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24. Glad somebody says it out loud
Tue Jul 11, 2023, 02:40 PM
Jul 2023

Bullies and jerks have been part of the human race forever. They were in view and status quo for most of the time I've been on the planet. We got a break the last few decades, because they got told to sit down and shut up. But when the crap about 'real men don't eat quiche' started up, it gave new life to the bullies and jerks. At no time ever is it okay to be a bully or a jerk, and people have a choice to grow, or remain a yahoo. Thanks to my Dad and his buddies, I know every ethnic slur used about every racial and cultural group in or near Cleveland. I chose not to emulate his blind acceptance of bias and hate.

I am old enough to know that too many people judge a book by its cover, not because they don't know how ro read, but because it is easier. But I do hope that the current acceptance of bullying and rudeness is beaten down, back under the rocks where it lurked. It will never die, but maybe it'll be less acceptable.

Every Day NowISeetheLight Jul 2023 #1
It all needs to be said. It's a righteous rant. FakeNoose Jul 2023 #2
Awesome. CA governor, FL dems love you. Timeflyer Jul 2023 #3
Yes and FLA DEM loves him too!!!! Fla Dem Jul 2023 #10
Kickin' With Gusto! Faux pas Jul 2023 #4
So happy to have him as my Gov now obamanut2012 Jul 2023 #5
Me, too! He's my guy! Silver Gaia Jul 2023 #54
Newsom for president 2028. I feel it! IjustDontlikeRepugs Jul 2023 #6
A question for the ages. This man is going to be a great president. Autumn Jul 2023 #7
And as sure as the sun rises in the east gratuitous Jul 2023 #8
I hear and agree, but soldierant Jul 2023 #50
This post somehow ended up taking me to "National Decency Day". It's on May 14th and no surprise.... MMBeilis Jul 2023 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2023 #11
Why would you think that? Gavin is not a replacement to Joe, Gavin is someone who is speaking out MagickMuffin Jul 2023 #15
Post removed Post removed Jul 2023 #19
No. That's not how this website works. Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #18
I believe that Gov. Newsome has a real Harry Truman vibe and is going to do some great things.... RussellCattle Jul 2023 #12
I really like Gavin Newsom. markodochartaigh Jul 2023 #13
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Jul 2023 #14
YES!! That's my GOVERNOR YoshidaYui Jul 2023 #16
SOOOOO doggone glad he's on OUR side. calimary Jul 2023 #17
Oh yeah MorbidButterflyTat Jul 2023 #21
Welcome to DU MorbidButterflyTat. I'll take that as a compliment Lochloosa Jul 2023 #47
One of the things that makes him feel so different and fresh, I think Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #23
Well said! Jean Genie Jul 2023 #20
The clue is: 'in hell.' Artcatt Jul 2023 #22
Glad somebody says it out loud Marthe48 Jul 2023 #24
great post. pennylane100 Jul 2023 #48
Go, Guv! Hekate Jul 2023 #25
Good question. PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2023 #26
The more I hear BigOleDummy Jul 2023 #27
A governor like mine is one of the main reasons I choose to stay in CA. I don't know who is LoisB Jul 2023 #28
I'm not so sure I'd have Gavin as a friend, a guy I'd share a few beers with... hunter Jul 2023 #29
I think one of his strengths comes from his absolute knowledge of his white privilege RVN VET71 Jul 2023 #33
Yes. hunter Jul 2023 #35
Just curious senseandsensibility Jul 2023 #34
I've always been impressed with him. No doubts. None at all. hunter Jul 2023 #37
That really made a huge impact. vanlassie Jul 2023 #53
Right on!!! BlueTexasMan Jul 2023 #30
yep++ llashram Jul 2023 #31
. wnylib Jul 2023 #32
I think about that a lot. ananda Jul 2023 #36
PREACH!! AmBlue Jul 2023 #38
Agreed. AltairIV Jul 2023 #39
Newsom/Whitmer 2028. roamer65 Jul 2023 #40
That would be a winning ticket. Elessar Zappa Jul 2023 #45
He speaks for me! dmr Jul 2023 #41
Gov. Newsome dai13sy Jul 2023 #42
Like this a lot. Newsom argues decorum and manners, not policy. Auggie Jul 2023 #43
I just came back from a meeting in CA BigmanPigman Jul 2023 #44
this guy is for real. peacebuzzard Jul 2023 #46
Kingofalldems.............. Upthevibe Jul 2023 #49
I'm thinking Kennah Jul 2023 #52
Letter: jaxexpat Jul 2023 #55
There is a perfect to use in anti desadist ads Conjuay Jul 2023 #56
Newsom best Governor Bird Lady Jul 2023 #57
Excellent malaise Jul 2023 #58
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