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30. it is Mary Trump's account
Sun Apr 2, 2023, 06:29 PM
Apr 2023

I'd like to be "open minded" about watching her but there is nothing to be open minded about. She, like Boebert, could not possibly say anything worth investing my time over.

Watching her would be like watching Fox News or OAN for the perspective of "the other side." They don't have intellectual points. They have talking points.

K&R sakabatou Apr 2023 #1
TY & Mary T!! Cha Apr 2023 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author Ahna KneeMoose Apr 2023 #3
I disagree. Much more respect for Leslie Stahl unc70 Apr 2023 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author unc70 Apr 2023 #10
Has Mary Trump seen the episode? Just A Box Of Rain Apr 2023 #4
From the promo, pictures shown, and traitor-greene's approval, FoxNewsSucks Apr 2023 #11
So that's a no. Just A Box Of Rain Apr 2023 #12
+1000 GuppyGal Apr 2023 #27
It was a prediction, and a correct one. FoxNewsSucks Apr 2023 #46
"Rep. Greene, you asked for a presidential pardon even though Jan. 6 tanyev Apr 2023 #5
Bingo. dalton99a Apr 2023 #43
Won't be watching. Legitimizing a Christo-Fascist insurrectionist (aka Nazi) is not OK CBS Evolve Dammit Apr 2023 #7
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Apr 2023 #8
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Apr 2023 #9
Hey, as moonves said not fooled Apr 2023 #13
But It Wasn't ProfessorGAC Apr 2023 #19
It's like people don't realize SCantiGOP Apr 2023 #14
True Rebl2 Apr 2023 #16
I used to work in television ratings NJCher Apr 2023 #26
That is disappointing. Septua Apr 2023 #15
Good for you Mary bdamomma Apr 2023 #17
I won't be watching BonnieJW Apr 2023 #18
I hold my disrespect in abeyance. dchill Apr 2023 #20
ten second video (leslie stahl: "wow") orleans Apr 2023 #21
Hope she asked her if she is the 1/6 bomber.WTF 60 minutes. Pepsidog Apr 2023 #22
I listened to a heartbreaking interview with an Ob-gyn from Idaho on NPR the other day. Midnight Writer Apr 2023 #23
I would watch CBS if they did as you suggest. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 2023 #39
Something doesn't smell right here KS Toronado Apr 2023 #24
it is Mary Trump's account NJCher Apr 2023 #30
Okay, I won't watch. It would spoil my evening no doubt. nt 1WorldHope Apr 2023 #25
Bill Paley is spinning in his grave. Shame on CBS NoMoreRepugs Apr 2023 #28
No. The ghost of Bill Paley would remember what CBS did to expose Joe McCarthy Just A Box Of Rain Apr 2023 #32
Oh please. If this had resembled in any way shape or form Murrow's piece on McCarthy you wouldn't MrsCoffee Apr 2023 #42
I've watched Stahl interview the giants Submariner Apr 2023 #29
Well they did interview Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #31
I didn't see any normalization or softballs. Septua Apr 2023 #33
I don't need to be warned about watching certain obvious people. BigmanPigman Apr 2023 #34
Twitter reply: Rhiannon12866 Apr 2023 #35
As usual - "MTG is unafraid to challenge the system, brave trailblazer, etc. etc." Oneironaut Apr 2023 #36
Thank you Mary! SouthernDem4ever Apr 2023 #37
Kick Cha Apr 2023 #38
The medium is the massage Cetacea Apr 2023 #40
It's amazing that Mary Trump formed an opinion before she watched the segment. Just A Box Of Rain Apr 2023 #41
Nothing remotely "amazing" about it. Paladin Apr 2023 #45
My reasoning JanLip Apr 2023 #48
Yeah, MOST folks at DU know. Paladin Apr 2023 #49
We normally include 60 minutes in our Sunday evening tv watching. lark Apr 2023 #44
I really tried to watch it eezapata Apr 2023 #47
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