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10. Time for young people to claw some of the seats back AND "expel" Marsha Blackurn
Tue Apr 11, 2023, 03:51 AM
Apr 2023

from the Senate. She is up in 2024. Send a message and make her defend her seat.

Famous former TN Senator -

Al Gore
Today's GOP-led vote in the TN House disenfranchised nearly 150,000 voters whose representatives rightfully pushed to reform TN’s insanely dangerous gun laws after the horrific mass murder at The Covenant School last week. What a historically sad day for democracy in Tennessee.
8:17 PM · Apr 6, 2023
And yet the TN GOP is only only doubling down. SunSeeker Apr 2023 #1
damn skippy B.See Apr 2023 #2
"A Tennessee RNC member says every action GOPers take makes people hate them." royable Apr 2023 #3
I dunno, maybe they feel a need to keep proving it. calimary Apr 2023 #9
Hubris Sugarcoated Apr 2023 #4
+1 Deminpenn Apr 2023 #16
The goal of every thinking American should be to vote out every Republican. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 2023 #5
THIS RIGHT HERE 👆👆👆 BumRushDaShow Apr 2023 #12
Duh...you reckon? littlemissmartypants Apr 2023 #6
Is he blaming the media? Or is it just early? COL Mustard Apr 2023 #7
FAFO 3catwoman3 Apr 2023 #8
Time for young people to claw some of the seats back AND "expel" Marsha Blackurn BumRushDaShow Apr 2023 #10
Whoa JustAnotherGen Apr 2023 #11
That's his job? justgamma Apr 2023 #13
GOP brand: Hatred, greed, dishonesty, selfishness, demagoguery live love laugh Apr 2023 #15
GOP brand fishing for votes by demonizing marginalized groups BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2023 #17
They have a stranglehold on the voting apparatus. They don't care. live love laugh Apr 2023 #14
Nonsense. Stay the course. Rename the airport after Donald Trump! dalton99a Apr 2023 #18
How come the Finding Out is so painful, when the F**king Around is so much fun? tanyev Apr 2023 #19
Wow, one RNC member with a brain. sinkingfeeling Apr 2023 #20
Gee ya think?? jcgoldie Apr 2023 #21
Ha Ha! n/t librechik Apr 2023 #22
No shit, Sherlock... PCIntern Apr 2023 #23
Well come on, Oscar! gratuitous Apr 2023 #24
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