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18. Not so sure about the no rules broken thing
Thu Apr 6, 2023, 03:42 PM
Apr 2023

Federal employees are not allowed to accept large gifts. Last time I looked, Clearance was being paid by federal dollars. He is a federal employee. I mean he can pretend those rules don't apply to him.

"Social Invitations from Persons Other than Prohibited Sources: An employee may accept unsolicited food, refreshments and entertainment, not including travel and lodging, for the employee and other guest, such as spouse, at a social event attended by several people where the invitation is from someone who is not a prohibited source, no fee is charged to anyone in attendance, and, if the sponsor of the event or person offering the invitation is not a person, the employee receives a written determination from the agency designee that his or her attendance will not cause a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts to question the employee’s integrity or impartiality.". https://www.justice.gov/jmd/gifts-and-entertainment#:~:text=Outside%20Sources%2C%20Exceptions)-,Gifts%20Between%20Employees,the%20employee%20is%20a%20subordinate.

...and she can introduce that Bill whenever she wants to. brooklynite Apr 2023 #1
According to Sen. Whitehouse... WarGamer Apr 2023 #5
Not so sure about the no rules broken thing Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #18
Those rules are for the Dept of Justice (executive branch) but Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch wishstar Apr 2023 #28
No, those are rules for all federal employees Farmer-Rick Apr 2023 #29
Typically, they like to build groundwork and support before they introduce legislation. Gore1FL Apr 2023 #17
If you're spending time building groundwork... brooklynite Apr 2023 #24
So the rhetoric might serve a different purpose, then? Gore1FL Apr 2023 #25
Thomas' corruption is nothing new. Scalia went on an all expenses paid high end duck hunting trip Botany Apr 2023 #2
I still say MOMFUDSKI Apr 2023 #15
My first thought was the same as AOC's! Scottie Mom Apr 2023 #3
I remember the olden days leftieNanner Apr 2023 #4
Shame is a kinda voluntary thing. jaxexpat Apr 2023 #11
obviously he should be impeached. barbtries Apr 2023 #6
DRAW UP THE PAPERWORK! RFN!!!! In It to Win It Apr 2023 #7
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has wowed me more times in her few years in D.C. Torchlight Apr 2023 #8
No worries... dchill Apr 2023 #9
This scumbag should be prosecuted for this nvme Apr 2023 #10
Conflict of Interest rules at the state and local level in Virginia are stringent. The same should a Martin68 Apr 2023 #13
If we don't start taking corruption on the Supreme Court seriously, our democracy will have slipped Martin68 Apr 2023 #12
Seems reasonable. twodogsbarking Apr 2023 #14
Asked for comment, Mitch McConnell replied MurrayDelph Apr 2023 #16
My father was a long time federal employee, Army Corps of Engineers. Accepting gifts was strictly Handler Apr 2023 #19
I am a health inspector TheDemsshouldhireme Apr 2023 #20
Kickety Kickin' Faux pas Apr 2023 #21
This whole monstrosity will go down the rabbit hole. Boomerproud Apr 2023 #22
Former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney spent time in prison for less. mackdaddy Apr 2023 #23
It would be a futile gesture BUT the House needs to go on record by voting on impeachment. TomSlick Apr 2023 #26
Recommended. H2O Man Apr 2023 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Apr 2023 #30
k&r n/t area51 Apr 2023 #31
Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2023 #32
Sigh ExWhoDoesntCare Apr 2023 #33
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