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8. Crazytown. What's weird is that most of these anti-laws (as I call them) will not garner 1....
Fri May 12, 2023, 06:25 AM
May 2023

...additional vote for DeSatan. Only because his MAGAT base will vote for him anyway. Yet, he's driving away any and all R leaners who reluctantly voted for him the last time and every single Democrat, Independent, unaffiliated voter, pro-life men and women and more.

He must have total idiots advising him as somebody must realize these facts but are too afraid to confront him. Every single weird, made-up, false premised idea his wacko R's in the FL legislature dream up become law now. As a FL resident, I do follow all the major FL newspapers/medai on the 'Net and all have blasted these moves repeatedly. But his handlers, let alone DeSatan, have ignored all these warning signs.

Good for us I say as he stands no chance of being reelected as Gov. once his presidential ambitions go down in flames!

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