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7. Has it ever been determined who brought and assembled the gallows?
Fri Aug 4, 2023, 09:00 AM
Aug 2023

Because something struck me as weird reading that. Trump keeps saying that Pence is going to go along with the plan (even though he's not), but it's not until January 5th that Trump tells Pence that he's going to have to publicly criticize him. It's not until Pence actually does "betray" Trump that the crowd is told of Pence's betrayal.

And yet, somebody in that crowd was already prepared with lumber, tools and rope. Or even a partially pre-assembled gallows stand. Who was that and who told him to be ready?

Meanwhile, behind the scenes he’s pressuring Mike Pence to do something Mike Pence clearly had no authority to do, something Eastman conceded he didn’t want the Supreme Court weighing in on, because of how he knew they would have laughed it out of their courtroom.

Pence’s chief of staff started to get worried for Pence’s safety on January 5, when Trump told Pence that he was going to have to “publicly criticize him.”

Trump told his advisers on January 5 that the crowd the next day would be “angry.”

And Trump kept lying and tweeting and saying Mike Pence could change the outcome of the election, and he kept ginning them up and kept ginning them up.
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