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Jesus, he can't even whine with originality . . . . hatrack Jun 2023 #1
Yeah, but Malaria did get into magazines Farmer-Rick Jun 2023 #18
Gardening with immaculate new tennis shoes was another . . hatrack Jun 2023 #20
I remember I laughed out loud LittleGirl Jun 2023 #32
TFG was touting her as a "super model" who was in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, so I allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #43
I'm wondering if this complaint was initiated by his wife Walleye Jun 2023 #2
I'm sure it is. Cha Jun 2023 #40
Yeah. Wearing HIS white boots. /nt bucolic_frolic Jun 2023 #3
He Can Only Wear The Boots.. GB_RN Jun 2023 #30
Yeah, because Dr Biden has been plastered all over and so was Michele Obama and Hillary Clinton. marble falls Jun 2023 #4
He thinks she should model her new jacket.... madaboutharry Jun 2023 #5
Whine on, snowflake HAB911 Jun 2023 #6
He should tell her to consult with an expert on getting photoshoots into magazines: Milania Trump. marble falls Jun 2023 #7
Fascionistas Bizarre? tanyev Jun 2023 #8
I see what you did there, tanyev. thatcrowwoman Jun 2023 #12
Perfect! MLAA Jun 2023 #22
Mrs. DeSantis is trying too hard to be Jackie Kennedy. Lonestarblue Jun 2023 #9
He is a pathetic man. This is what he worries about? AllyCat Jun 2023 #10
If coverage of Casey DeSantis sold magazines badhair77 Jun 2023 #11
Is there a Stepford Spouse Journal? kairos12 Jun 2023 #13
These are such excellent points that they Habibi Jun 2023 #14
I hope she runs off with another woman. twodogsbarking Jun 2023 #15
without pictures... druidity33 Jun 2023 #16
Here's one she done in 2015 KS Toronado Jun 2023 #35
Tractor Supply or Farm n Fleet haven't called yet? NoMoreRepugs Jun 2023 #17
Entitlement Freethinker65 Jun 2023 #19
The cover is to boost magazine sales, not discourage them. eShirl Jun 2023 #21
Another log to throw onto the Poutrage-of-the-Day conflagration. NBachers Jun 2023 #23
He'll need to do a Cruz during the Republican "debates" over who is... NNadir Jun 2023 #24
When you have ugliness inside your heart, it shows outside. She seems meaner than tiny'd'. nt Hotler Jun 2023 #25
Maybe he should sic the florida legislature on the magazines. Tax them in to submission! Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2023 #26
You are NOT a "conservative", deathsentence. You are a FUCKING FASCIST. niyad Jun 2023 #27
Conservative like burka Historic NY Jun 2023 #28
So much grievance, so much victimhood. CaptainTruth Jun 2023 #29
Drag queens should use the stage name Rhonda Santis IronLionZion Jun 2023 #31
Perfect ensemble for your hurricane disaster occasion. nt allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #46
Narcissists both. Joinfortmill Jun 2023 #33
Here's the angle for a magazine cover NJCher Jun 2023 #34
Here are some sample magazine covers for DeathSantis and his disney bride LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #36
Excellent tweets.. TY. Thisi s the best Cha Jun 2023 #39
Whine Away Mussolini Wannabe. Cha Jun 2023 #37
perhaps national inquirer dembotoz Jun 2023 #38
"Delusional Fascista Weekly" lpbk2713 Jun 2023 #41
Timey Wimey DeSatan Habitation Jun 2023 #42
She seems more suited to the 1990s magazines w/ her hair style and makeup. nt allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #44
He's literally a hair away from saying "please clap" at this point. Initech Jun 2023 #45
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