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32. Getting "IN" to Yale and Harvard Law is hard (very hard)
Thu May 25, 2023, 01:16 PM
May 2023

Graduating from Yale and (yes) Harvard Law isn't much harder (if at all) than any other reasonably regarded state university.

Hes an arrogant stupid ass who is good at school. bullimiami May 2023 #1
And often doing well in school in some areas has nothing to do with success in life. Lots RKP5637 May 2023 #2
I know this well...my first husband was a Harvard man and wasted his life but couldn't shut up about CTyankee May 2023 #9
Yep! I've run across guys like that from MIT, for example. Really great, but some could not see RKP5637 May 2023 #20
It's still very early. TwilightZone May 2023 #3
"...but there's a long campaign ahead..." Wednesdays May 2023 #18
And imagine *"if"* as president he made the US like the disgusting mess Florida has RKP5637 May 2023 #22
Unfortunately PatSeg May 2023 #26
To paraphrase George Orwell, DeSantis isn't even an empty suit... First Speaker May 2023 #4
And then he went on Fux and lied about the numbers malaise May 2023 #5
Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 May 2023 #23
I am in no way defending the man, but he was a congressman as well as the governor of a major state. GhostHunter22 May 2023 #6
I guess you are right but I thought his handlers would have at least put on a "good show." CTyankee May 2023 #10
His handlers are atrocious. GhostHunter22 May 2023 #56
DeSantis is stupid about public relations. I'm pretty sure he is smarter than Trump, however... Silent3 May 2023 #7
Тяцмp primarily represents a corruption of the ... Whiskeytide May 2023 #37
He's definetly ignorant. But beyond a certain calculating ruthlessness... Silent3 May 2023 #48
That's a good characterization. He has almost no ... Whiskeytide May 2023 #49
Testing well in school MOMFUDSKI May 2023 #8
Don't jump to conclusions from one bad event FBaggins May 2023 #11
Yeah, I know. But we knew Biden at the federal level was a smart team with Obama. CTyankee May 2023 #14
Anyone with any sense knows Elon Musk is high on his own supply. LuvLoogie May 2023 #28
I'm afraid that your memory is faulty FBaggins May 2023 #50
Well, Obama DID choose him as running mate, yes? I don't second guess that decision. CTyankee May 2023 #55
Agreed. Now I'm beginning to think indicting trump should wait till he takes out Desantis Hassin Bin Sober May 2023 #17
I agree that we shouldn't underestimate him. In It to Win It May 2023 #19
I agree that we should not underestimate him. Caliman73 May 2023 #30
Never thought he would play well outside of Florida. Sneederbunk May 2023 #12
I thought he would ride the pandemic popularity and go on cruise control In It to Win It May 2023 #13
Yep. You said it better than I did. Thanks! CTyankee May 2023 #16
+1, I don't see how he becomes president with the 6 week ban. That's litterally all his GE op has to uponit7771 May 2023 #33
The Florida Legislature is nuts. They are batshit crazy. Mariana May 2023 #51
It's popular among those that actually pay attention In It to Win It May 2023 #52
It's popular among those who vote, by a wide margin. Mariana May 2023 #54
DeSantis ain't over yet. Earth-shine May 2023 #15
I'm wondering if Eloon intentionally sabotaged him. zuul May 2023 #21
Eloon sabotaged Twitter. CaptainTruth May 2023 #25
... Faux pas May 2023 #24
He is more intelligent that Trump academically, to be sure. Caliman73 May 2023 #27
+1, "[Trump}...have ability to inspire, at least idiots." That takes at least the mimimum amount of uponit7771 May 2023 #35
It is easy to scam people. That is why there are laws to help protect them. LiberalFighter May 2023 #40
Never underestimate the enemy The Mouth May 2023 #29
Agreed, not to underestimate... Caliman73 May 2023 #34
America places way too much value on an Ivy League education Bok_Tukalo May 2023 #31
I don't think it is "America". Caliman73 May 2023 #36
64 plus 46???? LiberalFighter May 2023 #39
Why I am in social work, not math or business. Caliman73 May 2023 #44
Especially when they don't make it easy. LiberalFighter May 2023 #46
Getting "IN" to Yale and Harvard Law is hard (very hard) toxicopoulus2 May 2023 #32
Hmm. Maybe Yale and Harvard don't deserve such a top recognition? LiberalFighter May 2023 #38
Esp. the older generation who never had to compete to get in from women or minorities. And a CTyankee May 2023 #47
Per my grandmother, lots of book learning and no common sense. LoisB May 2023 #41
Everyone was scared of him wryter2000 May 2023 #42
He has zero political skills, is just the tool of the billionaires. lark May 2023 #43
He's the typical authoritarian. Good against powerless people. AZLD4Candidate May 2023 #45
didn't you learn from Dubya? Skittles May 2023 #53
IDK, I watched some of his talk to the Home Schoolers group. SYFROYH May 2023 #57
Hmm, I didn't know that. Makes me wonder, tho. How can he be so "clever" as you point out and CTyankee May 2023 #58
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