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45. Let's see... God created man (not mankind) but not able to reproduce.
Sat Jun 3, 2023, 02:54 PM
Jun 2023

When God created the animals, he gave them the ability to reproduce.


God created Adam but Adam could not reproduce so he had to adapt, improvise, and overcome by later making Eve.

But why would Adam have to reproduce?

Adam was made in God's image and God has no mate.

Adam could live forever.



OK... Some tongue-in-cheek here.
The sexton must be off today. marble falls Jun 2023 #1
Takes me a while to get it up on my cell phone. applegrove Jun 2023 #2
The United Church of Christ is a very progressive denomination. ShazzieB Jun 2023 #23
I was making a joke, when he first posted it, the sign wasn't posted. My wife and I just quit the .. marble falls Jun 2023 #29
The Methodist church in our tiny town changed their name, rather than give up their .... 70sEraVet Jun 2023 #34
It's absolutely heart breaking. marble falls Jun 2023 #35
The subject of leaving has not come up in our UMC church hoosierspud Jun 2023 #37
Not in my congregation either. First United Methodist in yellowdogintexas Jun 2023 #42
ha ha. great BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 2023 #3
Has Ayatollah DeSantis declared a fatwa against them yet? House of Roberts Jun 2023 #4
Ayatollah DeSantis! Good one, House of Roberts! calimary Jun 2023 #52
+1! Aristus Jun 2023 #5
Here's the pic BumRushDaShow Jun 2023 #6
Thank you. I could not wrangle it on my cell phone. applegrove Jun 2023 #13
You're welcome BumRushDaShow Jun 2023 #30
Yay! Love it. nt crickets Jun 2023 #27
There is a Unitarian Universalist Church not far from where I used to live BumRushDaShow Jun 2023 #31
Where is Clackamas? wnylib Jun 2023 #7
There's a Clackamas county in Oregon n/t TexasBushwhacker Jun 2023 #9
When I went to college in Salem('68), we had a group that we called the Clackamas CountyYouth High panader0 Jun 2023 #26
It is a county near Portland, OR. mommymarine2003 Jun 2023 #12
Thanks. Those of us who live far from there wnylib Jun 2023 #14
I thought Portland was in three counties (and that Clackamas was one of them.) soldierant Jun 2023 #49
A brief google search GenThePerservering Jun 2023 #25
Oregon, next to Portland. lildDemz Jun 2023 #36
So it's not Merry Clackamas any more? GreenWave Jun 2023 #38
In Oregon dai13sy Jun 2023 #40
ahh, the sound of bigot heads exploding! niyad Jun 2023 #8
Wait til they find out Jesus wasn't white BOSSHOG Jun 2023 #15
Shhhhh. We are not supposed to notice. niyad Jun 2023 #19
They, along with many others, still can't wrap their minds around he was a Jew... Behind the Aegis Jun 2023 #32
In Clackamas County in Oregon. Fla Dem Jun 2023 #10
thanks for that link nt orleans Jun 2023 #24
Ditto and likewise... phrigndumass Jun 2023 #41
We're there now! calimary Jun 2023 #50
Nothing about the vessel? Mary what's her name? erronis Jun 2023 #11
Oh come on. Mary must have been so proud to have a son who hit such mastery of humanity applegrove Jun 2023 #16
Of course! But it's Father's Day coming up now that we're in June. calimary Jun 2023 #51
For the Bible folks::: Eve was the first transgender - by creation. keithbvadu2 Jun 2023 #17
And Adam was created as both male and female LastDemocratInSC Jun 2023 #22
"And Adam was created as both male and female" keithbvadu2 Jun 2023 #28
Those "originalists" sure do know how to twist their illogic around the axle. erronis Jun 2023 #39
Let's see... God created man (not mankind) but not able to reproduce. keithbvadu2 Jun 2023 #45
Thanks for the tung-n-chique! I thought god could do any f'in thing he wanted. erronis Jun 2023 #47
Some scientific shit? keithbvadu2 Jun 2023 #55
I would expect nothing else from them Warpy Jun 2023 #18
Decades ago I was on a car trip with an eldery minister nuxvomica Jun 2023 #33
Remember there are two different Church of Christ in the US yellowdogintexas Jun 2023 #43
It's the main one I suggest for liberal believers disgusted with fundagelical religion Warpy Jun 2023 #46
I am not a fan of organized religion but UCC isn't too bad. OMGWTF Jun 2023 #20
Love it! I was member of UCC as a kid. honest.abe Jun 2023 #21
If my church suddenly vanished, I would head over to yellowdogintexas Jun 2023 #44
K&R Blue Owl Jun 2023 #48
That gave me a joyous burst of laughter, thanks. nt ShazamIam Jun 2023 #53
Yep. Jesus had two Dads and he turned out OK. Evolve Dammit Jun 2023 #54
LMAO!!! Outstanding! DemocraticPatriot Jun 2023 #56
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