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Martin Eden

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37. What concessions did the R's make in terms of policy agenda?
Mon May 29, 2023, 10:06 AM
May 2023

Concessions do not consist of having only some of your demands met in a manufactured crisis.

A concession in a "deal" outside normal annual budgetary negotiations means giving up something you already have in previously legislated policy.

The federal budget and deficit have two sides of the ledger: taxes and spending.

President Biden gave concessions with spending cuts and/or caps to existing programs Democrats fought for and enacted into law.

What did McCarthy give up in terms of rescinding at least a portion of the huge tax cuts for millionaires and wealthy corporations which drove the record highest deficit during a one term presidency, as they unquestionably raised the debt ceiling three times?

As I stated earier, this was not the normal legislative budgetary process. The Republican House majority was essentially holding hostage the full faith and credit of the United States -- along with the American and world economies -- to extract concessions outside the normal budgetary process.

All of which is not to criticise President Biden. He very likely averted a catastrophe which the nihilists in the "freedom caucus" were perfectly willing if not eager to inflict on the American people and the world. I have little doubt that our president through his wisdom and skill and long experience produced the best possible outcome.

What I am trying to do here is provide some necessary perspective.

This is a victory only to the extent that a terrible catastrophe was averted and that, hopefully, public perception accrues more to Democrats in the 2024 election.

But McCarthy and his gang extracted concessions without making any concessions of their own. Reducing the extent of their unreasonable demands is not a concession. Paying our nation's bills (which they have yet to do) is not a concession.

Negotiating with hostage takers and giving in to ANY of their demands is not a good thing.

Though, perhaps, necessary.

And that is a sad testament to the state of our nation.

