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I really don't care. Biden will clobber any of them. LakeArenal Jun 2023 #1
Win or lose, Trump doesn't stop running Johonny Jun 2023 #2
Maybe Youngkin, although if he enters the race it won't be until early 2024. n/t femmedem Jun 2023 #3
Whoever it is, it'll be a racist, rapist, fascist thug. clementine613 Jun 2023 #4
Racist and fascist sure, but not so positive about rapist Polybius Jun 2023 #6
Post removed Post removed Jun 2023 #13
You know that's not true Polybius Jun 2023 #14
You're entitled to your opinion. clementine613 Jun 2023 #15
It's not an opinion Polybius Jun 2023 #16
And you're entitled to that belief. clementine613 Jun 2023 #17
They do enough other bad things to criticize them for Polybius Jun 2023 #18
Again, you're entitled to defend Rethugs and to have your beliefs. clementine613 Jun 2023 #19
It's not an opinion Polybius Jun 2023 #20
I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree then. clementine613 Jun 2023 #21
You're mind is already changed Polybius Jun 2023 #22
You're entitled to that belief too. clementine613 Jun 2023 #24
That fact n/t Polybius Jun 2023 #26
Christie is even more hated by Republicans than Bush is now Polybius Jun 2023 #5
Trump D_Master81 Jun 2023 #7
Romney-Haley. They will lose. Bigley. marble falls Jun 2023 #8
Romney? jcgoldie Jun 2023 #9
All depends which they you talk to. The they that will vote for him is the they that voted for ... marble falls Jun 2023 #10
I don't think the 2024 GOP is much like the 2012 GOP jcgoldie Jun 2023 #12
30% is respectable? Polybius Jun 2023 #25
Romney isn't far enough right. TwilightZone Jun 2023 #11
40% of republicans won't vote for anyone except ... Whiskeytide Jun 2023 #23
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