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12. 100% agree.
Wed Jul 12, 2023, 09:40 AM
Jul 2023

He was fighting the bad guys before anyone was really paying attention.

My husband and I had come across an interview beteewn Pritzker and Rauner before either had ever discussed in public about a run for governor. As they discussed Illinois and its economics, they also discussed their personal business accomplishments. Pritzker could not contain his contempt for Rauner's business practices and ideology, and it was at that point that we became fans.

When he announced his run for governor against wreck it rauner, we moved to Illinois to knock on doors to spread the word on what we believed him to be, the next FDR, BUT BETTER, and I feel proud that he has lived up to that measure.

He's kicking ass here.

K&R spanone Jul 2023 #1
That is a profound statement malaise Jul 2023 #2
the whole speech is great. mopinko Jul 2023 #3
THANKS kpete Jul 2023 #4
i just adore my gov. mopinko Jul 2023 #5
100% agree. Bluethroughu Jul 2023 #12
tho he's rich, his personal story is quite tragic. mopinko Jul 2023 #14
He embodies what an American businessman serving his country Bluethroughu Jul 2023 #19
I knew Penny NJCher Jul 2023 #34
Same! PortTack Jul 2023 #23
+1 Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2023 #43
KnR! That speech is epic! sarchasm Jul 2023 #6
This whole speech is kinda ableist. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2023 #7
how so? mopinko Jul 2023 #15
Because our culture has a very specific idea of what "smart" means, and it has little to do with WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2023 #24
are you saying Pritzker is responsible for Northwestern's firing action? NJCher Jul 2023 #35
. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2023 #36
no, studies done in general NJCher Jul 2023 #38
I've found, this is almost always right. The smartest people Meadowoak Jul 2023 #8
K&R. I love this speech. bronxiteforever Jul 2023 #9
I agree but too many believe the opposite IronLionZion Jul 2023 #10
Yup. "Nice guys come in last." That notion is at the root of Donald J. Trump. KPN Jul 2023 #18
Unfortunately, it is more than a 'notion' OldBaldy1701E Jul 2023 #51
So the smart guys need to learn to be smart asses SouthernDem4ever Jul 2023 #53
Oh, I agree completely. OldBaldy1701E Jul 2023 #55
Yep. Not sure about do anything, but do whatever is necessary to save the country and the earth. KPN Jul 2023 #57
Good correction. I( agree fullky. We Democrats are a good example as a whole sometimes. KPN Jul 2023 #56
High IQ or education doesn't always mean Smartest. Fla Dem Jul 2023 #11
Absolutely! KPN Jul 2023 #20
+1 n/t sammythecat Jul 2023 #49
Epic! Thanks for sharing! nt LittleGirl Jul 2023 #13
...or it could be that kindness is simply a commitment to keeping one's countenance...... jaxexpat Jul 2023 #16
This rings true. Same goes with talent and ego. Artcatt Jul 2023 #17
OMG! Love this. Joinfortmill Jul 2023 #21
I disagree. I know some very kind-hearted people who have low IQs. Liberty Belle Jul 2023 #22
+1 n/t sammythecat Jul 2023 #50
kpete................. Upthevibe Jul 2023 #25
Old souls CanonRay Jul 2023 #26
Humble brag Johnny2X2X Jul 2023 #27
HAHA, you ForgedCrank Jul 2023 #29
For me Johnny2X2X Jul 2023 #32
+1 llmart Jul 2023 #39
There are ForgedCrank Jul 2023 #28
And those with the least to say talk the most. twodogsbarking Jul 2023 #30
+1 llmart Jul 2023 #40
A great example of this is Joe. sellitman Jul 2023 #31
Joe is the.........BIG BOSS......What a gift to the U.S.A. and the ENTIRE WORLD!! Stuart G Jul 2023 #33
Robert Mercer is definitely a big time genius...and Bond/comic book villain. Lucky Luciano Jul 2023 #37
Albert Einstein was known to be very kind, at least in his later years, in NJ. pnwmom Jul 2023 #41
K&R Blue Owl Jul 2023 #42
Yes Faux pas Jul 2023 #44
This suggests that Wolfgang Pauli only entered rooms with lots of other Nobel Laureates. NNadir Jul 2023 #45
I wouldn't know. I have spent my life working to be the dumbest person in the room. NNadir Jul 2023 #46
Love my guv. 3catwoman3 Jul 2023 #47
Not always true, unfortunately Azathoth Jul 2023 #48
Disagree that being suspicious of unfamiliar things is evolution. Children often don't even betsuni Jul 2023 #52
Nah Showbizkid Jul 2023 #54
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