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33. Link says
Wed Jun 7, 2023, 05:15 PM
Jun 2023

they are not accepting any more orders

From the link: “Test ordering through this program has been suspended effective May 31, 2023.”

Thank you rogerballard Aug 2022 #1
Thanx for posting this. marybourg Aug 2022 #2
hubbys a hosp commish so he carries around cases of these things to give to agencies and samnsara Aug 2022 #3
I am pretty sure it's 8 per month RAB910 Aug 2022 #4
Not through the post office. Ms. Toad Aug 2022 #13
That's weird! bif Aug 2022 #5
Same. MrsCoffee Aug 2022 #7
Same here. Pacifist Patriot Aug 2022 #9
Done! peggysue2 Aug 2022 #6
Check the new expiration dates here: piddyprints Aug 2022 #15
Thanks for that! peggysue2 Aug 2022 #24
Check the expiration date information online Staph Aug 2022 #16
Thanks for the info peggysue2 Aug 2022 #25
thanks for posting! WA-03 Democrat Aug 2022 #8
Supposedly, we can order our 3rd set via usps.com. piddyprints Aug 2022 #10
These tests are nice to have available LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2022 #11
This is not a new announcement. Ms. Toad Aug 2022 #12
It just worked for me. Maybe the USPS doesn't like you? JanMichael Aug 2022 #28
The last release of tests was mid-May. Ms. Toad Aug 2022 #32
I get 8 a month free at Rite Aid bif Aug 2022 #14
Thx..bookmarking! PortTack Aug 2022 #17
i placed an order Trueblue1968 Aug 2022 #18
These tests have quick expiration dates so you may not want spooky3 Aug 2022 #19
Just placed my order. Thanks underpants Aug 2022 #20
Thanks SharonClark Aug 2022 #21
Thank you so much GrapesOfWrath Aug 2022 #22
I requested ours snowybirdie Aug 2022 #23
Done! Thank you. Also looking into getting a 5th shot. JanMichael Aug 2022 #26
Thanks for the info and the link! KewlKat Aug 2022 #27
Thanks, texting this to family and friends. Emile Aug 2022 #29
Thanks just ordered! Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #30
Oooh thanks! I need some! liberalla Aug 2022 #31
Link says claudette Jun 2023 #33
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