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57. Yep. Not sure about do anything, but do whatever is necessary to save the country and the earth.
Thu Jul 13, 2023, 01:50 PM
Jul 2023

I'm more and more convinced that we underestimate the speed at which mass extinction could be upon us. At 72+, I am no longer absolutely certain that I won't live long enough to see it. As an example. in the course of my career, I had the opportunity to work in and observe first-hand wildfire during the summer fire season. My career started in the early 70s. I have never experienced the catastrophic scope and effect of wildfire we've seen repeatedly and globally in the past 10 years.

My view: We better hurry up!

K&R spanone Jul 2023 #1
That is a profound statement malaise Jul 2023 #2
the whole speech is great. mopinko Jul 2023 #3
THANKS kpete Jul 2023 #4
i just adore my gov. mopinko Jul 2023 #5
100% agree. Bluethroughu Jul 2023 #12
tho he's rich, his personal story is quite tragic. mopinko Jul 2023 #14
He embodies what an American businessman serving his country Bluethroughu Jul 2023 #19
I knew Penny NJCher Jul 2023 #34
Same! PortTack Jul 2023 #23
+1 Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2023 #43
KnR! That speech is epic! sarchasm Jul 2023 #6
This whole speech is kinda ableist. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2023 #7
how so? mopinko Jul 2023 #15
Because our culture has a very specific idea of what "smart" means, and it has little to do with WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2023 #24
are you saying Pritzker is responsible for Northwestern's firing action? NJCher Jul 2023 #35
. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2023 #36
no, studies done in general NJCher Jul 2023 #38
I've found, this is almost always right. The smartest people Meadowoak Jul 2023 #8
K&R. I love this speech. bronxiteforever Jul 2023 #9
I agree but too many believe the opposite IronLionZion Jul 2023 #10
Yup. "Nice guys come in last." That notion is at the root of Donald J. Trump. KPN Jul 2023 #18
Unfortunately, it is more than a 'notion' OldBaldy1701E Jul 2023 #51
So the smart guys need to learn to be smart asses SouthernDem4ever Jul 2023 #53
Oh, I agree completely. OldBaldy1701E Jul 2023 #55
Yep. Not sure about do anything, but do whatever is necessary to save the country and the earth. KPN Jul 2023 #57
Good correction. I( agree fullky. We Democrats are a good example as a whole sometimes. KPN Jul 2023 #56
High IQ or education doesn't always mean Smartest. Fla Dem Jul 2023 #11
Absolutely! KPN Jul 2023 #20
+1 n/t sammythecat Jul 2023 #49
Epic! Thanks for sharing! nt LittleGirl Jul 2023 #13
...or it could be that kindness is simply a commitment to keeping one's countenance...... jaxexpat Jul 2023 #16
This rings true. Same goes with talent and ego. Artcatt Jul 2023 #17
OMG! Love this. Joinfortmill Jul 2023 #21
I disagree. I know some very kind-hearted people who have low IQs. Liberty Belle Jul 2023 #22
+1 n/t sammythecat Jul 2023 #50
kpete................. Upthevibe Jul 2023 #25
Old souls CanonRay Jul 2023 #26
Humble brag Johnny2X2X Jul 2023 #27
HAHA, you ForgedCrank Jul 2023 #29
For me Johnny2X2X Jul 2023 #32
+1 llmart Jul 2023 #39
There are ForgedCrank Jul 2023 #28
And those with the least to say talk the most. twodogsbarking Jul 2023 #30
+1 llmart Jul 2023 #40
A great example of this is Joe. sellitman Jul 2023 #31
Joe is the.........BIG BOSS......What a gift to the U.S.A. and the ENTIRE WORLD!! Stuart G Jul 2023 #33
Robert Mercer is definitely a big time genius...and Bond/comic book villain. Lucky Luciano Jul 2023 #37
Albert Einstein was known to be very kind, at least in his later years, in NJ. pnwmom Jul 2023 #41
K&R Blue Owl Jul 2023 #42
Yes Faux pas Jul 2023 #44
This suggests that Wolfgang Pauli only entered rooms with lots of other Nobel Laureates. NNadir Jul 2023 #45
I wouldn't know. I have spent my life working to be the dumbest person in the room. NNadir Jul 2023 #46
Love my guv. 3catwoman3 Jul 2023 #47
Not always true, unfortunately Azathoth Jul 2023 #48
Disagree that being suspicious of unfamiliar things is evolution. Children often don't even betsuni Jul 2023 #52
Nah Showbizkid Jul 2023 #54
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