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Martin Eden

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15. R's want to finance tax cuts for thr rich by stealing our retirement funds
Thu Jun 15, 2023, 11:51 AM
Jun 2023

Their formula is fairly simple:

Tax cuts for the rich drive up huge budget deficits.

Then they scream we have to cut spending so much on "entitlements" the nation can no longer afford.

It's should be obvious to anyone capable of critical thought this is a brazen scheme to transfer wealth from working Americans into the pockets of millionaires & billionaires who finance the political careers of these Rethuglicans.

It very well IS AND ENTITLEMENT,, because we did work for it, we are entitled to it. HUAJIAO Jun 2023 #1
Exactly. I've never understood the opposition to the term "Entitlement." But Silent Type Jun 2023 #2
We need to stop voting for people who refuse to end the cap. Why are these fucking people held up onecaliberal Jun 2023 #4
We are the job creators Bettie Jun 2023 #6
Yep! People create jobs hoping to make a profit selling stuff William Seger Jun 2023 #14
The demand creates jobs, not the biz owners orthoclad Jun 2023 #77
And there you go, as R. Reagan would say, defining the essential mission of the GOP. jaxexpat Jun 2023 #74
We need to, but I don't see it happening. That's the reality. Silent Type Jun 2023 #9
"We" don't vote for these people. But the magats in a separate reality only hear each other and vote housecat Jun 2023 #58
The cap has been protected by all parties up to now. onecaliberal Jun 2023 #63
Because the racists have used it with derogatory connotations. (sp) we can do it Jun 2023 #5
That is true, it has become a derogatory term. But, it is an Entitlement. Silent Type Jun 2023 #10
No not an entitlement William Seger Jun 2023 #16
Which is exactly why it is an entitlement. Entitled means it is owned to you. we can do it Jun 2023 #18
(Misplaced reply below) William Seger Jun 2023 #33
Using the term loosely hides the distinction William Seger Jun 2023 #30
Not true. A grant is not an entitlement. we can do it Jun 2023 #36
The wage cap can be removed if we get enough people in office. we can do it Jun 2023 #34
It's only fair to raise the wage cap. There are more millionaires/billionaires than ever. Plus, most allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #40
It might be fair, but it won't happen unless a lot more Democrats are elected. Silent Type Jun 2023 #44
It will never be fair, Because DENVERPOPS Jun 2023 #67
Agree, but that will take electing even more Democrats. Silent Type Jun 2023 #68
Regretfully DENVERPOPS Jun 2023 #71
I agree! Rebl2 Jun 2023 #45
It's because the right has demonized the word "entitlement," just as it did the word "liberal" wackadoo wabbit Jun 2023 #57
I think some Rebl2 Jun 2023 #20
right,, repubs have twisted the meaning of the word, the media runs with that meaning HUAJIAO Jun 2023 #22
You are absolutely correct johnnyfins Jun 2023 #47
Big thumbs up! dchill Jun 2023 #52
This. When I do a job for someone, I am entitled to payment. Ferrets are Cool Jun 2023 #78
Frankly, the only real entitlements are the ones the Repugs like to grant themselves -- KPN Jun 2023 #3
SS is running a 77B surplus this year. bullimiami Jun 2023 #7
Cash flow possibly but not an actuarial surplus grantcart Jun 2023 #27
And THEIR retirement Traildogbob Jun 2023 #8
Republicans have always been against Social Security because it is for workers and not Lonestarblue Jun 2023 #11
And it's insurance, not a retirement account William Seger Jun 2023 #12
Remember Al Gore's "lockbox"? WinstonSmith4740 Jun 2023 #13
R's want to finance tax cuts for thr rich by stealing our retirement funds Martin Eden Jun 2023 #15
They've been doing it for a very long time. They've succeeded in a very big way. onecaliberal Jun 2023 #48
Why can't Dems effectively nail the Rethugs on this? Martin Eden Jun 2023 #51
Earned Benefit Wild blueberry Jun 2023 #17
And it kicks ass on your stocks, etc. GreenWave Jun 2023 #19
Nobody stole money from Social Security ... aggiesal Jun 2023 #21
Didn't Reagan rob it too? Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2023 #23
Sort of Bucky Jun 2023 #37
Believe that was the fantasy of the Laffer Curve and supply side economics, that if the rich aren't allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #42
No one gets a job from a poor person... unless they work retail. Bucky Jun 2023 #43
Interesting -- thanks for that info. It's such a complex balancing act and that's before three years allegorical oracle Jun 2023 #56
The Gap NowISeetheLight Jun 2023 #79
REPUBLICANS think they're entitled to our money. live love laugh Jun 2023 #24
"Entitlement" is another word for racism. usonian Jun 2023 #25
"Entitlement" is pure Newspeak that RWNJs started to use and Democrats who Warpy Jun 2023 #26
You're right onecaliberal -- we worked for it - us and our employers paid for it. n/t iluvtennis Jun 2023 #28
There's another factor: Prospero1 Jun 2023 #29
It is an entitlement but half of the revenue is from employer contributions grantcart Jun 2023 #31
Which is fine. Bucky Jun 2023 #35
The OP stated "Social Security is OUR money. It exists because WORKERS PAY INTO IT." grantcart Jun 2023 #38
Not disagreeing Bucky Jun 2023 #39
Right, I appreciate it grantcart Jun 2023 #41
"Contributions" that come from compensation packages to employees. pnwmom Jun 2023 #62
No it is a federal mandated tax grantcart Jun 2023 #64
So? It is still counted in the amount that employers consider their total payment to an employee, pnwmom Jun 2023 #65
No its not. Its counted as an employer expense just like an electric bill or other business expense grantcart Jun 2023 #66
The weird thing is 'entitlement' means you deserve it ... Bucky Jun 2023 #32
The Repukes have turned the word "entitlement" into something dirty & nasty FakeNoose Jun 2023 #46
Yes, their spin is we are illegitimately "entitled" whathehell Jun 2023 #49
Fact Sheet: SOCIAL SECURITY Celerity Jun 2023 #50
K and fucking R Blue Owl Jun 2023 #53
I plan to sue the govt if my ss benefits are taken away onetexan Jun 2023 #54
Say it again and again and again. colorado_ufo Jun 2023 #55
"Entitlement" became a pejorative term ThoughtCriminal Jun 2023 #59
It IS an entitlement. Recipients are ENTITLED to it. pnwmom Jun 2023 #60
I enjoy Saturday Night Live. I still watch it from time to time. markodochartaigh Jun 2023 #61
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 2023 #69
Thank you wendyb-NC Jun 2023 #70
House GOP releases budget that would 'destroy Social Security as we know it' LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #72
So we are entitled to it? Xoan Jun 2023 #73
Republicans twisting words like entitlement and woke blows me away that people Emile Jun 2023 #75
It is an entitlement because we are entitled to it. Progressive dog Jun 2023 #76
It is in the old Republican DNA and now the MAGA Republican DNA - they want to take our Social Secur LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #80
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #81
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