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Joe Shlabotnik

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7. Occupy's message is more relevent now than ever.
Fri Nov 9, 2012, 06:05 PM
Nov 2012

Lets hope that the 'fiscal cliff' doesn't produce a grand bargain that hurts the most vulnerable, or keeps wasting money on a bloated military, and subsidizing big business.

Climate change was right up in everyone's face last week with hurricane Sandy; might be good time to kill the Keystone pipeline for good, and examine public infrastructure, and investment into alternative energy sources too.

Marijuana got legalized in 2 states, maybe its time to examine the costly war on drugs. Soon it'll be cabinet shuffling time, so its a perfect opportunity to get rid of the incompetent Eric Holder. Maybe its time to give homeland security a bit of a haircut too (The police have enough urban-tanks).

Its also a good time to protect and ensure a free and public internet, so that citizen journalists can continue to capture '47% moments' and continue to do the job that the mainstream media doesn't.

Now that Obama is reelected, and some progressive Dems will reinforce congress, now is the time to push for promises to be kept, and bold initiatives to be introduced towards the future sustainability of people, not corporate interests.

Let's Not Forget OWS... [View all] WiffenPoof Nov 2012 OP
I had to start ignoring Occupy stuff due to all the "OBAMA IS JUST AS BAD YOU FOOLS!" redqueen Nov 2012 #1
Are you suggesting that OWS was libertarian? That doesnt make sense. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #4
It didn't happen. Luminous Animal Nov 2012 #8
I cant imagine libertarians protesting Wall Street. I just find it sad that some Democrats rhett o rick Nov 2012 #13
Libertarians PETRUS Nov 2012 #28
Yes, I think they wanted the attention. Cant see them wanting more Wall Street regulations. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #75
No, but down here they seemed to be overrun with those types. redqueen Nov 2012 #16
I think that happened in certain cities. PETRUS Nov 2012 #31
Left-libertarian. But I notice everyone on this thread is talking about us in the past tense. Leopolds Ghost Nov 2012 #55
That is hilarious nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #9
Really? What were you reading that gave you that incorrect perception? OWS sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #24
This kind of disinformation is why I don't recommend DU to anyone anymore... Luminous Animal Nov 2012 #34
Yes, it's very embarrassing, I agree. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #49
A lot of people rely on MSM and tv news here. mattclearing Nov 2012 #109
There's been a vocal (very) few pushing the LadyHawkAZ Nov 2012 #48
Yes, but the written declaration of what OWS stands for makes it clear that they sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #52
I wrote it off as part of the same disinformation campaign LadyHawkAZ Nov 2012 #53
I agree. What do you think of Democrats that help spread this disinformation? rhett o rick Nov 2012 #76
Simple...it is a clear and present threat to the system nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #82
"...young people in scruffy beards..." WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #180
Thank you. You can say it so much better than I. I completely agree. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #59
OWS is strictly non-partisan and supports no candidate or party. Fire Walk With Me Nov 2012 #47
What a ridiculous and baseless slur on a social justice movement that changed coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #81
Once the saane people stopped going to GAs, OWS was nothing but the crazy people, and no they didn't roseBudd Nov 2012 #160
So the members of the Central Committee of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #166
You are correct OLDMDDEM Nov 2012 #2
They were never dead they were busy doing things to benefit people. They were only dead sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #26
They are a growing movement still in its infancy LeftInTX Nov 2012 #32
I'm so glad OLDMDDEM Nov 2012 #206
bingo.... before OWS nobody was talking about income inequality!! oldhippydude Nov 2012 #3
Yeah. Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #5
Nope. Never, ever. HappyMe Nov 2012 #6
What's your beef with "no political affiliation"... Luminous Animal Nov 2012 #29
Don't forget, not every one respects MLK. But thanks for the post, OWS has huge respect sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #50
This is embarrasing nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #11
Well, Nadin ... Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #15
Wow. rhett o rick Nov 2012 #25
We've had this discussion before, Rhett Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #33
OWS didn't start the debate Downtown Hound Nov 2012 #42
Well, if we're going to offer anecdotal evidence Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #56
If you go back through the archives here, to say 2008, you will posts announcing how sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #106
And Kamela Harris in CA credited them for the nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #107
You arent fooling anyone. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #60
Yep. As transparent as the air on a crystal clear desert morning. Zorra Nov 2012 #198
You have an excellent imagination nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #38
When it comes to having an imagination, Nadin Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #61
Summer, this isn't achieving anything. sibelian Nov 2012 #65
I would wholeheartedly agree with you, sibelian Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #68
That's a interesting point... sibelian Nov 2012 #72
Yup, that is why I see them for they are nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #79
How about we credit them with making it more mainstream, then? sibelian Nov 2012 #63
I give OWS all credit due Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #70
I can understand the RightWingers disparaging OWS, but I dont understand rhett o rick Nov 2012 #12
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! - K & R !!! WillyT Nov 2012 #14
And I don't understand Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #17
So are you saying that you support OWS? nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #19
