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11. Romney isn't far enough right.
Sun Jun 25, 2023, 03:01 PM
Jun 2023

I don't think a moderate Republican is likely to gain any traction in the current party environment.

If they were smart, they'd rally behind Hurd or Romney and dump all of the others ASAP. It's really the only way they could win back enough independents to be competitive. If they don't, Trump is likely to divide and conquer the primaries again.

I really don't care. Biden will clobber any of them. LakeArenal Jun 2023 #1
Win or lose, Trump doesn't stop running Johonny Jun 2023 #2
Maybe Youngkin, although if he enters the race it won't be until early 2024. n/t femmedem Jun 2023 #3
Whoever it is, it'll be a racist, rapist, fascist thug. clementine613 Jun 2023 #4
Racist and fascist sure, but not so positive about rapist Polybius Jun 2023 #6
Post removed Post removed Jun 2023 #13
You know that's not true Polybius Jun 2023 #14
You're entitled to your opinion. clementine613 Jun 2023 #15
It's not an opinion Polybius Jun 2023 #16
And you're entitled to that belief. clementine613 Jun 2023 #17
They do enough other bad things to criticize them for Polybius Jun 2023 #18
Again, you're entitled to defend Rethugs and to have your beliefs. clementine613 Jun 2023 #19
It's not an opinion Polybius Jun 2023 #20
I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree then. clementine613 Jun 2023 #21
You're mind is already changed Polybius Jun 2023 #22
You're entitled to that belief too. clementine613 Jun 2023 #24
That fact n/t Polybius Jun 2023 #26
Christie is even more hated by Republicans than Bush is now Polybius Jun 2023 #5
Trump D_Master81 Jun 2023 #7
Romney-Haley. They will lose. Bigley. marble falls Jun 2023 #8
Romney? jcgoldie Jun 2023 #9
All depends which they you talk to. The they that will vote for him is the they that voted for ... marble falls Jun 2023 #10
I don't think the 2024 GOP is much like the 2012 GOP jcgoldie Jun 2023 #12
30% is respectable? Polybius Jun 2023 #25
Romney isn't far enough right. TwilightZone Jun 2023 #11
40% of republicans won't vote for anyone except ... Whiskeytide Jun 2023 #23
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