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It's not just unfairness. It undermines the seriousness of what he is charged with. meadowlander Jun 2023 #1
Exactly! paleotn Jun 2023 #7
agree debm55 Jun 2023 #24
Kickin' Faux pas Jun 2023 #2
Kalief Browder, never even charged...three years in Rikers Bettie Jun 2023 #3
Sadly we have people here still pretending like the Justice system isn't two tiered Marius25 Jun 2023 #5
It's been multi tiered since the founding of the Republic. paleotn Jun 2023 #9
Well put. KentuckyWoman Jun 2023 #13
Bingo! LittleGirl Jun 2023 #41
Name them ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #28
Past time to shut down Rikers lonely bird Jun 2023 #22
Truth GoodRaisin Jun 2023 #4
Yes, especially now with the privatization of the penal system Cheezoholic Jun 2023 #8
That's also why rehabilitation is Bettie Jun 2023 #26
It is not about skin color treestar Jun 2023 #6
do you think obama would have gotten all the special trump has gotten? nt orleans Jun 2023 #14
No, but then that's two presidents treestar Jun 2023 #34
Good one Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2023 #10
I've been saying all along that he would not be treated like any other person charged with the same lees1975 Jun 2023 #11
Amen, they should have arrested him last Friday Emile Jun 2023 #12
It's not just dark, poor or minority. He is being treated different than virtually anyone. bullimiami Jun 2023 #15
+1 treestar Jun 2023 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author ShazzieB Sep 2023 #44
I hope and pray JanLip Jun 2023 #16
People are not stage left Jun 2023 #17
Exactly! BigOleDummy Jun 2023 #18
Well, then I'm a Debbie Downer. I agree with everything you posted. Isn't he attending a party debm55 Jun 2023 #27
Very well expressed and so very true. Septua Jun 2023 #19
Absolutely Brian! SouthernDem4ever Jun 2023 #20
Nailed it. republianmushroom Jun 2023 #21
Even the cult leader in Kenya is being detained until the investigation is over; hope Backseat Driver Jun 2023 #30
Absolutely 100% correct Orrex Jun 2023 #23
K n R ! Thanks for posting!... JoeOtterbein Jun 2023 #25
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jun 2023 #29
Original link Pluvious Jun 2023 #31
K&R Solly Mack Jun 2023 #32
K&R, uponit7771 Jun 2023 #33
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Jun 2023 #36
K and fucking R Blue Owl Jun 2023 #37
Stroke out already, you F'n, murdering, orange, RAPIST, TRAITOR**. niyad Jun 2023 #38
yes! llashram Jun 2023 #39
It's completely insane that right wing media is giving him a "get out of jail free" card. Initech Jun 2023 #42
Flattering Drawing of Trump during trial. Pokeemahn Jun 2023 #43
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