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Fuck no. roamer65 Aug 2023 #1
I didn't see that choice. piddyprints Aug 2023 #19
... roamer65 Aug 2023 #30
I will watch the MSNBC wrap-up at 9PM MT (11 ET) hlthe2b Aug 2023 #2
Rachel will get my ratings point in the post debate coverage and that's it. aeromanKC Aug 2023 #3
I'll be watching Red Sox/Astros, after a bit of an old Inspector Morse NewHendoLib Aug 2023 #4
AEW Wrestling AND Red Sox? Just_Vote_Dem Aug 2023 #10
desantis "woke" "Disney" "woke" BlueWaveNeverEnd Aug 2023 #5
I'd rather stick needles in my eyes. Comfortably_Numb Aug 2023 #6
Lol, I'd rather watch the Yankees Danmel Aug 2023 #11
A candidate is gonna demand trump is removed from running LiberaBlueDem Aug 2023 #7
I don't even watch ours. Iggo Aug 2023 #8
That is fair, I understand mysteryowl Aug 2023 #9
Nope. sheshe2 Aug 2023 #12
debate pamdb Aug 2023 #13
Season 16 of Murdoch Mysteries on Acorn, Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix, Pathwalker Aug 2023 #14
Oh, my... mysteryowl Aug 2023 #15
Just 1 episode of each tonight. Total of 3 hours. Pathwalker Aug 2023 #28
The junior varsity squad will have to find someone else to watch in my spot. WarGamer Aug 2023 #16
I like comedy. The clown car should provide lots of it. NT 3Hotdogs Aug 2023 #17
Always check here first AltairIV Aug 2023 #18
I'm busy studying for my colonoscopy. Turbineguy Aug 2023 #20
I'll watch until the nausea outweighs the comedic relief. No way to know Maru Kitteh Aug 2023 #21
Biden NowISeetheLight Aug 2023 #22
In the immortal tradition of rzemanfl, I think I'll wash my socks instead. Scrivener7 Aug 2023 #23
Don't want to contribute to Fox's ratings in any way, shape or form. Initech Aug 2023 #24
i have less painful things to do, like pull my own teeth or break my fingers one by one. ZonkerHarris Aug 2023 #25
Fuck those people. lpbk2713 Aug 2023 #26
My wife was like "dont you want to watch them all beat up ron desantis?" jcgoldie Aug 2023 #27
My wife and I are binging Black Snow SYFROYH Aug 2023 #29
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