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Absolutely amazing Eliot Rosewater Aug 2023 #1
Most excellent malaise Aug 2023 #2
Excellent! anciano Aug 2023 #3
Nice! Mike Nelson Aug 2023 #4
WOW! Diamond_Dog Aug 2023 #5
Freaking scary! CTyankee Aug 2023 #6
Great Work!!!! spanone Aug 2023 #7
Too much hair but otherwise I like it n/t CANADIANBEAVER69 Aug 2023 #8
Spectacular talent you have! ancianita Aug 2023 #9
Where can we find your nature photos? Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #10
Here's my website AntivaxHunters Aug 2023 #23
Fantastic work!!! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #32
I love your wildlife photos. StarryNite Aug 2023 #36
Wow, love this illustration. Thansk for sharing with us. n/t iluvtennis Aug 2023 #11
PERFECT AKwannabe Aug 2023 #12
Fantastic! Keep sharing your talent with us! MLAA Aug 2023 #13
He of the "abby normal brain". TNNurse Aug 2023 #14
Your art has more humanity than the actual living creature it's based on... cayugafalls Aug 2023 #15
Woo woo! Great talent !! Karadeniz Aug 2023 #16
This is Fantastic!! MeNotThatKindOfOrc Aug 2023 #17
Wow! RexLipton Aug 2023 #18
That is fantastic artwork; only problem is that he looks much too handsome. LoisB Aug 2023 #19
and his hair is dark as Ronald Reagan. Emile Aug 2023 #20
Is it Clairol? Only his hairdresser knows for sure. LoisB Aug 2023 #28
Great drawing! rubbersole Aug 2023 #40
Dang!!! Alliepoo Aug 2023 #21
I think it's great enigmania Aug 2023 #22
Excellent art work Traildogbob Aug 2023 #24
Wow - you are a wonderful artist! jmbar2 Aug 2023 #25
That's great! No neck bolts though? Shermann Aug 2023 #26
Outstanding work! LuckyCharms Aug 2023 #27
Awesome! Wish I could draw as well as this. nt TeamProg Aug 2023 #29
I would totally buy that on a poster! Initech Aug 2023 #30
It totally captures what Chump aspires to be diva77 Aug 2023 #31
Awesome!!! CaptainTruth Aug 2023 #33
too much hair + not orange enough. + as for monster, trump is more like that bugs bunny moster in pansypoo53219 Aug 2023 #34
Nice...needs to be fatter, though. More highlight on his fat waddle. ECL213 Aug 2023 #35
Excellent! StarryNite Aug 2023 #37
He's better looking than Trump! whathehell Aug 2023 #38
That's what I thought SouthernDem4ever Aug 2023 #39
Great minds and all that.. whathehell Aug 2023 #43
Damn! You are TALENTED! 11 Bravo Aug 2023 #41
K&R Blue Owl Aug 2023 #42
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