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25. Passed since I didn't see an option that fit me
Sun Jul 30, 2023, 06:50 PM
Jul 2023

I'm not specifically going to look for a hybrid or EV or limit my choices to one, but I am also not going to exclude them. When it comes time to look for a new vehicle and if a hybrid or ev matches what I am looking for, then great. If not, then oh well. Practicality, price, and aesthetics take precedence and both myself and my wife are not fans of how many of them look currently.

Clarification. I own an EV in the form of a plug-in hybrid Silent3 Jul 2023 #1
Can you suggest the best way for me to title that in this poll? Thanks Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #3
Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) n/t Silent3 Jul 2023 #4
Added. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #6
Thanks! I changed my vote to match n/t Silent3 Jul 2023 #10
Would, but my current auto will last longer than me. marybourg Jul 2023 #2
I fully understand. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #11
Yep, I'm in that car pool too Attilatheblond Jul 2023 #13
Yep, me too. We have a 2021 Nissan Sentra Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #22
We have that car, also, and I just love it. Like you, we don't put lots of miles on it, being old CTyankee Jul 2023 #32
This is our third Sentra. Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #44
Category for ordered not yet delivered? NoMoreRepugs Jul 2023 #5
Added. That fills up all the options. thanks Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #9
Hopefully they work out the issues madville Jul 2023 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author Silent3 Jul 2023 #7
I have a Prius and been getting Tree Lady Jul 2023 #8
I'm thinking about getting a Prius after my current Honda dies. It has 280,000 miles Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #15
I am lucky my car is 5 yrs old Tree Lady Jul 2023 #19
I realized few months ago Tree Lady Mar 4 #62
Just crossed 220,000 miles on my dobleremolque Jul 2023 #20
Wow nice! I've heard they don't have a lot of issues. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #23
I'm driving my second Prius Yellowdog-1966 Mar 4 #61
BMW iX dmoyer Jul 2023 #12
I would want a plug-in hybrid. Igel Jul 2023 #14
Good info. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #16
Hybrids are more convenient flamingdem Jul 2023 #17
I have a 2012 Leaf Cadfael Jul 2023 #18
Bought a used Tesla. bluestateboomer Jul 2023 #21
We owned 2 Honda Hybrids 2013ish time frame,,,, KarenS Jul 2023 #24
Passed since I didn't see an option that fit me DetroitLegalBeagle Jul 2023 #25
I won't buy one, at least not for now Zeitghost Jul 2023 #26
Giving my 2012 Prius to my daughter when she turns 16 NickB79 Jul 2023 #27
We just bought a brand new electric Audi. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2023 #28
EVs would limit me too much jmowreader Jul 2023 #29
If I get a next car, it will be electric. marble falls Jul 2023 #30
I own two PHEVs powered from my rooftop. Thunderbeast Jul 2023 #31
I own a plug-in hybrid, but until the infrastructure becomes widely available, and the costs come JohnSJ Jul 2023 #33
Prices will have to come down Texasgal Jul 2023 #34
Waiting for solid state batteries Martin Eden Jul 2023 #35
Sounds like a good plan. I've heard solid state will be much, much better and better for the Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #47
I'm on my 2nd Tesla. beaglelover Jul 2023 #36
I'm done with car payments. roamer65 Jul 2023 #37
How about including this choice: Trailrider1951 Jul 2023 #38
Hoping the solid state battery Toyota is developing comes soon, today's tech way overpriced Shanti Shanti Shanti Jul 2023 #39
Been driving electric since 2011, never going back. tinrobot Jul 2023 #40
We have a Honda Civic hybrid from 2005 Bettie Jul 2023 #41
Bought a 2 year old Zero SR six weeks ago. yowzayowzayowza Jul 2023 #42
nice! Celerity Jul 2023 #45
Battery enuf for a week of commuting or ... yowzayowzayowza Jul 2023 #55
I just got a Lexus RX350h in May. I love it. Raftergirl Jul 2023 #43
nice looking car 🖤 Celerity Jul 2023 #46
That's the NX. They look alike except the RX is bigger and the interior is different. Raftergirl Jul 2023 #48
ah, correct, I did not see the RX on the website (it wasn't listed under electric) but now see why Celerity Jul 2023 #50
I won't ever buy one, period. Iggo Jul 2023 #49
2007 Prius, 2012 Volt, 2023 Tesla Model 3. CoopersDad Jul 2023 #51
Will Look Into RobinA Jul 2023 #52
Five Years NowISeetheLight Jul 2023 #53
Probably won't get a hybrid or EV as we just bought a 2018 Renault Clio GoneOffShore Jul 2023 #54
Unless finances change ... tapper Jul 2023 #56
I have a 2014 Toyota Camry madville Jul 2023 #58
I hate cars. All of them. hunter Jul 2023 #59
Me too. Unfortunately to advocate for public transit and sustainable planning... CoopersDad Aug 2023 #60
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