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24. What's wrong with you people? The anole is clearly the best... by a long shot.
Tue Apr 18, 2023, 03:38 PM
Apr 2023

The others were just too easy in comparison. Takes some guile to get that close up to an anole, and then it's a stunningly beautiful creature.

Full disclosure: it's not my photo, and I don't know the person who took it.

It's a travesty that the rose is in first place at the moment. It's an easy photo and quite frankly a bit boring. Sorry, photographer.

Get real, folks.

It's been a wonderful contest! Thank you, my dear Tom Kitten, for running it. CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2023 #1
Quite a variety, and all are winners....... a kennedy Apr 2023 #2
The Green Anole snake winked at me I think. panader0 Apr 2023 #3
Anoles are lizards, although you can't tell that from the pic, lol. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #6
Congrats to all on such great submissions mvd Apr 2023 #4
I loved the variety of interpretations! brer cat Apr 2023 #5
Very very beautiful. FalloutShelter Apr 2023 #7
Okay, I pinned the picture names to a wall, and, blindfolded, threw a dart. planetc Apr 2023 #8
This is the best/hardest contesting group of photos ever! Bristlecone Apr 2023 #9
Magnificent pictures. Tough choice. BarbD Apr 2023 #10
Separated at birth ... aggiesal Apr 2023 #11
👀 underpants Apr 2023 #12
Very difficult choice burrowowl Apr 2023 #13
K&R Solly Mack Apr 2023 #14
Kick Tom Kitten Apr 2023 #15
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2023 #16
Knr alfredo Apr 2023 #17
Kick for the early morning crowd. Callalily Apr 2023 #18
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2023 #19
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2023 #20
Kick alfredo Apr 2023 #21
kick HappyCynic Apr 2023 #22
Really difficult choice! But fun. Thanks to ALL. Hortensis Apr 2023 #23
What's wrong with you people? The anole is clearly the best... by a long shot. Goodheart Apr 2023 #24
Once a photograph is selected to be put on display, the quality of the image is no AndyS Apr 2023 #28
What utter nonsense. Goodheart Apr 2023 #29
Do you have a dog in this fight? Have anything up for judgement? AndyS Apr 2023 #30
No, I do not. And, no, I do not. Goodheart Apr 2023 #37
Love them all! Thank you, photographers! K&R crickets Apr 2023 #25
Kick urbanhermit Apr 2023 #26
Kick! Dyedinthewoolliberal Apr 2023 #27
Kick for the late night crowd! Tom Kitten Apr 2023 #31
Kick! Grumpy Old Guy Apr 2023 #32
how could one possibly choose?? niyad Apr 2023 #33
Kick burrowowl Apr 2023 #34
Kick for votes! Dyedinthewoolliberal Apr 2023 #35
Kick! Tom Kitten Apr 2023 #36
Kick! urbanhermit Apr 2023 #38
Kick! Tom Kitten Apr 2023 #39
great photos! GoneOffShore Apr 2023 #40
Wonderful photos. Thanks Photographers. NT akbacchus_BC Apr 2023 #41
Good luck to the finalists! 2naSalit Apr 2023 #42
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