They Brought That Attention...To Critical Mass !!! WillyT Nov 2012 #20
Do you honestly believe Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #27
Believe Me... I'm Not The One Who Should Be Worried About Looking Ridiculous... WillyT Nov 2012 #35
Again you go on the assumption Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #39
No... What I'm Assuming... Is That Many Voters Thought That That Was Just The Way It Is... WillyT Nov 2012 #41
Sorry, WillyT Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #43
they made it socially acceptable to discuss it openly. sibelian Nov 2012 #64
Sorry, but the topic Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #69
Well, my experience doesn't bear that out. sibelian Nov 2012 #73
Where was it discussed? On the media? Do you have links to all this discussion sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #113
As always, you're right, sabrina Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #135
Yes people did discuss it. And no one, including OWS ever said otherwise. You are sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #186
Once again you try to change the argument. No one is claiming that OWS was the first rhett o rick Nov 2012 #117
Yet again Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #129
For someone who is indifferent you have quite a fixation, really nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #143
I am indifferent to OWS Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #145
And you have a good imagination nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #148
Nadin Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #161
What makes no sense to you? nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #164
If you were "indifferent" you wouldnt post so many anti-OWS posts. rhett o rick Nov 2012 #178
I admit I often allow myself Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #179
Be careful painting with too broad a brush. All protests attract anarchists, communists, rhett o rick Nov 2012 #182
Nobody speaks for OWS. That's the point. randome Nov 2012 #183
I dont agree with your logic. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #184
Actually, that claim is complete bullshit. woo me with science Nov 2012 #201
please stop apologizing for the 1% argiel1234 Nov 2012 #140
My answer is a simple one Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #144
by pissing and shitting on everyone on this thread argiel1234 Nov 2012 #147
Thanks for proving my point Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #149
you have questioned and shit on ever post in this thread argiel1234 Nov 2012 #151
Again, I invite you Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #157
And, really? Capitalism lost? randome Nov 2012 #150
sorry but its NOt ok to profit off of people anymore argiel1234 Nov 2012 #155
The truth, however, is that hundreds of millions of people are quite content with Capitalism. randome Nov 2012 #158
hundreds of millions dont live under violent capitalism argiel1234 Nov 2012 #162
"Mitt and Capitalism lost" Chathamization Nov 2012 #167
It seems to me that the OP is referring to the election cycle and the campaigners... Luminous Animal Nov 2012 #23
But that's my point, LA Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #37
So where are all these people you are talking about? What did they accomplish? Did sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #110
Often, it's a Third Way thing. The Third Way values profit over people, and is trying to move the Zorra Nov 2012 #30
I knew it wouldn't be long Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #40
The Third Way is not a label. They exist, they have a website. They have an idealogy and sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #112
It's a "label" that has been affixed Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #133
Are you really saying that Third Way, who are very proud of their role in the Dem Party sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #138
Good grief, sabrina Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #141
'Idols' 'pedestals' sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #187
Thank you for your condescending and arrogant response Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #190
'Rapturous idolization of BBI', 'sacred cows, Greenwald, Assange and Occupy' sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #191
Your lack of self-awareness Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #192
Seriously, I'm flattered you remember our first encounter, I did not frankly. I knew sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #204
Democrats don't do the same Rhett so you are correct. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #108
David Wolff in his book Shankapotomus Nov 2012 #18
Who was talking about those things before Sept 2011? sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #44
Of course, sabrina Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #54
Occupy's message is more relevent now than ever. Joe Shlabotnik Nov 2012 #7
They helped frame the issues so that the common voter Rex Nov 2012 #10
Yes, because no one would have realized Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #21
Yes... I think the "common voter" is pretty damned stupid, or has been living under a rock. WillyT Nov 2012 #22
Yep. Look what the Tea Party did..... LeftInTX Nov 2012 #36
OWS could have been a response Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #51
Voting is not very effective in itself. I'm sorry you don't understand but civil rights movement etc Leopolds Ghost Nov 2012 #57
Do you not think Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #67
I don't think it's healthy for civil rights movement to be perceived as a monolithic voting block Leopolds Ghost Nov 2012 #74
OWS never changed its goals. . sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #114
Well, helping out Hurricane Sandy victims and buying up debt... randome Nov 2012 #115
How exactly is that changing goals? That is what they have always done from the beginning. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #118
Neither one of us seems to 'get' the other. randome Nov 2012 #119
They are doing nothing they have not been doing from the beginning. The sad thing is sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #123
They have? nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #116
Nadin Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #137
