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Martin Eden

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13. I was in high school when Nixon resigned
Wed Jun 14, 2023, 06:25 PM
Jun 2023

The phrase I remember was Dick Nixon before he dicks you.

Without a doubt I felt satisfaction when Tricky Dick resigned, but I understand why your father found it depressing that a president of the United States would engage in such deceitful illegal condut. Shouldn't integrity and honor be an absolute requirement for the highest office in our land?

Which brings us to the case of Donald Trump. That such an egregiously unfit creature could be elected president in the first place is depressing, appalling, and alarming.

His crimes and brazen hubris are unsurprising, but as much as I have long despised the Republican Party it breaks my heart that it and roughly 40% of my fellow citizens have morphed into a cult worshipping at the feet of a malignant narcissist whose incessant lies are obvious to any person capable of critical thought.

Our Constitutional democracy is in an existential crisis, with no end in sight.

The Deviant [View all] H2O Man Jun 2023 OP
Trump's mishmash of defense attorneys are no match livetohike Jun 2023 #1
From what I have seen, H2O Man Jun 2023 #5
I fear jury nullification more than I fear the judge. 3Hotdogs Jun 2023 #2
Thanks! H2O Man Jun 2023 #6
If there is a hung jury, I want to see DOJ retry the case. wnylib Jun 2023 #16
Definitely! H2O Man Jun 2023 #18
I would LOVE to see Trump on the witness stand. wnylib Jun 2023 #21
Yes. H2O Man Jun 2023 #23
Very impressed with Jack Smith Saoirse9 Jun 2023 #3
I've been thinking H2O Man Jun 2023 #8
Well that makes sense Saoirse9 Jun 2023 #12
You may recall H2O Man Jun 2023 #14
My personal opinion is he's not really paranoid Saoirse9 Jun 2023 #28
I think that H2O Man Jun 2023 #30
This hot mess of a man Saoirse9 Jun 2023 #31
The bottom line is, Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #4
I agree 100% H2O Man Jun 2023 #9
Down he goes malaise Jun 2023 #7
It is surely H2O Man Jun 2023 #10
Same here bro malaise Jun 2023 #11
For a long time, H2O Man Jun 2023 #15
One thing that concerns me is what will happen wnylib Jun 2023 #20
True. H2O Man Jun 2023 #24
+1 twogunsid Jun 2023 #29
I was in high school when Nixon resigned Martin Eden Jun 2023 #13
Right. H2O Man Jun 2023 #17
Thank you. About a week and a half ago I realized that something in the zeitgeist reminded me... Hekate Jun 2023 #19
Nixon could have H2O Man Jun 2023 #25
I'm taking an even longer view. yardwork Jun 2023 #22
Interesting! H2O Man Jun 2023 #26
Yes! yardwork Jun 2023 #27
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