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Effete Snob

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1. "Why kill a bear for being a bear?"
Tue Apr 18, 2023, 05:15 PM
Apr 2023

Because, typically "being a bear" means being afraid of humans.

However, since it is early in the season for them, they are more aggressive than usual.

But once a bear finds out that humans are tasty and easy to take down, they can lose their fear of humans.

It's not about taking "sides". It's unfortunate all the way around.

Do you think biologists who devote their lives to the study and conservation of wildlife have a thing against bears?


Usually, if a bear shows “undesirable behavior,” tries to get food from visitors by getting up on picnic tables or coming into tents, or just shows no fear of humans, the bear will be trapped and either relocated or released onsite, McInnis said.

“This is a form of averse conditioning. To be caught in a trap is not a good experience so a lot of bears can be dissuaded from coming back just simply by trapping them and then letting them go without having to relocate them to somewhere else,” she said.

Trapped bears are collared so they can be tracked. The recently euthanized bear had not been caught before, she said. There have been 40 trap and relocations so far this year in the Smokies.

“Euthanization is never a decision lightly taken here at park. Feeding on human remains is a behavior that once learned, bears learn to repeat. Once that association is made, it’s hard to break. The concern is they would pose a risk to public safety,” McInnis said.

“Also, knowing the contents of a bear’s stomach could provide evidence to help with the law enforcement investigation.”

Mike Pelton, a renowned wildlife biologist who started the first research project on black bears in the Great Smokies in 1968, agrees with bear euthanization if the cause of a human death is unknown.


What the fuck would he know?

"Why kill a bear for being a bear?" Effete Snob Apr 2023 #1
so what if they lose their fear of humans? Coventina Apr 2023 #2
Fuck scientists Effete Snob Apr 2023 #3
No, I said fuck humans, by which I mean human arrogance Coventina Apr 2023 #4
I'm sorry Effete Snob Apr 2023 #6
Cheers, then. Coventina Apr 2023 #7
Gosh that's not my experience with biologists and game wardens at all. MontanaMama Apr 2023 #25
Interesting Zeitghost Apr 2023 #17
All animals. n/t Coventina Apr 2023 #19
So an bug's life is then Zeitghost Apr 2023 #20
Depends on the bug. Coventina Apr 2023 #22
It would seem to me that one bug would not be worth more than another Zeitghost Apr 2023 #23
I am not in favor of gunning down children Coventina Apr 2023 #27
I'll state first that I would rather the bear not ... Whiskeytide Apr 2023 #30
Well, I don't own any firearms, and never will. Coventina Apr 2023 #31
Living with bears in my neighborhood MontanaMama Apr 2023 #5
Another article stated it was a female bear with three cubs Coventina Apr 2023 #15
I didn't see that. It MUST have been a factor. MontanaMama Apr 2023 #24
Poor woman. Hortensis Apr 2023 #8
him Effete Snob Apr 2023 #9
Ah, thanks. I didn't read to find out who he's left to grieve him either. nt Hortensis Apr 2023 #11
I think Andrea is the Italian name for Andrew liberal_mama Apr 2023 #16
I have no particular hate against the jogger. Coventina Apr 2023 #10
Bears in the area? MuseRider Apr 2023 #12
Maybe you would if you were afraid to step outside for fear Hortensis Apr 2023 #13
Humans are not entitled to live free from predation. Coventina Apr 2023 #14
:) Gee, that statement sounds like religious-level conviction. Hortensis Apr 2023 #18
Maybe my beliefs do rise to religious conviction, I don't know. Coventina Apr 2023 #21
Not religious, Coventina. Religious-LEVEL conviction, based on faith Hortensis Apr 2023 #26
Yes, humans love revenge. flvegan Apr 2023 #28
This is truly, an amazing thread. Fla_Democrat Apr 2023 #29
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