 #23
A jury of "the people" indicted him. They don't serve the people. live love laugh Mar 2023 #24
Sick. moondust Mar 2023 #25
Strange things can happen with very insecure, gullible, fearful people. Actually dangerous when TeamProg Mar 2023 #26
It sounds as though this indictment is far worse than just "hush money" groundloop Mar 2023 #31
✔️ mobeau69 Mar 2023 #43
It IS MUCH MORE than hush money WestMichRad Mar 2023 #63
And the insanity on social media is getting weirder and nuttier by the minute. Initech Mar 2023 #32
And you wonder how much of that Tree Lady Apr 2023 #94
Trump is the Frankenstein Monster created by decades of rightwing propaganda Martin Eden Mar 2023 #33
All that and they STILL ... MiHale Mar 2023 #34
Had a history teacher in HS Freddie Mar 2023 #35
The GOP* has been is a spiral down the porcelain appliance for some time. lpbk2713 Mar 2023 #36
The rethugs gademocrat7 Mar 2023 #38
it's all so delicious... as long they as they get wiped out in 2024 LymphocyteLover Mar 2023 #39
That's really all that matters housecat Mar 2023 #60
how wonderful it would be! LymphocyteLover Mar 2023 #65
Not to mention their newfound love for Russia. dalton99a Mar 2023 #40
And various other dictator types around the world PatSeg Mar 2023 #41
Lindsey Graham said if they picked rump Justice matters. Mar 2023 #42
They've come a long way from the aw-shucks, mediocre B-movie actor. Aristus Mar 2023 #44
Reagan's crimes were arguably more serious than those committed by Trump. Just A Box Of Rain Mar 2023 #49
Yes, his crimes were worse. He just wasn't prosecuted for them. SharonAnn Mar 2023 #52
His "popularity" (and I despised the man) insulated him, unfortunately. Just A Box Of Rain Mar 2023 #53
Oh yeah; I agree. Aristus Mar 2023 #56
The genocides in Central America that he sponsored are something I will never forgive or forget. Just A Box Of Rain Mar 2023 #58
Thank YOU! McKim Apr 2023 #80
Thank you for your work in Guatemala. Just A Box Of Rain Apr 2023 #85
+1, well said. c-rational Mar 2023 #47
Here are a couple of other rabbits to add to the list. TrollBuster9090 Mar 2023 #48
+1. yonder Mar 2023 #59
I know the expression is "rabbit hole" soldierant Mar 2023 #50
They are about to throw themselves over the cliff... Good riddance. Joinfortmill Mar 2023 #62
26 months and counting republianmushroom Mar 2023 #64
The rabbit hole . . . Aussie105 Mar 2023 #66
More Repubics support Putin over Biden The Wizard Mar 2023 #67
and the GOP does this while squawking about the CONSTITUION and the RULE OF LAW Skittles Mar 2023 #69
It's bizarre that they're so unwilling to consider what Chump really is ... a liar and a fraud FakeNoose Mar 2023 #70
You forgot "God's chosen" orthoclad Apr 2023 #74
What happens to the MAGA bubble when it touches solid ground? Marcuse Apr 2023 #75
Yep Meowmee Apr 2023 #77
You forgot Jean Carrol who is suing trump for defamation and rape. Escurumbele Apr 2023 #79
Agree but Trump's problems will continue. We need to focus on election...fight Repub's methods. NowsTheTime Apr 2023 #81
And yet they keep digging malaise Apr 2023 #82
republicans have truly lost their minds spanone Apr 2023 #98
Seems to me the question is not how deep a grave Republicans have dug for themselves bucolic_frolic Apr 2023 #99
To me, this state of affairs is the logical consequence of republicanism ismnotwasm Apr 2023 #101
Since Reagan, more loudly since the Obama days... ancianita Apr 2023 #103
Kicking for visibility! Niagara Apr 2023 #105
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