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Martin Eden

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4. I feel the same way, Nance
Sat Jul 1, 2023, 05:05 AM
Jul 2023

In the wake of 9/11, I too displayed flag symbols in the all too brief spirit of national unity. Then GW Bush and the neocons rode that wave and a systematic campaign of misinformation to launch their predetermined war of choice in Iraq. That's when I joined DU, a great source of information exposing those lies and the PNAC agenda ignored by the mainstream media. I remember all the flags displayed in my neighborhood in support of that war, and the conflicting emotions I felt seeing that proud symbol associated with something I passionately protested against.

But that was nothing compared to this era of Trumpism. Now my beloved American flag is most ostentatiously displayed by the MAGA hordes, sometimes alongside confederate and nazi flags. When their cult leader hugs the Stars & Stripes, I feel our flag is being assaulted like one of his female victims. When I see a pickup truck driving down the street proudly flying the flag I feel nothing but revulsion, knowing the driver supports the most un-American POtuS ever to threaten everything our flag is supposed to represent.

How did it ever come to this?

It hurts me to say this ... [View all] NanceGreggs Jul 2023 OP
I share your shame, and feel your pain. ariadne0614 Jul 2023 #1
I love Toronto. NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #3
Toronto is wonderful! ariadne0614 Jul 2023 #20
My pride has always been mixed with shame EYESORE 9001 Jul 2023 #2
+1 2naSalit Jul 2023 #9
Excellent post. llmart Jul 2023 #42
I feel the same way, Nance Martin Eden Jul 2023 #4
How indeed. NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #6
I am starting to believe we are going to have another civil war. MySideOfTown Jul 2023 #5
Yeah, well ... NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #7
I never thought it would come to this. MySideOfTown Jul 2023 #11
I'm not a Canadian. NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #15
You can't vote, but I can, so you can't help us. MySideOfTown Jul 2023 #18
Any American citizen can vote in the USA, no matter where they live DFW Jul 2023 #21
Apparently you don't know ... NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #23
Canadian at heart, American not so much MySideOfTown Jul 2023 #26
Yeah, you are. NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #28
That's pretty insulting. Eko Jul 2023 #57
Kiddie pool. rubbersole Jul 2023 #59
You're a prepper, he's a prepper, she's a prepper... johnp3907 Jul 2023 #43
not gonna 4th of july this year dembotoz Jul 2023 #8
Same here... 2naSalit Jul 2023 #10
I am one of these old school dudes that put their flag out on the appropriate holidays. Prairie_Seagull Jul 2023 #70
My feelings about our country changed with Viet Nam. Fortunately, Viet Nam was a "one off." 3Hotdogs Jul 2023 #12
unfortunately the trump stain on the country is permanent. Indelible. mnmoderatedem Jul 2023 #13
Nothing is permanent. Nt 1WorldHope Jul 2023 #64
We are a failed nation because it's The Wizard Jul 2023 #14
I hear you Nance Skittles Jul 2023 #16
Since the Roman empire took control of Chrisitanity it's been a tool Model35mech Jul 2023 #17
My husband is a Canadian and when we married in 1973 we almost moved to Canada to Vinca Jul 2023 #19
Too damn cold. tavernier Jul 2023 #22
Just a correction here. NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #25
I was raised in Michigan. tavernier Jul 2023 #27
You still haven't explained ... NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #32
I'm a cold weather person - hate the heat. Last summer we baked in southern NH and Vinca Jul 2023 #31
I hear ya! NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #33
I'm not there yet DFW Jul 2023 #24
+1000 "Ignorance is our worst enemy" FakeNoose Jul 2023 #30
For anyone considering relocating to Toronto--get in line: DFW Jul 2023 #63
The hell of it is, MOST people in the US are DECENT people, and even though we are supposed ... 70sEraVet Jul 2023 #29
Agreed. NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #34
My friend played hockey in Oshawa years back, and loved my time in the Toronto area. sarcasmo Jul 2023 #35
Florida dems hope Canada doesn't build a wall, just in case DeSantis 2024... Timeflyer Jul 2023 #36
Kick dalton99a Jul 2023 #37
Happy Canada Day, eh? Swede Jul 2023 #38
I harbor no delusions. usonian Jul 2023 #39
Joe Biden is a "Class Act" and someone to be "Proud Of" Stuart G Jul 2023 #40
So sadly true and very well said, Nance Tom Rinaldo Jul 2023 #41
Thank you. ggma Jul 2023 #48
Well said JonAndKatePlusABird Jul 2023 #51
Your approach is wrong... brooklynite Jul 2023 #44
I'm sure there will be more moments you can take pride. LiberalFighter Jul 2023 #45
Canadian by birth Old Crank Jul 2023 #46
Well said, you've spoken for millions.. Permanut Jul 2023 #47
You can never let your guard down. Hope22 Jul 2023 #49
Just got back from British Columbia. Canadians were SO nice! And when asked where we were from, wiggs Jul 2023 #50
Bikinis and beaches and Hollywood. calimary Jul 2023 #53
They haven't abandoned the teachings of the demigod at all ExWhoDoesntCare Jul 2023 #52
Thanks for sharing that Nance. I am envious and also aware that Canada has a past as well. But Evolve Dammit Jul 2023 #54
My daughter mgardener Jul 2023 #55
I understand, Nance. I have a US flag I proudly carried in marches against Bush the Lesser... Hekate Jul 2023 #56
I would love to be able to move to Canada. ShazzieB Jul 2023 #58
If you're serious about moving here ... NanceGreggs Jul 2023 #61
Home is where the heart is and you're happy where you are Deuxcents Jul 2023 #65
We watched "Inherit the Wind" last night. SleeplessinSoCal Jul 2023 #60
Nance, I get you. But I live in a place in the US where I am surrounded by nature within Martin68 Jul 2023 #62
Things have changed here wendyb-NC Jul 2023 #66
I know exactly what you mean. Jedi Guy Jul 2023 #67
The extreme wings are getting way too much of a share of the conversation gulliver Jul 2023 #68
Bookmarking. Wonderful OP and thread with the exception of a Boomerproud Jul 2023 #69
Which brings to couple slightly rhetorical questions. The Grand Illuminist Jul 2023 #71
You are fully entitled to your shame re the U.S. Glad you're safe in Canada. (nt) Paladin Jul 2023 #72
Totally get it. And the reasoning behind it. calimary Oct 17 #73
+1 MontanaMama Oct 17 #74
Totally and enthusiastically agreed!!! calimary Oct 18 #75
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