What? You claim goals were changed nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #146
They never presented themselves as apolitical. They presented themselves as nonpartisan & Luminous Animal Nov 2012 #58
I was responding to Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #62
And that is the problem nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #80
With all due respect, Nadin Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #83
I am not the one denying a certain universe of facts nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #84
Given how often you Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #85
What facts have I owned? nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #87
The "facts" you have owned Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #89
Well, I swear from your posts nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #90
Funny to get a lecture on science Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #93
Funny since the video has since emerged nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #94
Finally there is video?! zappaman Nov 2012 #96
Seriously, Nadin Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #97
But you keep making shit up nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #98
We know PLENTY about you based on how very nasty you are just in this thread. kestrel91316 Nov 2012 #165
The only people using the word 'hate' is you and a few others with you. randome Nov 2012 #168
Links, please? Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #170
So why are you still hanging around? nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #172
At your own request Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #173
Polly, do you want a cracker? nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #174
Yes, Nadin, I agree Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #175
Well, go on mrs Hathaway. nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #176
You are far from indifferent to OWS. We have addressed this before. You are as indifferent sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #111
Not obvious to me Chathamization Nov 2012 #121
It is a LOOOONNNGGG history nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #122
Lol, welcome to DU. Summer despises OWS and always has. She has a right to do so. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #124
I was going to say you were right. randome Nov 2012 #125
Wow How Amazing For You To Just Land In This Thread HangOnKids Nov 2012 #132
Cheerleading? Chathamization Nov 2012 #136
OWS had a role Chathamization Nov 2012 #86
That will be a discussion held in academic circles nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #88
Perhaps Chathamization Nov 2012 #91
Talking academic nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #92
Academic is fine Chathamization Nov 2012 #95
Yup, agreed nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #99
We'll see what happens Chathamization Nov 2012 #102
They did here as well nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #103
The media says the opposite about OWS. In fact they ignored it for two weeks and sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #120
From what I remember Chathamization Nov 2012 #128
Actually it doesn't matter what the media does or does not do. But in the beginning they were sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #134
There was coverage in the first few days Chathamization Nov 2012 #142
Yeah, but as you pointed out nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #154
The Iraq war protests tended to be larger Chathamization Nov 2012 #159
My local paper is a good example nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #163
Hopefully Chathamization Nov 2012 #169
Right now it is really messy nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #171
I don't think I explained this very well. So, let me try again. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #185
A couple things Chathamization Nov 2012 #188
Actually it was the other way around. I follow a lot of the celebrities who showed up sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #193
Some did Chathamization Nov 2012 #195
The anti war protests lasted for a few hours on one day at a time. There are no numbers available sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #197
Those that were camping Chathamization Nov 2012 #199
Lol, of course they weren't that many. Although they were way more than anyone ever sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #203
Excellent post, thank you! sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #196
Exactly! sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #46
It will be nice to get back to discussing and working to change these issues: Fire Walk With Me Nov 2012 #45
That's a great list of things that need to be changed Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #71
OWS is at least resisting - they are not in a position of power TBF Nov 2012 #78
Better question, how are elected officials changing them? sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #126
Answering a question Summer Hathaway Nov 2012 #131
OWS exists because nothing has been done about these issues you say everyone knew sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #139
Yes, I think OWS was a great deal more effective than most give it credit for. sibelian Nov 2012 #66
At the very least Occupy has folks actually talking about class - TBF Nov 2012 #77
As The Original Poster... WiffenPoof Nov 2012 #100
OWS is a lightning rod for debate. randome Nov 2012 #101
Thanks... WiffenPoof Nov 2012 #104
It isn't, only to those who have always opposed it. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #130
Occupy is Helping with Hurricane Sandy Relieve at the Moment AndyTiedye Nov 2012 #105
kick upi402 Nov 2012 #127
Not a chance 99th_Monkey Nov 2012 #152
This message was self-deleted by its author 99th_Monkey Nov 2012 #153
OccupyRaleigh is still active... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #156
Most don't Chathamization Nov 2012 #177
"stared blankly" WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #181
yeah , don't forget 4 t 4 Nov 2012 #194
Huh, I wasn't aware of the NMH and Sonic Youth connection to OWS. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2012 #205
... Fire Walk With Me Nov 2012 #189
Forgotten. RiffRandell Nov 2012 #200
Huge K&R woo me with science Nov 2012 #202
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