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I hope someone brings a recorded WhiteTara Apr 2023 #1
This would be good. People laughing at her really winds her up. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #10
too bad I'm not there WhiteTara Apr 2023 #31
I know. What fun. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #32
Poor little country bumpkin, marge, NYC causes ear damage on a normal day Walleye Apr 2023 #2
Her voice JanLip Apr 2023 #21
It's unbelievable the visceral reaction I get listening to her Walleye Apr 2023 #24
Funny how she can quote the law to control others and protect herself. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #3
LOL inthewind21 Apr 2023 #4
Turns out a clueless Trump supporter passed out free whistles to the crowd... targetpractice Apr 2023 #5
Sounds like he is Russian kimbutgar Apr 2023 #23
Probably KGB. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #33
Last I saw she's hiding out in her limo, lololol Shanti Shanti Shanti Apr 2023 #6
She is so basic. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #34
She didn't hang around. LOL Srkdqltr Apr 2023 #7
She inthewind21 Apr 2023 #12
Lol. Lock her up! crazylikafox Apr 2023 #18
Dear MTG.... Hope22 Apr 2023 #8
Oops Yonnie3 Apr 2023 #9
LOL. tanyev Apr 2023 #30
MTG is too stupid to get a permit for this event LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2023 #11
Anyone with inthewind21 Apr 2023 #14
MTG is running away from whistles LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2023 #13
Marge Marge Marge inthewind21 Apr 2023 #19
Ironic, she makes her living by spouting dog whistles. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #35
People are going to be able to hear the damage? Solly Mack Apr 2023 #15
Exactly! pamela Apr 2023 #27
She tries so hard, but the stupid is stronger. Solly Mack Apr 2023 #29
She has said people don't realize how smart she is. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #37
MTG, "Protesters are causing ear damage." Oh please mother fucker. Botany Apr 2023 #16
She is so concerned about ear damage but not kids getting shot to ribbons. Irish_Dem Apr 2023 #38
Holy crap JanLip Apr 2023 #17
Translation: zuul Apr 2023 #20
I was halfway expecting to hear Miss Ann ask, Torchlight Apr 2023 #22
Yes JanLip Apr 2023 #36
Another lame attempt by MTG to be relevant peggysue2 Apr 2023 #25
Where's Lesley Stahl when her pal Marjorie needs her? gratuitous Apr 2023 #26
Holy crap these people are fucking insane. Initech Apr 2023 #28
So, wear some ear plugs, you dumbfuck. GoCubsGo Apr 2023 #39
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