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11. I just can't...
Mon Apr 24, 2023, 12:23 AM
Apr 2023

not now. Need to sleep.

I know this is going to make me burn inside, it will make me want to throw things.

Thanks for posting. I will look tomorrow, it has been a long day but thanks for posting because we really do need to know what is being said.

Oh dear canetoad Apr 2023 #1
That is truly cringe worthy. nt Phoenix61 Apr 2023 #2
double cringe BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2023 #14
Wait!!!!!! H2O Man Apr 2023 #3
So that's what people meant by "bad trip". nt Carlitos Brigante Apr 2023 #5
I was warned H2O Man Apr 2023 #7
Well, I never consumed any LSD, and I'm seeing this, too! 🤯😱 ShazzieB Apr 2023 #16
Two possibilities: H2O Man Apr 2023 #26
Hmm, I wonder which it is. ShazzieB Apr 2023 #27
"Made with 100%, authentic metal from the Fukushima generator scraps. Don't Carlitos Brigante Apr 2023 #4
whoever wrote that should be fired RussBLib Apr 2023 #6
Proudly Working For The Patriarchy! Look, I'm a governor! Hekate Apr 2023 #8
I guess everybody hasn't gotten the memo. Marcuse Apr 2023 #9
Now you can put an ice cold beer can into YOUR coochie. NBachers Apr 2023 #10
I just can't... MuseRider Apr 2023 #11
True American koozie Silent3 Apr 2023 #12
SNL is jealous lame54 Apr 2023 #13
Makes any beer taste BaronChocula Apr 2023 #15
... ShazzieB Apr 2023 #17
hmmm...their "real women" act a lot like...men Skittles Apr 2023 #18
Speaking as a NJCher Apr 2023 #19
10 seconds in there are salutes - none by white men. alittlelark Apr 2023 #20
a whole new young generation they are brainwashing. I liked it better when all the mucifer Apr 2023 #21
Real woman don't have to fake it? Baitball Blogger Apr 2023 #22
Just another GOP fascist pig using hate as an agenda Roisin Ni Fiachra Apr 2023 #23
Why did the one woman have shelves full of fish? TxGuitar Apr 2023 #24
The chair of local school board wore a "real women aren't men" t-shirt on hubby's facebook pg. Timeflyer Apr 2023 #25
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