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17. The only issue that I have with ST Discovery is the one that plays Michael Burnham.
Tue Jul 25, 2023, 08:13 PM
Jul 2023

And that's completely from an acting standpoint. For a character that was supposed to be raised by Vulcans and trained in their ways...she goes nuts emotionally every chance she gets!

She overacts to the point that it takes you out the scene. Other than that, I like that multiple facets of LGTBQ people are represented, and not in a wishy washy way that previous ST shows did.

They don't care about the point, orthoclad Jul 2023 #1
It's not working against Barbie though speak easy Jul 2023 #2
They don't care about the movie, orthoclad Jul 2023 #4
That graph is powerfully blunt, orthoclad. thatcrowwoman Jul 2023 #18
I'd like to find a version with orthoclad Jul 2023 #21
Read it is more in one day than all of DeSatan's political contributions. efhmc Jul 2023 #10
You beat me to it. grumpyduck Jul 2023 #3
The RW is not very bright. sheshe2 Jul 2023 #5
But... but... one of the Barbies is trans! Ocelot II Jul 2023 #6
hem. star trek discovery is too woke to them as well. AllaN01Bear Jul 2023 #14
The only issue that I have with ST Discovery is the one that plays Michael Burnham. canuckledragger Jul 2023 #17
In season 3 of TOS, orthoclad Jul 2023 #22
My guess is that the vast majority Chili Pepper Jul 2023 #7
Cruz says he has not. efhmc Jul 2023 #9
I may have to see this movie. usonian Jul 2023 #8
Funny that Pence, Josh Hawley, and MTG did not go out to greet those patriotic tourists with 'Love i keithbvadu2 Jul 2023 #11
these are the same people who devalued the power rangers and the tellytubbies . AllaN01Bear Jul 2023 #12
The right-wing doesn't do nuance. madaboutharry Jul 2023 #13
More likely, all, not some relayerbob Jul 2023 #16
Of course they don't relayerbob Jul 2023 #15
They see the downfall of the patriarchy in Barbieland. Kablooie Jul 2023 #19
Because RWers devalue mothers and women Johonny Jul 2023 #20
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