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11. I feel really bad for butch women
Wed May 17, 2023, 12:46 PM
May 2023

I myself am "soft butch," but my "girls" are big enough they glance at me then my chest and look away (it still pisses me off they even look), but for butch, slim women? I feel so bad for them.

The redux of "Jim Crow". roamer65 May 2023 #1
DeSantis' pilot project in fascism continues apace Hekate May 2023 #2
And the self-appointed morality police are going to have a field day reporting every person tanyev May 2023 #3
Florida, working hard to be the ugliest state in the US. Another step in fascism, it is happening. RKP5637 May 2023 #4
Florida makes committing hate crimes law of the land Johonny May 2023 #5
And internet conspiracy theory bullshit public policy. Initech May 2023 #18
Bathroom police........... Lovie777 May 2023 #6
So who will be doing these "Crotch Checks"? mackdaddy May 2023 #7
That's my question. Women's bathrooms have stalls. There are no urinals that can be viewed allegorical oracle May 2023 #10
So, do trans men who have to use the woman's Baitball Blogger May 2023 #8
Yea, Can't wait until a trans man who is seriously masculin goes into a women's bathroom. Maraya1969 May 2023 #13
I've been at music events where stools in men's room were commandeered by women. IA8IT May 2023 #9
I'm so sick of internet conspiracy theorists writing public policy. Initech May 2023 #16
I feel really bad for butch women obamanut2012 May 2023 #11
This will not sit well with the travel industry, nor will they stand for it. sanatanadharma May 2023 #12
In the old days, expensive restaurants had restroom attendants jmowreader May 2023 #14
Ron Desantis seems bent on going full Nazi. Initech May 2023 #15
So can a cis gendered female be arrested for using the "men's" bathroom? Freethinker65 May 2023 #17
#BoycottFlorida ZonkerHarris May 2023 #19
We could entirely do away with this mess if we had unisex restrooms like parts of Europe have, royable May 2023 #20
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