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Martin Eden

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66. "Godly principles" and Donald Trump are 100% incompatible
Sun Jun 18, 2023, 07:08 AM
Jun 2023

Same goes for Constitutional rule of law and the highest ideals upon which our nation was founded.

George Washington set a vital precedent by rebuffing any suggestion he be made king and by conducting the first peaceful transfer of power.

Donald Trump is the first president in our nation's history to resist the peaceful transfer of power by conspiring to overturn the election and by fomenting a violent assault on our nation's capitol.

He seeks to place himself above the law and above our Constitution. His willful retention of highly classified national security documents belonging to our government and obstruction of attempts to retrieve them are further examples of his utter disregard for laws which protect our nation.

Others have been convicted and imprisoned for less egregious violations of the Espionage Act, a necessary means to keep highly sensitive intel out of the hands of foreign adversaries.

Those who support the former president in his attempt to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and the return of national security documents are at best misguided fools. Regardless of what they believe, they pose a very real threat to the Constitutional republic founded by true patriots.

Schilling proves himself to be an idiot. apcalc Jun 2023 #1
He has always been a dick chicoescuela Jun 2023 #23
Grab your gun Curt and take the lead you fascist asshole. Prove your fealty to the orange one. Hotler Jun 2023 #67
Yep republianmushroom Jun 2023 #25
he's an idiot but this is very dangerous talk LymphocyteLover Jun 2023 #53
Is Kurt going to be the hero and pull the trigger... Jack the Greater Jun 2023 #64
Right-wingers do more projecting than Bell & Howell. Ocelot II Jun 2023 #2
+1 Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2023 #20
hem. havent heard that company name in a while . AllaN01Bear Jun 2023 #39
LOL! Tess49 Jun 2023 #40
There have been way too many triggers pulled you ass. LakeArenal Jun 2023 #3
Ain't no drag queen, but he sure is a drag MagickMuffin Jun 2023 #11
Dog whistle to a lone wolf. Kid Berwyn Jun 2023 #4
Maybe we should call it a wolf whistle? nt Shermann Jun 2023 #5
Facts, logic and reality are all against you - might as well resort to violence gratuitous Jun 2023 #6
"the young men that signed the Constitution " GreatCaesarsGhost Jun 2023 #7
There's a reason why he isn't in the Hall of Fame... ms liberty Jun 2023 #8
Sounds like a threat to me Bayard Jun 2023 #9
+1. Or the FBI. (nt) Pinback Jun 2023 #38
How about both? Both is good. nt crickets Jun 2023 #56
+1000 Duppers Jun 2023 #44
Unconstitutional? NowISeetheLight Jun 2023 #10
"Unconstitutional" is their default position Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Mr.Bill Jun 2023 #17
Exactly. They never, ever point out what part of the Constitution is being violated. Mister Ed Jun 2023 #30
The Constitution allows us to change governments peacefully. With elections. bucolic_frolic Jun 2023 #12
Why wasn't he arrested? Varaddem Jun 2023 #13
Pure gibberish: "We're up against a side and a force that doesn't play by the rules ... Botany Jun 2023 #14
Boston Massacre was in 1770 ITAL Jun 2023 #27
Thanx .... I knew it was before the Battle of Concord but I didn't know it was 5 years before. Botany Jun 2023 #35
you know... The unconstitutional thing. edisdead Jun 2023 #65
You First, Curt! ProfessorGAC Jun 2023 #15
You nailed it......... Takket Jun 2023 #28
no on the peanut butter Grasswire2 Jun 2023 #18
Judging by all the report on what he eats Chili Pepper Jun 2023 #29
Godly principles? usonian Jun 2023 #19
Thank you. Reading this garbage made my blood boil. Boomerproud Jun 2023 #41
Peace! usonian Jun 2023 #45
Why do you think he would be turned away? ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #63
I imagine he's all in on the part about permanent torture ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #62
I'm ashamed to say that I rooted for this prick PCIntern Jun 2023 #21
I know what you mean - we had Barry Bonds playing in Pittsburgh in the 90's FakeNoose Jun 2023 #36
Hey, I rooted for Clayton Kershaw 'til a couple weeks ago. Iggo Jun 2023 #60
I guess star baseball players can also be stupid people when they're not playing baseball. GoodRaisin Jun 2023 #22
I wish he could be arrested for fomenting violence. He is calling for some willing MAGA idiot to Lonestarblue Jun 2023 #24
Does that not MOMFUDSKI Jun 2023 #26
Totally brainwashed. The radical right is totally brainwashed... CaptainTruth Jun 2023 #31
Is Curt Schilling a good example of a Major League Baseball Star? 3825-87867 Jun 2023 #32
"We're up against a side and a force that doesn't play by the rules, refuses to play by the rules... Septua Jun 2023 #33
"Pull a trigger?" There is no trigger and I don't see anyone who is capable Warpy Jun 2023 #34
he means people with guns-- rightwing terrorists, revolution LymphocyteLover Jun 2023 #52
Dylan pointed out the bravery of people like Schilling Joe Nation Jun 2023 #37
We are witnessing the lingo of the insurgents of 'rule of men" upon Rule of Law. ancianita Jun 2023 #42
What 1/6 proved The Jungle 1 Jun 2023 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author AllaN01Bear Jun 2023 #46
That's some serious word salad non sense projection bs. SammyWinstonJack Jun 2023 #47
K..so stop this indictment, the one coming in GA and the J6 indictment coming....sure PortTack Jun 2023 #48
nonsenseical. AllaN01Bear Jun 2023 #49
The rules are what got your dear leader where he's at and the constitution says we're a nation of Fullduplexxx Jun 2023 #50
These nuts are basically encouraging terrorism kevink077 Jun 2023 #51
Is this not illegal? FDRFTW Jun 2023 #54
First, f*ck this guy and his fake bloody sock TxGuitar Jun 2023 #55
Schitling, you Aviation Pro Jun 2023 #57
Fuck your STUPID SLEAZY MURDUROUS Cha Jun 2023 #58
Oh And, May KARMA Hit your BIG Cha Jun 2023 #59
The 1st Amendment says BS ExWhoDoesntCare Jun 2023 #61
"Godly principles" and Donald Trump are 100% incompatible Martin Eden Jun 2023 #66
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