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Yes! underpants May 2023 #1
Good for her wryter2000 May 2023 #2
Those were my two thoughts verbatim!!! Karadeniz May 2023 #24
Not only young people, I know old guys who LOVE her lostnfound May 2023 #46
I'm 73 and no trump cultist. mwb970 May 2023 #51
I would hate to have her write a song about me. COL Mustard May 2023 #55
I dunno that would mean i was a former boyfriend of hers dembotoz May 2023 #80
You got a good point. COL Mustard May 2023 #92
sure, I like it quite a bit lostnfound May 2023 #74
Halve the number of people who come to a Taylor Swift concert? TlalocW May 2023 #3
i think her dad inthewind21 May 2023 #39
She ought to be set for life already True Dough May 2023 #67
I understand why people would float that Dorian Gray May 2023 #69
Halve the number who WANT to come and concerts still SELL OUT. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2023 #71
Exactly!! Klondike Kat May 2023 #89
Marsha Blackburn has unleashed MontanaMama May 2023 #4
And less likely to Jerry2144 May 2023 #7
Speaking of throwing poop... True Dough May 2023 #68
Evil Jerry2144 May 2023 #77
I just ask you to get accustomed to True Dough May 2023 #85
What? His frustration at not being able to score? Jerry2144 May 2023 #86
lol LiberalLovinLug May 2023 #94
They did get a goal Jerry2144 May 2023 #95
Well, Jerry True Dough May 2023 #96
Right. The better team plans to go golfing Jerry2144 May 2023 #97
Marsha Blackburn has nothing to say of any significance. calimary May 2023 #12
Who the hell is Marsha Blackburn???? groundloop May 2023 #19
A Rethuglican Senator from Tennessee. OMGWTF May 2023 #22
I call her Drunk Barbie CatWoman May 2023 #50
I always marvel catchnrelease May 2023 #90
Someone who thinks she's hot shit. calimary May 2023 #31
Bless her heart. dchill May 2023 #38
I always say soldierant May 2023 #53
Ooh, an excellent rejoinder! 3catwoman3 May 2023 #60
Home Economics major BlueKentuckyGirl May 2023 #49
Someone who if Tim McGraw had run against (he promised for a decade to run for TN US Senate when he Celerity May 2023 #52
Jeff Jackson did not REFUSE to run in 2020, he agreed to step aside for Cal Cunningham ms liberty May 2023 #56
Well, he still should have run in 2020. I think he would have won. As for 2022, I never Celerity May 2023 #63
Why have the actual practising Christians let the psuedo-religious cults take over the Alexander Of Assyria May 2023 #27
I was scolded by an old coach for trashing Christians and blasted back. I said the "good brewens May 2023 #42
Good, they need to hear more of that! Never crossed their minds they were sitting on flying_wahini May 2023 #87
My heart swells with admiration for this woman. Mister Ed May 2023 #5
Go Taylor!! MiniMe May 2023 #6
Edit that down and it speaks for itself. Go Taylor!! JudyM May 2023 #8
Go girl bpj62 May 2023 #9
TY & Taylor Swift.. We Need People Cha May 2023 #10
This is a couple of years old... OneGrassRoot May 2023 #11
She will be performing in Nashville this weekend, so she could Tanuki May 2023 #33
I love this SO MUCH! ShazzieB May 2023 #13
The full documentary is on Netflix. sl8 May 2023 #14
It says a lot about the character of these celebrities, when they say enough is enough ffr May 2023 #15
First of all, her Dad should be proud he raised a daughter with strong, ethical values. Midnight Writer May 2023 #16
Exactly inthewind21 May 2023 #40
Bob Hope was a vehement right wing asshole. Hope personally attacked Jimmy Carter's child. ZonkerHarris May 2023 #17
What a disgusting Rebl2 May 2023 #26
Great point lostnfound May 2023 #48
I didn't know that. Wow. I tried looking up the speech, but no luck. Not surprised that he would say themaguffin May 2023 #81
His "humor" has aged very badly Orrex May 2023 #84
Swift has publicly taken on Blackburn since 2018. onenote May 2023 #18
K&R LetMyPeopleVote May 2023 #20
For every person that won't stand in multigraincracker May 2023 #21
From what I have read she can afford Tree Lady May 2023 #23
This is lame. rockfordfile May 2023 #25
I need a little more info about your take. StClone May 2023 #32
When the Taylor Swift concert ends while you are on your way home. Marcuse May 2023 #28
Brava, Taylor Swift! Brava! joshdawg May 2023 #29
Yes I have to say I am impressed StClone May 2023 #34
People like Blackburn should seek to make Swift happy. genxlib May 2023 #30
This amazing woman just spoke truth to power. BradBo May 2023 #35
So...if this was from 5 years ago... then her dad and manager won the argument LiberalLovinLug May 2023 #36
First I've heard of it but I don't live in Tennessee Beachnutt May 2023 #37
Maybe inthewind21 May 2023 #41
Okay. Thanks for the link LiberalLovinLug May 2023 #93
The difference between following the polls and moving the polls. Gore1FL May 2023 #43
Thank-you Taylor Swift!!! vlyons May 2023 #44
She sold out wally baby May 2023 #45
This seems kinda fake, but, Taylor Swift is an ally and I love her for that. Oneironaut May 2023 #47
Plus anything anti-Blackburn I'm all for. GoodRaisin May 2023 #66
I'm not in Taylor's demographic COL Mustard May 2023 #54
This! x 100,000,000! Rock it Evolve Dammit May 2023 #57
This is from a documentary from 2020 iamateacher May 2023 #58
I bought my first Dixie Chicks CD when they spoke up and have been a huge fan ever since. Kittycatkat May 2023 #59
I cant imagine being 33 years old and asking my father to forgive me for my political statements SYFROYH May 2023 #61
My niece recently dragged my 63 year old sister to a Taylor Swift concert in Tampa. Haggis 4 Breakfast May 2023 #62
I wish she didn't have to justify it to her dad jimlup May 2023 #64
I don't think it's about the money. I think her dad was concerned for her safety Deuxcents May 2023 #65
It's great, but ffs video horiontally, people! If you don't it makes video about 20% of screen! . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2023 #70
It was filmed horizontally, but something happened along the way. sl8 May 2023 #72
I get it. piddyprints May 2023 #75
Hmm, hadn't seen that. If you know, what qualifies as short by their regs? Thx Bernardo de La Paz May 2023 #78
No longer than 1 minute. piddyprints May 2023 #79
Tilt your head sideways Orrex May 2023 #88
its a powerful message regardless. Layzeebeaver May 2023 #73
She is extremely popular and it crosses generations Norbert May 2023 #76
She's a high quality person Orrex May 2023 #82
Never been... greblach May 2023 #83
Says this is from 2 years ago. efhmc May 2023 #91
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