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32. He views EVERYTHING only in terms of how it can benefit or harm HIM.
Sun Jun 4, 2023, 06:06 PM
Jun 2023

He cares not one whit for the greater ramifications.

What do you expect? bucolic_frolic Jun 2023 #1
Heehee. A true stereotype of used car salesmen...not to be trusted. brush Jun 2023 #9
And any 1 bulb in that string MyOwnPeace Jun 2023 #21
and he would have sucked at that too Skittles Jun 2023 #46
No discussion if the cavalier attitude was to cover up for Putin? Tetrachloride Jun 2023 #2
Hmm...interesting viewpoint..... anciano Jun 2023 #6
Exactly. i like your question Tetrachloride Jun 2023 #7
Once a rethug, MOMFUDSKI Jun 2023 #11
Because the idiot is the likely front runner for the repug nomination... brush Jun 2023 #15
Thanks for the recap of those awful few days. "What might have been..." FailureToCommunicate Jun 2023 #18
Pence is going to announce his candidacy for presidunce this week. mercuryblues Jun 2023 #19
I can see it now: Pence loses the Presidency to a freshly-painted wall. Aristus Jun 2023 #23
Good answer... anciano Jun 2023 #44
She has been on MSNBC many times. LiberalFighter Jun 2023 #20
Olivia Troye has been speaking about her experiences vanlassie Jun 2023 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Pathwalker Jun 2023 #33
Olivia Troye has been on MSNBC for awhile, saying pretty much the same thing - Pathwalker Jun 2023 #34
Perhaps it's Pence's way of getting criticisms of 45 out there. n/t NH Ethylene Jun 2023 #40
If a national security advisor felt this way at the time, crickets Jun 2023 #10
She quit in summer of 2020 and spoke out against Trump and opposed his re-election back then wishstar Jun 2023 #35
I had forgotten all about that. Thanks for reminding me. nt crickets Jun 2023 #47
Yes. He's a fricking idiot. We all know that. Firestorm49 Jun 2023 #3
That's an insult to idiots. He's actually a moron: AZ8theist Jun 2023 #24
And WHO was he showing documents to? vlyons Jun 2023 #4
Who is the ONE person he sucks up to? Kid Berwyn Jun 2023 #8
One picture tells a thousand betrayals. calimary Jun 2023 #12
This picture has always haunted me. He looks like a fucking clown. japple Jun 2023 #14
That's because he IS A FUCKING CLOWN!! AZ8theist Jun 2023 #22
Ignorance of the law is no excuse, said the cop usonian Jun 2023 #5
One you've finished with "ME ME ME! MNE MINE MINE MINE!" Warpy Jun 2023 #13
Trump cards: 1) presidency 2) insanity live love laugh Jun 2023 #16
Even a child knows the difference between right and wrong.. Deuxcents Jun 2023 #17
of course he couldn't understand, he's an IDIOT Takket Jun 2023 #25
He understood it all.. he just took any angle to make a buck off anything nini Jun 2023 #26
This smells like spaghetti on the wall. EndlessWire Jun 2023 #27
That was then... this is now...he's worse... MiHale Jun 2023 #28
Did anyone around him challenge him about these life and death matters? Boomerproud Jun 2023 #30
Unstable Subgenius Blue Owl Jun 2023 #31
He views EVERYTHING only in terms of how it can benefit or harm HIM. tanyev Jun 2023 #32
I always thought the Slobfather was a stupid dunce who thinks he knows everything malaise Jun 2023 #36
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 2023 #37
Is this the excuse that is going to be use for not indicting , arresting and prosecuting republianmushroom Jun 2023 #38
Yep nt XanaDUer2 Jun 2023 #39
No. He probably had no thought or care for ramifications of stealing and selling secrets. NH Ethylene Jun 2023 #41
he might be senile now but let's not forget he's also a fucking moron orleans Jun 2023 #42
The only threat that Dotard understands is a threat to himself. keithbvadu2 Jun 2023 #43
NYT article on Biden has a great segment on TFG and his inability to understand concepts LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #45
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