"the defanging of the Freedom Caucus" is what McCarthy got bucolic_frolic May 2023 #1
in my mind mcarthy was trumps speaker . and trump calling the shots . AllaN01Bear May 2023 #10
interesting angle, so Trump thinks he now has something to run against - The Deal bucolic_frolic May 2023 #15
New, New Deal! True Blue American May 2023 #20
Trump lost this one, True Blue American May 2023 #86
As usual, being underestimated is Joe Biden's super power Walleye May 2023 #2
+ 1 nt pazzyanne May 2023 #26
Spot on! peggysue2 May 2023 #53
I don't know why the author of this was so stunned., Biden is the only one with the gravitas Srkdqltr May 2023 #3
He's an absolute pushover... 2naSalit May 2023 #4
I think he should be kept as a pet. Srkdqltr May 2023 #6
I think he already is... 2naSalit May 2023 #8
Great post! sheshe2 May 2023 #77
Totally agree! yardwork May 2023 #12
Biden accomplished miracles over the years True Blue American May 2023 #22
Joe is the epitome of "cool," and I mean that in every way. CTyankee May 2023 #75
If we can't get Hakeem Jeffries, we should work to keep McCarthy in. AllyCat May 2023 #56
I prefer sensible!:) True Blue American May 2023 #87
Kevin McCarthy had a complicated choice Mopar151 May 2023 #5
Yes, the OP made a great point DemBlue76 May 2023 #7
Democrats will back Kevin. True Blue American May 2023 #23
No InstantGratification May 2023 #33
Yes, all of this Unwind Your Mind May 2023 #55
This is genius. AllyCat May 2023 #59
Just to add some numbers to my post above InstantGratification May 2023 #63
I disagree a little. True Blue American May 2023 #85
Does not matter True Blue American May 2023 #84
I approve this message. multigraincracker May 2023 #9
...and high schools. roamer65 May 2023 #16
Has anyone named a high school after Trump? tclambert May 2023 #80
The GOP may have wanted to "own Sleepy Joe", but.... JohnnyRingo May 2023 #11
Now Dark Brandon Should End Debt Ceilings TaraG May 2023 #13
There's no incentive for a single Republican to vote away the debt ceiling. yardwork May 2023 #25
McCarthy also got a cut in the IRS budget, which also points to donors driving his side muriel_volestrangler May 2023 #14
The cut was over a 10 year period. True Blue American May 2023 #24
Over 2 years, according to the White House muriel_volestrangler May 2023 #30
Distract, retreat, regroup Mopar151 May 2023 #29
Yes, no shining light into their corners. Damn. JudyM May 2023 #69
Well said PatSeg May 2023 #17
The cherry on top is how if there are any..... jaxexpat May 2023 #18
I agree with most of what you say. We did not have the votes to end the debt ceiling with Demsrule86 May 2023 #19
Yes to all of this flamingdem May 2023 #79
Thank you! Demsrule86 May 2023 #91
Sure glad he's on OUR side. calimary May 2023 #21
I remember Chis Hayes and one of his guests laughing at the idea that Biden would be the Demsrule86 May 2023 #27
Such a great timeslot WASTED on the likes of that pathetic little pipsqueak. calimary May 2023 #44
I rarely watch. He is OK but doesn't have Demsrule86 May 2023 #90
Yeah, Lawrence O'Donnell has tons of credibility and years of perspective. calimary May 2023 #95
I agree. I used to watch Chris Mattews for the same reason. He may have been an ass but Demsrule86 May 2023 #96
And don't ever sit too close to him, or immediately across the table from him. calimary May 2023 #99
Hayes thought Russian asset Tara Reade's bullshit was a real story! What judgement. betsuni May 2023 #83
I love that video. And Hayes believed the Tara bs Demsrule86 May 2023 #89
I just saw that Reade moved to Russia! Ha! Wonder if Hayes will apologize for pushing betsuni May 2023 #92
Is she living in the new neighborhood for MAGA types? Demsrule86 May 2023 #93
Oh right, forgot about that! She can be the first one and do open houses with nice zakuski spreads betsuni May 2023 #94
Haha...I am sure she would enjoy that...I seriously never understood why people believed her. Demsrule86 May 2023 #97
I'm not so certain that GOP will take back the senate and keep the house vlyons May 2023 #28
I don't think they will Phoenix61 May 2023 #34
GOP is more concerned about men wearing dresses, who use a stall in the ladies' restroom, and vlyons May 2023 #35
It's not just women who are pissed about abortion rights TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #38
This should be an OP... Beartracks May 2023 #70
The problem is will longterm Senators or new nominees be targets of women? I hope so. Demsrule86 May 2023 #98
Joe Biden did great IbogaProject May 2023 #31
With Joe's history as a Congressional insider, patphil May 2023 #32
This. Turns out all that experience really pays dividends. calimary May 2023 #45
"...experience really pays dividends." Attilatheblond May 2023 #73
Yep. They all have a world-class guide, teacher, and role model! calimary May 2023 #88
Could Congress really have scrapped the debt ceiling yorkster May 2023 #36
My understanding is that they did not have the votes to do it then Unwind Your Mind May 2023 #57
Right you are, no doubt.....n/t yorkster May 2023 #61
What concessions did the R's make in terms of policy agenda? Martin Eden May 2023 #37
Yes, and that will largely go unmentioned. FoxNewsSucks May 2023 #41
Fox News sucks, but so does the mainstream media for normalizing hostage taking Martin Eden May 2023 #54
Yes, that's definitely one problem FoxNewsSucks May 2023 #64
"What concessions did the R's make in terms of policy agenda?" BumRushDaShow May 2023 #68
What a great article to wake up to. I'm still reading it at the Daily Kos link, & am much cheered! Hekate May 2023 #39
All along, Wall Street has been kind of ....meh. paleotn May 2023 #40
I keep telling people ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #81
"the entire Democratic leadership screwed up BumRushDaShow May 2023 #42
The market will continue to be volatile in the short term Major Nikon May 2023 #46
The "market" has been "volatile" BumRushDaShow May 2023 #50
As we've seen, experience matters, especially when it comes to the presidency dlk May 2023 #43
Little kevviee needed the dem votes for it to pass...he wants to keep the speakership, so he PortTack May 2023 #47
Shouldn't be the way this works, but given that it does, Joe did great. Also, I'm thinking that wiggs May 2023 #48
"GOP oligarch puppet masters" grantcart May 2023 #49
It ain't passed and signed yet. Let's not spike the ball on the one yard line. nt gulliver May 2023 #51
The comments at dKos are interesting. Another diarist AllyCat May 2023 #52
Believe you are correct in what you have posted. republianmushroom May 2023 #58
How the deal got made also suggests that there is a conflict between the groups funding... keep_left May 2023 #60
I think there were enough Rs not willing to go over the cliff. gibraltar72 May 2023 #62
Which I agree with bhikkhu May 2023 #78
Remind me wryter2000 May 2023 #65
Question for the attorneys wryter2000 May 2023 #66
You need standing in a legal action actually taken ExWhoDoesntCare May 2023 #82
I like the author's analysis.. TY! Cha May 2023 #67
I was watching a YouTube video about the cruise ship that was in the storm in SC kimbutgar May 2023 #71
ty for post as i don't personally visit D Kos anymore Tetrachloride May 2023 #72
I've never doubted Biden flamingdem May 2023 #74
If we must be reduced to negotiating with the GQP ECONOMIC TERRORISTS, DemocraticPatriot May 2023 #76
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