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Fri Jun 30, 2023, 11:24 PM Jun 2023

This will offend some people, and for any offence I apologize. [View all]

I will not apologize for the truth of what I’m going to say however. We have been a secularly governed for 247 years. To be sure there have been religious zealots in positions of power at various times, but their ideological goals were mostly tempered by the common understanding of and adherencethe separation of church and state.

This didn’t mean that there wasn’t individuals and groups dedicated to bringing the United States under theocratic control. They understood that any group of people who would follow a belief system based on unverifiable faith would be easily controlled if that faith could be bound to the rules and laws backed by the government. You see the government IS backed by something other than faith. There is of course the Constitution and it’s amendments, there is 245 years of documented jurisprudence, the various bureaucracies that enforce the laws and maintain the system.

The takeover of the USSC by conservative theocrats was a stroke of luck through the unlikely election of undeniably the most corrupt and incompetent man to ever hold the office of President. He accelerated the plan by installing three individuals who are committed to overthrowing our secular government from within, and decisions like today’s web developer’s anti gay lawsuit is exactly the incremental step toward achieving that goal.

If one is religious and that belief and faith encourages and sustains them, more power to them. Religion, however deeply held the belief in it is, has no business commanding, directing, or managing the governance of any large group of diverse people. Today’s ruling should make that abundantly clear.

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Indeed! nt Wounded Bear Jun 2023 #1
You nailed it. Spread it. blm Jul 2023 #2
I'm religious, and I couldn't agree more. summer_in_TX Jul 2023 #3
Exactly. My religion is a guide to *my* life. Not anyone else's. unblock Jul 2023 #4
You are impressive, TY! arthritisR_US Jul 2023 #7
force others to life by their religious rules keithbvadu2 Jul 2023 #26
You will get no argument from me. I think you are spot on. LoisB Jul 2023 #5
Basically moniss Jul 2023 #6
Thank you for being so considerate of other people's feelings! But NO apology is necessary. calimary Jul 2023 #8
I Feel The Same ProfessorGAC Jul 2023 #19
Well. I count Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten as well as 1st-12th grades. calimary Jul 2023 #20
Our School Didn't Do Pre-K or K ProfessorGAC Jul 2023 #22
My biggest longterm takeaway from Catholic school was/is calimary Jul 2023 #23
The court's derision (sic) is establishment of religion. usonian Jul 2023 #9
I completely agree. dchill Jul 2023 #11
K&R Blue Owl Jul 2023 #10
Well Stated Luck Counts Jul 2023 #12
Welcome to DU, Luck Counts! calimary Jul 2023 #24
Did Jesus rail against homosexuality and abortion? Martin Eden Jul 2023 #13
NOPE. TigressDem Jul 2023 #15
As they drive more people away from their religion Martin Eden Jul 2023 #17
True TigressDem Jul 2023 #30
Very Well Said Martin Eden Jul 2023 #32
Thank you for the clarification. TigressDem Jul 2023 #37
Alas, even here at DU the broad brush is used all too often Martin Eden Jul 2023 #42
LOL You really think that he was against harming children ExWhoDoesntCare Jul 2023 #21
Yes. Because I know the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. TigressDem Jul 2023 #29
Honestly, separation of church and state protects both. TigressDem Jul 2023 #14
'protects both' keithbvadu2 Jul 2023 #28
Right. TigressDem Jul 2023 #31
When the 'right' religion takes over. keithbvadu2 Jul 2023 #33
I am not promoting that ANY religion should "take over" - just to clarify. TigressDem Jul 2023 #38
Agree. keithbvadu2 Jul 2023 #39
Not Offended at All NowISeetheLight Jul 2023 #16
AGREE! bluestarone Jul 2023 #18
I fixed your post for you Mosby Jul 2023 #25
Luck??? Are you serious? edisdead Jul 2023 #27
This Christian agrees with every word of your post. 11 Bravo Jul 2023 #34
People who are not religious at all may discriminate treestar Jul 2023 #35
Religion was given the boot in a lot of governments over time. Xolodno Jul 2023 #36
Good post. I would disagree about the "stroke of luck" comment... Caliman73 Jul 2023 #40
I agree with your points. Mine was specifically about Trump. bluesbassman Jul 2023 #41
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